TPMS reprogramming when switching to snow tires

TPMS reprogramming when switching to snow tires

I plan to buy a premounted set of snow tires from Tesla on 19" wheels. When I mount the snow tires in the winter, what will I need to do to get the car to recognize the new tire pressure monitor sensors. With my Honda, it requires a trip to the dealer, 30 minutes, and $40. Will I need a Tesla shop (or Ranger) to do this? And when I remount the 21" summer tires in the spring, will the S recognize the original sensors? Or will it need reprogrammed again? Will the car recognize two sets of TPMS? | 20 November 2012

I asked this question at the Denver service center. They said I could change the wheels/tires at any location but the car would need to come in to Tesla to re-program the sensors.

CraigT | 20 November 2012

If they are snow tires on the same rims I don't know why you would need to reprogram.

docdac | 21 November 2012

I buy my snow tires premounted on separate wheel for the convenience of changing over in my own garage, without the hassle of hauling four tires to a tire shop, taking off the old tires, mounting and balancing the snow tires, and paying $80+ and a full Saturday morning. Also, you would not want to put snow tires on the 21" wheels - too wide and too low of an aspect ratio. There must be a way to reprogram the sensors without the manufacturer involved. Especially for those of us 300+ miles from nearest Tesla service.

kingkong | 21 November 2012

I have sensors in my Odyssey. I think they are pretty much useless, unless I have defective sensors. by the time I get the warning I can see the tires need air and already burning rubber. So I save a couple hundred bucks not installing sensor on the snow and $80 for reprogram. Just my 2 cents.

EcoHeliGuy | 21 November 2012

In my MINI cooper, there is a menu option to rest sensors. when you adjust pressures, or replace rims, you reset the sensors and drive around a few KM's. I'm sure this could be an easy feature to apply over an update to Tesla's cars.

Theresa | 21 November 2012

Kingkong, When you use the wheels with no sensors what does the system do? Constantly tell you the tires are low or does it give an error message or does it just give up and not do anything?

bsimoes | 21 November 2012

I posted a question about this issue on the new bulletin board and am eagerly waiting a reply, being I also just got my "Time to Build" email. The decision depends upon the accurate answer to these questions. I worry about armchair experts giving "the answer" when only Tesla truly knows. I have even called many different showrooms and gotten many different replies there. I want the official stand.

kingkong | 21 November 2012

Theresa, the TPMS lights on all time.

bfranks273 | 21 November 2012

There is a $500 box you can buy to do it yourself. But for that I'd drive to the store to have it done. Or maybe a group of people in an area could go in together on a purchase. Works on Roadster too.

tezco | 15 December 2012

Our local service manager told me the Roadster model won't work on the S.

dstiavnicky | 15 December 2012

That sucks. Both my other cars reprogram automatically.

I'd be tempted to put a piece of black electric tape on the dashboard rather than waste time at the dealer twice a year...

RobertD | 15 December 2012

I just put new after market rims and snow tires on my S. I bought a set of sensors from Tesla. No reprogramming was required. The S immediately made a connection to the new sensors.

dborn | 15 December 2012

How do these things work? My Mercedes has had new tyres many times, but no one has said anything about the sensors. In fact, a message comes up on the dash that just says that a reset is necessary (of the onboard computer) which involves pushing a few buttons, and away we go. That is, after it triggers telling me my pressures are low.
I mean technically where are the sensors placed, how are they powered and how are they detected by the car?
Anyone with the info, please reply.

Per O | 15 December 2012

How much were the TPMS?
And what rims did you get 19 or 20inch?
Do the rims match the log bolts perfectly including the precision machined flat portion around the conicalarea?
Just got my P85 today in NJ and hate the look of the 19inch Tesla's
And they are in back order anyway
So need to make some quick decisions soon!

RobertD | 16 December 2012

@Per O
The TPMS are $120 ea. plus shipping.

I bought 19x8.5 Avarus AV8 rims. Go to the Tire Rack website. They have the proper lug bolt configuration for the S. I think these rims look very good on the Model S.

Now, all we need is some snow in Chicago. We are about to break the record for consecutive snow-less days!

Per O | 16 December 2012

Many thanks for the info.
Looked at tirerack and when selecting a winter tire set, the Avarus AV8 did not come up as a choice, but instead Advanti Racing B1, which looks quite similar.
Avarus has 35mm offset and Advanti 40mm
Mo mention on centerbores
Suggested fitment was 235/50R19. Did you go with Pirelli or Dunlop?
I guess I need to call Tirerack
Also did you get the TPMS from your service center?
And good luck with the snow!

bsimoes | 16 December 2012

Of late, I've been told (by a few Tesla reps) that you need to bring the car into a Tesla shop the first time a tire is changed out, but after that, it's not necessary. Being my car will be delivered in Feb/March, I asked if before sending the car here, they could mount it with a set of rims and snows in order to save a trip at my end. One rep seemed to think that that was very possible; another rep felt that that would be quite impossible--why...I don't know! Tires can be changed anywhere, once the initial programming has happened. I am intrigued by RobertD's experience; perhaps Tesla realized what an Achilles Heel this is and have made a switch so that the car can manage the adjustment on its own without us driving 300 miles. Wouldn't that be nice! I've only had one flat in my life, but the idea of another in the S had me worried.

Per O | 17 December 2012

I talked with NY service center. Their TPMS price was ~75/ea
Also they say rim offset is 40mm with 65mm center bore. So your rims have 35mm offset, probably not big deal. Did you need spacer rings or did they fir on the hub?

NY service center also said thay can swing by and program the TPMS at your home. Just need to be scheduled. Don't know where you live..

I went with same config as @docdac:
235/50R-19 Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D
19x8.5 Advanti Racing B1 Lupo Silver

Tirerack confirmed that 245/45R-19 is also correct fitment, but wider is not desirable in snow.

July10Models | 17 December 2012

Installed new TPMS on my Mazda RX-8, after a few miles of driving the transmitters started working correctly. I even tested the new TPMS by letting some air out of a tire. I had an appointment at the dealer to reset the transmitters which I promptly cancelled.

bsimoes | 18 December 2012

bfranks273 | November 21, 2012

"There is a $500 box you can buy to do it yourself. But for that I'd drive to the store to have it done. Or maybe a group of people in an area could go in together on a purchase. Works on Roadster too."

If this is the case, why can't rangers have the "box?" My delivery specialist stated in an email that rangers could not do anything involving a lift. Does changing tires have to involve a lift? I know that jack mode just disables the air suspension; it is not a jack, per se.

dborn | 18 December 2012

Changing wheels does not have to involve a lift, BUT, if you are doing them all day, you certainly don't want to be jacking up the car 4 or 5 times each! (using a spare temporary).
changing tires almost certainly requires a lift, and also the machinery to change the tire on the wheel and then balance the wheel.

S.Diego | 23 January 2013

Could you please post pics of the Avarus AV8's on your Tesla?

Have you had any issues with the wheels chipping?

Any thoughts on the ride and performance so far of the AV8's?


Qwiksilver | 7 November 2014

Tesla dropped the price of the TPMS to $50. I will put them on my set of winter tires and rims.
Told by tesla that they will work fine.