The Ultimate Reason: Electric Cars are Better than ICE

The Ultimate Reason: Electric Cars are Better than ICE

This is a Very tragic story.

I installed CO2 monitors in my attached garage and at time it does register low levels of CO2 after parking my ICE car.

I just wish I could afford the Tesla right now. unfortunately I have to wait.

Brian H | 27 February 2013

CO2 had nothing to do with it. It was CO1, AKA CO, carbon monoxide. Product of incomplete combustion, as a result of oxygen depletion, etc. Poisonous because it locks onto haemoglobin more strongly than oxygen.

Brian H | 27 February 2013

So the title of the post is nonsense.

Noah.S | 27 February 2013

Title of the post is valid, the story he links to discusses CO1.
I'm assuming he meant to put CO1 in his post instead of CO2. A CO2 monitor would go off fairly regularly I would imagine.

teslajolt | 27 February 2013

Sorry about that, yes, I meant to say CO1 (Carbon Monoxide)

Pungoteague_Dave | 27 February 2013



- your friend, Dave

Brian H | 27 February 2013

The car at 80°F will go further, because warm air is less dense, and easier to penetrate.
Did you pass Gr. 9 science? Congratulations!

cloroxbb | 28 February 2013

Hahaha @brianh You just proved nickniketowns point.

GeekEV | 28 February 2013

@nnt, @Brian H - Ah, but what humidity level were they done at? If it's colder, it's probably rainy or snowy season which means higher humidity. Any humidity actually makes the air less dense, so it may well be a wash. ;->

TeslaRocks | 28 February 2013

Humidity makes the air less dense? I didn't know that. But if it is -5F, which is well below freezing point, the air would likely be much more dry.

Brian H | 28 February 2013

That's goofy. The introduction of a second factor and applying it only to one case is bogus. And in any case, at -5°F, the absolute humidity (actual vapour in the air) is tiny; it's too cold. Relative humidity is irrelevant to density.

HzSoGood | 1 March 2013

if only geek brain-waves could power cars

FLsportscarenth... | 15 March 2013

Is NNT taking some middle school exam? Rather silly, Brian H - silly of you to respond to it.

Sure you could rev a ICE car in a closed garage till you suffocate, reminds me of a scene in the 1959 classic film "On the Beach" where a guy commits suicide that way after surviving a nuclear war in Australia.

Well if you fall asleep with your Tesla on in closed garage you will not die, if you want to commit suicide with a Tesla I guess you have to drive it off a cliff or in to a bridge abutment at a very high rate of speed.

Noah.S | 15 March 2013

To continue the thread-jacking and trolling...
I would think that the bigger factor would be the range reduction due to temperature.
Tesla's 'go electric' page shows a 14 mile reduction between 70f and 32f alone. There are a lot of calculations on the Leaf range as temperature declines. They estimate a 1% drop for every 2f below 70 which would add up to quite a bit in our case.

@FlSport, Please don't drive over a cliff! Tesla doesn't need the bad publicity. And that would be bad for you too, I guess ;)

Noah.S | 15 March 2013

oops. I see what you did there Brian H ;)

FLsportscarenth... | 18 March 2013


I would not, would not waste a good car like that. Knew a guy who wanted to go out with a bang after he lost 90 million in the real estate crash so he wrapped himself in a Ferrari around a tree, I used to think what a waste, now I figure 'It was only a ICE car'...