UK Specific Buyers and Owners Thread

UK Specific Buyers and Owners Thread

Thought I'd start off a threat where us UK buyers can discuss all things related to the purchase and ownership of the Model S from a purely UK perspective, sales, delivery, charging points, future SuperCharger Stations etc.

Who else has put their deposit down? I'm 80 on the list so there must be a few of us!

wbecker | 1 May 2013


Not much to discuss at this point since I've seen so little revealed beyond a hope of a 2013 delivery.

scoops | 3 May 2013

I'm not expecting a delivery until Jan/Feb 2014. With RHD building to start "late 2013" I suspect it could be a while after that before wheels touch UK soil.

Hoping that by 2013 a DAB radio module will be included and by then maybe a proper 4G radio for faster internet, maybe even a faster graphics chip for the display.


olanmills | 3 May 2013

FYI, there is a UK specific board here:

though I think you have to be a reservation holder or owner to see it.

vouteb | 3 May 2013


Have been waiting for ages
In 2 mini's
Hate the continue postponement
Love the early fault discoveries by the current omwoners

jprelph | 21 May 2013

That's weird, I can't see that board and I'm a reservation holder (#57). Would be good to get a bit more info from Tesla as to when we'll get to spec the RHD versions.

AndrewM | 21 May 2013

I heard from the UK Tesla rep last week that RHD deliveries are very unlikely before the start of 2014... :(

Captain_Zap | 21 May 2013


Send Tesla an e-mail and tell them your that you are a reservation holder and they will give you access to the private threads.

Some of us that had earlier reservations didn't get access automatically and we had to request it. It was months before I realized that I was missing the owner's threads.

cyrilwhybrow | 12 December 2015

I have a model s70d on order for delivery late December 2015 Hopefully!! I was lucky enough to
get a referral and £1000 discount. However on my final invoice they are deducting VAT on this discount which I am disputing.

My understanding is that the referral is a discount therefore reducing the purchase by that amount which should reduce the total VAT to be paid, not increasing it as if it is income

Does anyone have any comments on this

mark.sterry | 7 April 2016

Just joined the EV clan! Not sure if this is the correct forum to read/discuss all things Tesla UK?
Can you point me in the correct direction if needed please?