Test Drive in Hawaii

Test Drive in Hawaii

We are seriously considering a Tesla S but my wife is hesitant to get one without a test drive. Is there any way to test drive one in Hawaii (Oahu)?

SamO | 19 March 2013

Fly to LAX and take the test drive at the Santa Monica location. Unless someone has taken delivery and wants to meet up. | 19 March 2013

Looks like a bunch of Model S reservation holders on Oahu (hope to see a few on my first trip there this Friday (I will be driving a rental ICE :o(

Barkley | 22 May 2013

How are they providing service to the outer islands? Like on Maui? Not that it needs much.

To Kyle, just plan on ordering after the test drive. I test drove it last month in century city, was not really looking for a new car, just happened to walk by the store in the mall. Signed up for a test drive. I was so impressed with EVERYthing about this car I reserved one, the test drive is phenomenal!!!

For hawaii they make a lot of sense

RobertN | 22 May 2013

You could try They match up current EV owners with prospective EV owners, away from any dealer experiences, to give an unvarnished view of their EVs. Don't know if there are any Teslas in Hawaii yet. By the way, is there possibly a Tesla at one of those exotic car rental places in Honolulu?

akikiki | 22 May 2013

@Kyle, Contact Tesla in Ca., for the number to the Hawaii version of the Tesla Service Center. The Hawaii Tesla Service Center is located in Waipahu a couple of miles from Waikele, at the Bel Air Business Center, 94-480 Akoki Street, Suite 1. Contact Tesla or go to the SC. They recently have a Model S loaner (a P85), that they can assist you with the ride you want. Their Dark Red P85 is beautiful and amazaing. Also ask if they have any orphans, (cars that the person that ordered it can't take possession after it arrived in Honolulu. (That's how I jumped from "Your order has been sent to the factory" to "WooHoo - an owner, in one day".)