Tracking highest VINs

Tracking highest VINs

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

negarholger | 18 July 2013

@Mathew98 - Gen3 will not be faster... most likely it has a smaller engine ( X front engine ). Maybe they will come out later with souped up version, but from a general model policy it can not outperform the S.

Mathew98 | 18 July 2013

Gen3 doesn't need to be faster than MS. It just need to be faster than ICE. It would be more suitable for the PD forces due to the much lower cost and more powerful than most ICE vehicles. MS is not a good match to the its sheer size and cost prohibited for the PD to use.

eddiemoy | 18 July 2013


Did you think about taking out the non work days out of the week for the daily production number? i think i saw somewhere they only do 5 days a week. from your calculated number of 77 a day, that would mean you are taking into account the weekend days too.

cfOH | 18 July 2013

@eddiemoy Since the regression extends over a two-month period, weekends/weekdays are already factored in to give an average daily figure. That average, when multiplied back out to a week, then accounts for that 5-day-per-week production schedule. Short of a proof, that's about as well as I can explain it.

Anonymous | 18 July 2013

@ironmikeii Building it, and I live in Los Angeles. My status shows Sourcing parts still, but my DS sent me my email tonight.

Teslanto | 18 July 2013

VIN 16116

Ordered 6/25
Confirmed 6/26
Delivery Date 7/25

I bypassed the first 2 weeks.

The anticipation is killing me. I find it hard to think about anything else. Any suggestions?

JoeFee | 18 July 2013

Despite my plea for consolidating delivery data in one place

"JoeFee | JUNE 8, 2013 p.2
So we do not have a proliferation of redundant threads (where is Volker B when you need him) please consider posting VIN’s here: (public over 800K pages views) instead of on this public thread …. sorry Whity Whitemanor! If you want a prviate thread please use: (private)"

I surrender and now have to pull data from 5 threads! The important thing is that new owners post VIN data anywhere they feel comfortable. I love the production-rate estimation spreadsheet …nice work Craig.

Joe Fee

Mathew98 | 19 July 2013

@CfOH - Perhaps you can solve this for me. I picked up my MS on 6/15 with VIN# 1216x. I've seen reports of VIN# 1556x being delivered on 7/24 and VIN# 1611x on 7/29.

6/15 1216x
7/24 1556x 3400 delivered in 5 weeks
7/29 1611x 550 to be delivered in 1 week

Average form 6/15 to 7/29 is (3950/6) = 658 per week.

If week deduct 500 for EU delivery during this time span, we are still averaging 566 delivery per week.

I know this is a small sample set of data. Is this in line with your VIN# tracking?

Are my fingers deceiving me with this number?

pgiralt | 19 July 2013

I think that 1611X number is not typical. I'm a 1563X VIN and won't be delivered for at least another week. Latest update is it probably won't be out of production until Monday. I think I saw someone with a 157XX that will take delivery tomorrow at the factory. I'm really not sure how that 161XX snuck in there.

rfriess | 19 July 2013

16961, Red P85, is scheduled for delivery on Monday, August 5.

lolachampcar | 19 July 2013

14696 tomorrow AM pick up in Dania Beach, FL

Dcp9142 | 19 July 2013

16095 finalized 6/24, production start 7/15, completed production 7/19, delivery 7/21 (1 week earlier than planned). 4 weeks from final order to factory pick-up.

mortgagebruce | 19 July 2013

I've got VIN 15553 coming. Currently my dashboard reads, "Production Complete. Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery".

I am in Kansas City and my DS is in St. Louis which is the nearest service center. My car must ship to St. Louis first and then will be shipped to me after they get the car ready for delivery.

I just got back from vacation yesterday and emailed my DS to ask if he could give me a delivery date yet because I also just sold my Range Rover which is what I'm replacing with the MS. He told me the earliest delivery date for me is currently 7/30 and that my car is "in the testing phase at our Fremont, CA factory".

I placed my order on 6/14 and waived the 2 week period on the 18th after finding out that was an option on these forums.

Got my fingers crossed I'll get an email or phone call giving me the news it will be ready faster.

shreek | 19 July 2013

I ordered my Model S P85Black on July 16. Confirmed it on July 18. Received Order is in Production notice. VIN#17528
Any guesses on actual delivery date to Costa Mesa?
Can't wait.

Teslanto | 19 July 2013

@ShreeK I'm guessing Aug 15

Benz | 21 July 2013


tes-s | 21 July 2013

#16399 scheduled delivery 8/10 in Westchester, NY.

Brian H | 21 July 2013

VINs are pretty good for tracking production, not so good for total deliveries.

cfOH | 21 July 2013

@Mathew98: Don't get too hung up on any particular VIN dates...there's a lot of error in some posts in this thread. I try to remove anything where the data seem way off, but there's still a lot of noise.

Also updated the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, the weekly rate has been dropping throughout the month of July. I suspect there was a huge push to get lots of sales made and VINs issued for the end-of quarter numbers in late June, leading to a yearly rate of >30K cars. Now, however, we're at just under 28K cars. Still way better than the 20K goal, but it's interesting to see it fluctuate. What would help us have confidence in these estimates is more VINs being posted with their finalized dates, so beat the bushes, people! :-)

cfOH | 21 July 2013
Benz | 22 July 2013

Highest: VIN 17528 (shree)

tesla.mahedy | 22 July 2013

I have vin 17545 order finalized Saturday July 20th. Whats the pace of delivery?

SamO | 22 July 2013


Your data point indicates standstill. Unlikely.

Anonymous | 22 July 2013

If you're in Cali, I'd say around 4 weeks.

tobi_ger | 22 July 2013

Note the weekend in between, could still fit.

Mathew98 | 22 July 2013

@tesla.mahedy - If you call Tesla and waive the 2 weeks period (for change of options), then you'll get it that much faster. Normal time from order to delivery is anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Unless you steal one from the showroom floor...

SamO | 22 July 2013


Great point.

elguapo | 22 July 2013

Off topic a bit, but if people are getting VINs within a day or two of ordering, is Tesla that much more efficient in production or is demand dropping?

cfOH | 22 July 2013

@elguapo The process of issuing a VIN once an order is finalized is all clerical, so there shouldn't be much preventing that from being pretty efficient. Now, transforming a VIN into an actual car, well, that's more complicated. :-)

tesla.mahedy | 22 July 2013

@Mathew98 I waived the two week period.

I'm on the east coast. Just looking to get the car before September.

@cfOH Thank you for the data.

unleashthesun | 22 July 2013

I ordered my Model S 85 Red on July 10. Confirmed it on July 12. My dashboard currently says We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S. VIN#17324

pgiralt | 22 July 2013

Before September as in August 31 or earlier? I think you will be pushing it very close, but possible. I ordered on 6/20 and the car just left on a truck from CA today and won't reach the east coast until 7/28, so assuming they are producing at the same rate and the backlog is similar, you're looking at the last few days of August probably. What does your estimated delivery show 'Late August' on your My Tesla dashboard?

Mathew98 | 22 July 2013

@tesla.mahedy - I got mine in NJ in 5 weeks. Ordered/finalized on 5/11, delivered on 6/15.

tesla.mahedy | 22 July 2013

@pgiralt Its p85, I think they make them faster/they are less popular. Yes essentially on or before August 31st.

@Mathew98 I assume yours was a p85? (Assumption solely based on the rate of production)

Thanks guys!

pgiralt | 22 July 2013

@mahedy, mine was a standard 85, not P85. From what I've seen though, it seems like the speed for all models is about the same these days. I saw someone with a 60 with a VIN a 100 or so after mine get their car a few days before mine shipped from the factory, so even 60's appear to be around the same timelines as other models.

Dripps | 22 July 2013

Order placed 7/18, finalized 7/19 (confirmed). VIN# 17596,
estimated delivery end of August.

tesla.mahedy | 22 July 2013

@pgiralt Ah, how exciting. I hope you are enjoying your car! Thank you

tesla.mahedy | 22 July 2013

@SamoSam I am wrong in my date. I assumed that my vin was given to me when I finalized the order. I actually put the deposit down on 7/17. That might be the cause for the discrepancy in the data. My apologies.

Mathew98 | 22 July 2013

Mne is a MC red 60 with air, pano, and jumpseats.

SamO | 22 July 2013


Great pickup. I'm sure we'll see more VINs that will help fill in the data.

FranknWC | 22 July 2013

MS 85 black, Tech pac, Air Susp, twin chargers

06/08/13 Test drive
06/19/13 Ordered
06/25/13 Order confirmed
06/25/13 Received Vin ...16071
07/12/13 Sourcing parts, promised 07/30-08/13
07/15/13 In production
07/17/13 Received notice that my car would be delivered late July
07/22/13 Production complete... being prepared for (pickup or) delivery

earlyretirement | 22 July 2013

07/13/13 Test drive
07/13/13 Ordered
07/16/13 Order confirmed (I waived the 2 week wait)
07/17/13 Received VIN ...17,334

Just as an FYI, my Tesla Experience Specialist (Kenny) called me today and said that my car will be ready for pick up on August 23.

emoflash | 22 July 2013

16080 confirmed on 6/26/13 and got the same "production complete" message this morning!!!!

Mike_E | 22 July 2013


Kind of old but within the range of your tracking:

VIN 13226
Reserved on 5/10
Finalized on 5/23
Delivered on 6/23

cfOH | 22 July 2013

Thanks, all, for the new VINs. The graph was just updated (refresh if it doesn't have today's date on it).

Benz | 23 July 2013

Highest: VIN# 17596 (Dripps)

cfOH | 23 July 2013

As an aside, I just talked to my delivery specialist, who works in the service center in Columbus, OH. My car is one of 7 (!) he is expecting to have delivered this week.


Benz | 24 July 2013


Benz | 24 July 2013


timmsteiner | 24 July 2013

@cfOH - mine is one of those seven...hope the other 6 don't have to be prepped and delivered before mine!!