UMC now for sale on Tesla parts site?

UMC now for sale on Tesla parts site?

From what I recall the UMC and HPWC were not available for purchase the site last time I looked, but now are.

weeandthewads | 12 April 2013

J1772 not included?

smd | 12 April 2013

There was previous discussion about a $500 UMC (also told that by my delivery specialist), but I guess with the adapters, the price is up to $650.

There is no J1772, because it cannot be used with the UMC. The one you got with the car on delivery is for use with public J1772 chargers. If you need another one, ie left is plugged into the J1772 and drove away, you can purchase it separately.

shop | 12 April 2013

Yeah, the J1772 adapter is different. It is an adapter for public chargers, not an adapter for the UMC.

David Trushin | 12 April 2013

smd, all the charging stations I've seen ( and that is actually not a lot) require you to plug the business end of the cable back into the station. How could you leave the adapter like that? It wouldn't fit. Are there stations at which you leave the cable hanging loose?

stevenmaifert | 12 April 2013

We own a Leaf in addition to a Model S and are using the trickle charger that came with the Leaf to charge it. That's working out fine, but it would really be nice if Tesla would someday offer a J1772 adapter to use with the business end of the UMC to Level 2 charge the Leaf or any other EV with a J1772 charge connector. I wonder how many Model S owners also own another EV that would benefit from something like that and make it worthwhile for Tesla to create the adapter.

Chuck Lusin | 12 April 2013

I was told a few times when I called that it was $500, one time they said $480. Maybe the $150 is for "Personal Delivery", I had to say that, don't kill me!

jat | 12 April 2013

@stevenmalfert - why wouldn't you just use the LEAF charger with it? If you want faster charging, you can upgrade it at and you can charge at 16A@240V, which is nearly as fast as it is capable of charging (unless you have a newer LEAF with a 6.6kW charger). Personally, I can't imagine not having the mobile charger with the LEAF driving it, and it is too much hassle to pack/unpack it each time -- that alone justifies having a permanent EVSE for it to me.

kilimats | 12 April 2013

lol $650....for an adpater...................

jat | 12 April 2013

@killmats - ?? The $650 is the for the mobile connector and two adapters.

napacab | 12 April 2013

we also have a Leaf in addition to our P85.
i cant imagine owning a Leaf without the EVSE Upgrade.

GaryJ | 12 April 2013

While I wait for my house panel to be upgraded to 400amps so I can install a 100amp circuit for my HPWC I am using the J1772 charger I bought with my BMW ActiveE. The J1772 works fine. I had to order a new adapter because I yanked the cable moving another car and the adapter came apart.

skystream3.7 | 14 April 2013

i would like to sale mine and get the $1200 high speed charger for home charging or trade with someone i would pay $650

stimeygee | 14 April 2013

Sorry, don't have the car yet so this will be obvious to most but: I thought the car comes with a UMC, does it not? Is this just for a spare?

rochec | 14 April 2013

@stimyg yes, it comes with one. A lot of people like to leave theirs plugged in but may want one in the trunk, just incase it is needed.

Or maybe a second home.

stimeygee | 14 April 2013

Got it, thanks.

village33 | 15 April 2013

OK, I have been one of the biggest defenders of Tesla on the price of their service plans, but can someone explain why basically an extension cord here costs $650 and calm me by telling me that a few years from now when mass produced they'll only be $100?

jat | 15 April 2013

@village33 - look at the prices of other EVSEs -- the one Nissan supplies for the LEAF costs over $900 for a replacement, and it is only capable of 120V charging (as shipped, it can be modified at additional expense by for 16A@240V as well). I don't know how much the Tesla car-end connector costs, but a J1772 connector that has similar functions costs nearly $200 by itself, no electronics, heavy cabling, or wireless signalling to the car to open the charge port involved.

So, I don't think the cost is unreasonable.