In 2015, many laptop and tablet manufactures will be moving to a standardized USB-C with power supplied with the USB-PD standard. Will Tesla be moving the USB Ports to USB-C connectors in the foreseeable future?

If so, could the engineering team make try to support up to Profile 5 so we can charge our laptops?

Of course, if plans are in place to move to USB-C, could Tesla also give some retrofit kit for current owners?

rn | 13 October 2014

good suggestion, I second it. No silicon is yet available for USBPD, Microchip and Toshiba (?) have osme early silicon, but nothing mainstream yet.

sldunn | 13 October 2014

Yes, I think most vendors are still doing sampling for USB-C receptacles, cables, and usbpd controllers. To get samples, I think it's still necessary to contact the sales departments of the usual suspects.

I don't see anything available yet on Digikey/Alibaba. I guess there aren't enough of them yet for things to have made their way to the distributors.

From what I've heard, the ecosystem should manufacturing volume this quarter, and devices for end customers will start to be seen Q1/Q2 2015.