Tracking highest VINs

Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

JoeFee | 8 June 2013

So we do not have a proliferation of redundant threads (where is Volker B when you need him) please consider posting VIN’s here: (public over 800K pages views) instead of on this public thread …. sorry Whity Whitemanor! If you want a prviate thread please use: (private)

jackhub | 8 June 2013

I got my VIN 3059 Jan 11. I get real excited reading you guys posting now, knowing the kicks you are in for! Incredible!

DigiDood | 8 June 2013

136xx - June 28th!

surfer54 | 9 June 2013

June 7 2013 #11703 P85

Reilly McHugh | 10 June 2013

14,06x put deposit down may 30th. Sent to factory may 31st and set to be delivered 6/28-7/4!!!!

davecolene0606 | 11 June 2013

Delivered 6/3/13

Rte66 | 11 June 2013

#1366x .Deposit May 10, waited a week to "rush" to factory available on June 28th, will pick up 29th.

MR.T 75 | 11 June 2013

FYI, I made my deposit May 4th and received my Tesla on Sunday June 2. They getting much faster with their production line! I have found that they under promise and over deliver. When they give you the "delivery window" the date is usually right in the middle of that timeframe.

FYI Driving my MS feels like I am are riding a lightning bolt on wheels!!

David70 | 11 June 2013

I signed my MVPA and made my final payment today. P13430.
Prior to that email said expect a June 30 delivery. It has to get to Cheney, WA, so that adds at least 3 days to deliver. Otherwise, I could probably get it by the 28th.

Newampster | 18 June 2013

Ordered June 2, VIN 13854, production week of July 8, delivery to NH late July. I spoke to my delivery specialist about doing a factory pickup and a cross country road trip. Charging would be very slow and would average wagon train speeds. The trip is a year away. The excitement of delivery builds daily as a waste far to much time reading this forum.

lolachampcar | 18 June 2013

14694 delivery scheduled for early 7/13

rrc | 18 June 2013

13117, delivery to NC on June 27.

bradslee | 18 June 2013

rtb has reported that his MS with VIN # 14877 is expected to be delivered by the end of July. Getting close to VIN #15000!

wcalvin | 18 June 2013

134xx in assembly now, June 18.

Aticus | 18 June 2013

Does anyone besides me wish they would put a web cam on the assembly line?

2-Star | 18 June 2013

I certainly second that!

thomas.schlatter | 18 June 2013

It would be nice to see the countries also. The production for Europe has started!
VIN 14285, Switzerland, delivery in July/August

artman | 18 June 2013

VIN 15509 appeared in My Garage for me this morning. Delivery in late July.

LDC | 18 June 2013

VIN: 155XX also due late July

mortgagebruce | 18 June 2013

15533 showed up for me tonight! Late July needs to get here fast:)

Colasec | 18 June 2013

Hey @artman, mine is 15508! :) 60/black/tech/pano - what'd you get? Does that mean our cars are next to each other on the assembly line? lol

Benz | 20 June 2013

More people should post their VIN numbers.

2-Star | 20 June 2013

13769 - Delivery Window 7/18-8/01 | 20 June 2013

15609 - probably mid/late July

zijunhao1 | 20 June 2013

12864 this weekend( 6/20/13). fingers crossed!

artman | 20 June 2013

Hey @Colasec, looks like you've one-upped me. :) I'm getting 85/brown/air/tech/pano/19". It would be kind of cool if the rolled off the line in order. Our EOL dates should be the same. I haven't seen any updates yet. Still just says my order has been confirmed and my last email was that it was in production. Hope to hear something soon...

Bubba2000 | 20 June 2013

Placed my order on 6-18-2013. Skipped the 2 week wait period. Next day got VIN 15588. Delivery in the last week of July, Southeast, USA.

Configuration: 85P, Pearl White+Spoiler, 19" Wheels, Pano, Grey Interior+Piano, Tech Package, Upgraded Sound, Child Seats, Dual Chargers+HPWC, 4 Year Service with Ranger. I did not get the 21" wheels with tighter suspension because the roads around here are bad with potholes and need softer ride. Too much curb rash around here with those kind of rims.

I think service with ranger is important to enjoy the car. Worth the peace of mind. 0.6% of cost.

Customer reps were quite good. Not pushy with options, etc.

2-Star | 20 June 2013

P.S. Re VIN#13769 - Ordered 5/21, Confirm 6/6, VIN 6/9, Delivery 7/18-8/1

P85, 19" Tires, Silver Metallic, No Pano, No Spoiler, Grey Performance Leather, Glossy Obeche Wood, Tech, Sound Studio, Parcel Shelf, No Rear-Facing Seats, Twin Chargers. Second Mobile Connector, Touch-Up Paint, Roller Duffel Bag, Tire Repair Kit. 240V 50A Outlet Boxes (2) for homes (FL & ME).

MBCMDR | 20 June 2013

VIN 14042 28Jun13

stevencoberly | 20 June 2013

Took delivery of P12900 six hours ago. :-)

Scott2613 | 20 June 2013

P13017 is getting delivered to Waukesha, Wisconsin Saturday, 06-22. Ordered 05-02-13 confirmed 05-16 complete 06-15 arrived in Chicago 06-20-13
P85+ Blue, Gray, Lacewood everything but sunroof and child's seats.

LDC | 20 June 2013

Are the estimated delivery dates turning out to be correct?

Brian H | 20 June 2013

omar still has the lead, 15609 mid/late July.

hanker777 | 21 June 2013

VIN P14631 Ordered 5/22 | Confirmed order 6/5 | Assigned VIN 6/14 Delivery ETA 7/16 - 7/26 MS85 Red.

Bighorn | 21 June 2013

15638 today

Tom A | 21 June 2013

Hey, @artman: is that a nickname? Artman is my last name! It's not very common. Where are you from?

Michael S | 21 June 2013

I saw an 11,000+ @ Gilroy...

artman | 21 June 2013

@Tom A: It's just a nickname I picked up I'm the Army. Not very creative though. My first name is Art. Sure you can probably figure out the other part. :)

jonlivesay | 21 June 2013

13328 in the garage tonight!!

pgiralt | 22 June 2013

Got my VIN on 6/20 - 15639. @Bighorn must have confirmed just before me :-)

Bighorn | 22 June 2013

@pgiralt Sounds about right! Congrats, great minds, etc :)

Whity Whiteman | 22 June 2013

so, the highest VIN seems to be "15639". What does this mean for Q2?
All Model S's sold before Q2 added up to 7500. Thats a difference of more than 8000 cars for Q2- further we need to substract 3000 Cars, which shipped to europe, right? So 5000 Cars in Q2 should be no problem and Q3 should explode delivery-wise.

Nice weekend

Benz | 22 June 2013

Q2 projected production: 5,000 (= 4,500 for US, and 500 for Europe).
The real numbers will surely be different (higher) though.
Q2 earnings conference call will be very interesting.

eddiemoy | 22 June 2013

looks like they are hitting the ~80 cars a day number from the vins...

from hanker777 vin 14631 confirmed 6/5

from pgiralt, vin 15639 confirmed 6/20

diff of 15 days, minus 4 days for weekends, = 11 days.

diff in vin numbers = 1008

average per day is ~ 91.

hoping they are producing more than this... if they are then the q2 numbers will be a blow out!

eddiemoy | 22 June 2013

@ whitman, the latest vin's in the 15000's are not being delivered in june so won't count towards q2... have to find the highest vin that is being delivered in q2, that should give us a pretty good idea.

i'm thinking the ones confirmed in early june ~14500 should be the high number for end of quarter...

if we minus 2650 for last year, and 4900 for last quarter we do get a pretty high number ~ 7000.

the projection was 4500 for US and 500 for europe. i'm thinking they should beat pretty easy!

the thing that worries me was some reports regarding the recall, some number around 1200 per month was quoted... which seems to indicate that the production number is 3600 for q2 which doesn't make any sense at all! i'm hoping for the 7000 number.

i confirming tomorrow for my p85+ should get a vin soon and post..

nbw13462530 | 22 June 2013

I just got my VIN ending 15685

eddiemoy | 22 June 2013

@jrkbob1975, when did you confirm to get the vin number?

Wooly | 22 June 2013

My VIN is 14721 and will be ready on June 26th for Factory pick up or 28-29th delivery in LA area. So definitely delivered before the end of the quarter. Incidentally I finalized on June 12. Thats two weeks on the nose. Pretty fast.

85, Tech, Sound, leather, 19"

nbw13462530 | 22 June 2013

My order finalized June delivery date yet.

eddiemoy | 22 June 2013

@wooly, that is really fast!! Hopefully I will get mine before the end of July as I'm in the east coast. I'm thinking if it also takes 2 weeks for build, then another week for cross country. Might get in middle of July then!!