TSLA switching production to 70% Europe 30% US

TSLA switching production to 70% Europe 30% US

Pulled from another thread. Can someone confirm these numbers are true or provide more color?


"Production switching to 70% Europe 30% US in August according to Tesla sales rep"

"I was in store yesterday and overheard sales rep tell customer that waiting time in US may go from 4 to 8 weeks now to 4 to 6 months in next few months. When I asked why she said that in August they are going to start producing 70% of the cars for Europe in August."

"I was skeptical as well so I quizzed the sales rep a little and she said that they had all just received an email instructing them to notify U.S customer to expect longer delays. She said that they are going to focus on European countries where steering wheel is on left side first. I guess 4 month delays are feasible if they cut production for US customers down to 30%. I was actually a little concerned that demand was low enough in U.S. that they could cut production for us that much."

Brian H | 5 September 2013

4-6 months gives a built-in backlog increase of about 6,OOO, and plenty of time to increase shift work, possibly to get another line in place. Wouldn't be surprised if demand reached 8-10K/quarter by then. Asia will be a factor by 6 mo. out, too. Interesting times!

olanmills | 8 September 2013

That doesn't really sound too crazy given that In the US, there was a huge pent up demand for the Model S that has been mostly addressed, and now you have that issue in Europe and Asia. There thousands of people in these markets who would have bought the car earlier if they had only been able to. So now you have to catch up with that demand, and at the same time, the demand in US and Canada should be coming in at a lower pace given that they have mostly satisfied the years of pent up demand we had.

markkiernan | 9 September 2013

I hope so, there are way too few Model Ss on the road here.

Haeze | 9 September 2013

I think this thread is a bit of a misnomer... The way you stated the question you made it sound like they would be producing 70% of their cars in the EU. The parts are still made in California, then they are shipped to the Tilburg plant in the Netherlands to be assembled.

I don't doubt that 70% of the production will be dedicated to being shipped to Tilburg since it is a new market, but it doesn't mean that the US plant will be idle. ;)

JPPTM | 9 September 2013

Recent video of Elon being interviewed by European media--he stated that it was going to be about 50-50 US/European production, with lots of pent up demand in Europe, so adjust your ordering and anticipated delivery times accordingly.

Brian H | 9 September 2013

I don't think the "pent-up demand" in the US has even been dented. "In the wild" exposure is still on a steep upslope; no promotion beyond mall walk-bys has occurred, and the second and third layers of buyers (who require more ramp-up time to budget the purchase and rationalize it) are due to become the majority. Get George B. a little bit drunk, and ask him how much he could boost US demand if the gloves were off. I bet he would give you quite a show!

And then comes GenIII. There's an "overlap production" question here, too. How versatile will the lines be that do GenIII? Will they be able to do S & X if that demand is too high for the dedicated lines? Etc.

Then (or before Gen III) there's the "pent-up" Get2 cabriolet and pick-up markets to consider.

Brian H | 9 September 2013

typo: Gen2 cabriolet

ChetB | 9 September 2013

I ordered my Tesla S on November 4. Today, the service center in Costa Mesa, CA (7 miles from my home) told me delivery was scheduled for the middle of October. As a rule they said 6 to 8 weeks has been their experience -- so far.

Haeze | 9 September 2013


November 4 ? As in 10 months ago ? I am doubting the car will take nearly a year to deliver.

Brian H | 10 September 2013

I suspect he meant to type September. They share the same 5 last letters. ;)

bareyb | 11 September 2013

I just hope I get mine first... They told me late October and that would be about six weeks... Fingers crossed...

risingsun | 14 September 2013

@BrianH & @chetb He could have meant September, or the more plausible explanation, chetb is a time traveller.