Toronto East SC nearly ready

Toronto East SC nearly ready

The Toronto Superchargers at the facility in East Toronto is about a week to 10 days from finishing, so I'm told.
The Cornwall SC at the Ramada Inn should be ready in about a week, so I'm told again.
I would post pictures here but until Tesla changes this format, it is a pain to do so.

Great news!

Jewsh | 21 August 2014

Sweet. I want to test an SC out and this spot is close to my work. :-)

Grey Model S85 | 21 August 2014

Do you have a Tesla?

Jewsh | 21 August 2014

Yes, a lovely white S85.

Grey Model S85 | 22 August 2014


Brian H | 22 August 2014

Hard to test an SC without one ...

Jewsh | 24 August 2014

Went to check it out yesterday and there are eight spots, all of which at first blush look pretty much ready to go. At the time there was a work crew standing over near what I'd unprofessionally describe as the transformers.

Michael Teper | 26 August 2014

It's live.

Jewsh | 27 August 2014

Headed to try it later on the way home... will post results although I'm confident Tesla has things ironed out with the chargers.

ghillair | 27 August 2014

It shows as operational on the super charger page!

Jewsh | 27 August 2014

Didn't make it today. Will try again tomorrow after work. ;-)

Jewsh | 29 August 2014

Made it yesterday.

Jewsh | 29 August 2014

This forum software is enraging. Adding photos is frickin' tricky.

vgarbutt | 29 August 2014

Images are html code and they need to be online somewhere. Check the post specifically for adding photos. Its frustrating till you do a few and kick the mystery out of the way and gain some confidence.