Three upcoming annoucements

Three upcoming annoucements

Elon tweeted earlier today that the financing anouncement was essentially part 2 out of 5 upcoming series of Tesla annoucemnts. (The first one being profitably, I woud assume). IN the conference call and and a later Bloomberg interview, he expanded upon what these annoucements would be:

1. a Supercharger (upgrade?) annoucement

2. reengineering of Tesla's service

3. He didn't really talk about the third one except to say "if you are driving a Model S it is right under your nose"

Any thoughts on what the third one is referring to?

Xerogas | 2 April 2013

Maybe some kind of Mercedes announcement? Seems like the Mercedes-built steering wheel assembly would be right under your nose. Lots of references to Mercedes S-class in today's loan/lease announcement, so maybe they are announcing another partnership, or selling more tech to Mercedes?

sayidreddy | 2 April 2013

Thats possible, but I think the third one could referring to the nose cone ? Maybe possible easter egg parking sensors ot something similiar but I have doubts about that too because many Model S owners have taken apart the car and have not found any hidden wires. It also could be as mundane as activating the wifi in the car.

cdabel114 | 3 April 2013

The "right under your nose" is probably the activation of WIFI.

rlarno | 3 April 2013

Right under your nose: "We didn't install the 60kWh battery, you all got the 85kWh"?

(I don't really think that is it, though)

Activation of Wifi, would be possible although that would not seem to warrant a big announcement unless there is a lot more added value.

David Trushin | 3 April 2013

Wifi is a big deal. Currently you are locked into AT&T 3G service. With Wifi, you can include the S in your data plan at no extra cost if you have, say Verizon data with hotspot. That would save any monthly charge Tesla might choose to implement and also provide 4G speed without new hardware in the car.

David Trushin | 3 April 2013

Oh, and for those of you with home wireless networks, you should be able to network your car to your pc and take better advantage of the memory capabilities. (I said should)

bsimoes | 3 April 2013

If I'm driving, my butt is under my nose...sort of! I'm wondering if it's that cloth seats now come with all of the amenities of the leather option. After all the hype around the last announcement, I'm not getting my hopes too high.
I read somewhere on the site that some sort of map/plan of Supercharger network will be released. It would be nice to have an idea of what is in the works. I would at least know what was possible and what wasn't for travel.

kelly | 3 April 2013

I'm guessing the "under your nose" refers to the Opportunity Console(s) being made available for sale. It is shown under accessories as "Coming Soon"!