Towing in the X vs. S

Towing in the X vs. S

Why will the design of the Model X allow it to tow 5,000 pounds while the Model S is rated to tow zero (but which has copious torque and apparently may actually be able confidently tow up to 2,000 pounds)?

If the Model X and Model S (with aftermarket tow hitch) both towed 1,500 pounds, which would have the longer range?

What advantages, if any, does the smart hitch on the Model X convey versus a normal hitch that one might attach to the Model S?

Tâm | 5 November 2015


I don't know but some obvious points if you want to tow:

1) Structure integrity: The chassis should be designed specifically for the stress of towing in mind. The weight distribution to counter with the towing weight (forget about Rear Wheel Drive only request, you need some weight in front too.)

2) Cooling capacity: pulling weight would create heat and you've got to design a competent cooling system to handle it (Model S' cooling system is certainly designed to handle the heat from towing)

3) Suspension: you need to be able to handle additional stress from towing.

4) Braking: got to make sure the braking system can handle additional stress and stopping distance.

5) Car handling: The trailer may sway suddenly due to your own steering, crosswinds and air turbulence from passing trucks...

It's possible that Tesla has software to mitigate car handling problem caused by misbehaved trailer.

and others that I can't think of...

If you compare towing performance of 1,500 pound trailer UPHILL between X and S at 70 MPH.

The S would most likely to slow down or stop to prevent frying its drivetrain before reaching the peak of the mountain.

If well designed, Model X would reach the peak of the mountain at the steady speed with no trouble.

Tâm | 5 November 2015

typo: 2) missing S is NOT designed for towing heat

Farmer Dave | 5 November 2015

Model X towing package includes handling software that can minimize any trailer sway.

Roamer@AZ USA | 6 November 2015

Excellent post and photos describing Model S towing.