Tesla's Love Song

Tesla's Love Song

If you were a fan of hair-metal bands then you remember the band Tesla. Their only hit was Love Song. It was one of my favorite songs from that era. I asked for it today on Slacker and it sounded so good (with the volume set at the appropriate Spinal Tap level). I actually drove by my house and continued driving another 30 minutes as Slacker pulled out songs from my youth. It helped that I had the world's biggest sunroof open on a beautiful California day.

Thank you Tesla, I am in still in love!

Solution | 28 February 2013

Ha! Thats where our screen name came from, and if all goes well, it will be a Tesla song title on our vanity plate... Just saw the band in concert last summer! They can still bring it!

noel.smyth | 28 February 2013

ha thats too funny. I never heard of that band and someone from work parked next to me yesterday and introduced me to that one hit wonder. we had tesla blaring in the office at 7 am.!

NKYTA | 28 February 2013

As a fan of big hair bands back in the 80's, I of course knew of Tesla. Given that my musical tastes were non-existent then, much less refined, I shudder to say I used VR to have Slacker to play "anything by Telsa" the first night in the car (parked in my garage)...I got what I asked for. :-)

Amped | 28 February 2013

Nice JZ!
Modern day cowboy wasn't bad & little suzi

Musterion | 28 February 2013

Hey, regarding "one-hit wonder" -- Tesla had at least two hits! The 2nd was a cover of "Signs" that actually went higher in the charts than "Love Song." Don't ask how I know.

Maestrokneer | 28 February 2013

+1 Musterion...I was just about to say the same thing.

Tesla is anything but a one hit wonder. They were a big time band, and not only had a few great albums with lots of radio play, but their "Five Man Acoustical Jam" album was the inspiration for MTV's long running "Unplugged" show.

We can all play Tesla proudly in our Teslas. :-)

Musterion | 28 February 2013

Nice Maestro...and I wouldn't want to leave out "Mama's Fool" from the "Bust a Nut" album, another top 10 hit. Lyrics particularly apropos to Tesla:

Out on the road, and a long long way from home
Why must I be so, must I be so misunderstood...

JZ13 | 28 February 2013

You guys are so right!!!! After another drive listening to the Tesla station I completely forgot about Modern Day Cowboy and Signs. When they came on I forgot how much I liked Tesla.

bigdaddymak | 1 March 2013

Everyone forgot "What You Give"! Can't wait to sing along to this one in my soon-to-be-delivered Model S!

bigdaddymak | 1 March 2013

It's not what you got, it's what you give
It ain't the life that you choose, it's the life you live!

Damn, someone should make one of those homemade Tesla (car) commercials to this song!