Torrance Service Center 5/4/2013

Torrance Service Center 5/4/2013

Too bad I didn't get a picture of my "Tesla Grin," but I did get some pictures of the new Torrance, CA service location (I don't think it's officially open yet, it's just used for deliveries). Frankly, given all the churn on the forum, I was a bit apprehensive. Like many fora on the web, this forum tends a bit to the negative as folks who've had problems seek solace and solutions. I'm not a fanboy, just a very satisfied owner. The process has been outstanding from end to end, a complete transformation of the auto purchasing experience. The car is fantastic. And, if the short squeeze extends a bit more, my Model S will be self-funding...;-)

pvetesla | 7 May 2013

Thanks for the pic. I'll be there in less than 2 weeks!!!
Can't wait.

How long did the pickup take?

bt77057 | 7 May 2013

Do you know where it's located in Torrance?

pvetesla | 7 May 2013

Torrance Service Center
2560 W 237th Street
Torrance, CA 90505

bt77057 | 7 May 2013

Very cool thanks.

Its only about 5 miles from my house. Sweet.

I picked mine up at the Factory and drove it down.

Paperwork was about 15-20 minutes. Car demo was about an hour'ish. But I had watched all the walk through videos...multiple times.

Get a good demo on the steering wheel thumb wheel controls. It's been a week and I am still struggling...

Congrats on the pickup. Such a sweet ride.

defmonk | 7 May 2013

Yup, I was in and out in 20-30 mins. One of the benefits of obsessively reading/watching everything I could get my hands on beforehand. Agree that the steering wheel control use could benefit from a little 1:1 with the delivery rep.

The neat thing is, as I went through the checklist I found on this forum, Tesla has resolved a number of the issues on the checklist. The only thing I found was a little of the black goop on the pano roof (wiped off easily).

bt77057: Thanks! u2.

djm12 | 11 May 2013

Matthew in Torrance was awesome - my wife and I spent 90 minutes getting to know the car before driving off. I'm so glad that I checked the app and saw that my car was in Torrance - my original appointment was in LA - much further away.