Victoria, B.C. .... Potential buyer asks where nearest Tesla service is available for Warranty work, periodic servicing

Victoria, B.C. .... Potential buyer asks where nearest Tesla service is available for Warranty work, periodic servicing

Also, kWh for full charge?
Warranty on batteries?
Cost of replacement batteries, please.

KingRoss1st | 15 August 2015

OK, I think I get it....
"70" refers to kWh
Have to go to Vancouver for service (big negative!)
No speed-recharging anywhere on Van.Isl. (big negative!)

ian | 15 August 2015

There are quite a few what Tesla calls "destination chargers" on Vancouver Island. They are the High Power Wall Connector (HPWC) you can buy for your home but they are installed at hotels.

How many km do you drive in a day normally?

Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina

146 Kingston St
Victoria, British Columbia V8V 1V4
Driving Directions
Phone (250) 360-1211
Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
1 Tesla Connector, up to 80A.
Available for patrons only. Self park.

Comfort Inn & Suites Victoria

3020 Blanshard St
Victoria, British Columbia V8T 5C7
Driving Directions
Phone (250) 382-4400
Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
2 Tesla Connectors, up to 80A.
Available for patrons only. Self park.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

1175 Beach Dr
Victoria, British Columbia V8S 2N2
Driving Directions
Phone (250) 598-4556
Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
1 Tesla Connector, up to 64A.
Available for patrons only. Please see front desk.

The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa

1999 Country Club Way
Victoria, British Columbia V9B 6R3
Driving Directions
Phone (250) 391-7160
Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
5 Tesla Connectors, up to 80A.
Available for patrons only. Please see valet.

The Lodge at Weir's Beach

5195 William Head Rd
Victoria, BC V9C 4H5
Driving Directions
Phone (250) 478-5000
Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
1 Tesla Connector, up to 40A.
Available for patrons only. Please call ahead.

Mayne Island Resort

494 Arbutus Dr
Mayne Island, British Columbia V0N 2J1
Driving Directions
Phone (866) 539-5399
Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
2 Tesla Connectors, up to 80A.
Available to the public. Self park.

ian | 15 August 2015

Do you live somewhere you could install a HPWC or 50 amp wall outlet?

KingRoss1st | 15 August 2015

Many tks responders!
Most helpful!
Last first .... yes, I can install 200+ V a.c. charger. Good start.
Many tks for the Van.Isl. locations.

KingRoss1st | 15 August 2015

Further Q's:
1. We are in Victoria area and have family in Calgary and -- gasp!!! -- there's no super-charger in C'gy!!!!! That's a real put-off. (Plus, there's a 'black-hole' between C'gy and Central Canada .... are these guys serious?) Any update?
2. Are the super-chargers free or does one have to buy an up-front package or put coins in the meter? The site's dif. pages make this ambivalent.
3. Word is out that there's a new, sort-of "All Conquering" model coming down the pike. Implicitly, the current range will be maxed-out for profit (I already have an Elon Musk discount package in my hand from a recent buyer). What do you aficionados say to this? Buy or wait???!!!

KingRoss1st | 15 August 2015

With all that baggage-space, why doesn't Tesla offer a battery-doubling(?) option on the floor of a trunk? Obv'ly they're flat, and it's a no-brainer!
And what about hybridizing the marque: a small, efficinet Honda(?) engine on-tap for get-you-home?

KingRoss1st | 15 August 2015

And what about Stage-Coach methodology.
Pull in to a "Gas" Station, drop the expired batts, and reload with recharged? On your way in 3 mins., the time it takes to gas-up!!!

KingRoss1st | 15 August 2015

Or a mini-trailer with parallel-connected batteries underneath (up to -- what? -- 1500km. range) with all-sorts of trailer options: mini-RV, drive-to-dump, mini-bus, etc.
The issue for Tesla is packaging extra bat.stor. for convenience or NECESSITY vs. cost (on a DCF basis).
You heard it here first!

KingRoss1st | 15 August 2015

Wheel dias. I'm confused!
On offer is 19" and 21" tires (did I get that right?), but the arguments both ways are -- to my simple mind -- contradictory apropos tire-life.
We are ol'farts and look to cruising, not beating Porsche 911s after the red-light goes green.
Suggestions most welcome, pls.

DTsea | 15 August 2015

Maybe do some research

Tesla has batt swap. Nobody wants to use it.

Batteries are expensive. No extra room.

no ICe engine. That is the whole point.

All your questions are answered on their website.

ian | 15 August 2015

No, there's not a Supercharger in Calgary but there are on the way to Calgary and between Calgary and Edmonton. Once in Calgary you need to source your own electricity. They do have it there don't they? Maybe outside the igloo's? ;-)

There looks to be a destination charger at the Le Germain Hotel in Calgary. At least that's the only one listed in Calgary proper.

Yes. Superchargers are free and intended to allow long distance travel.

Check out and for more charging options. There doesn't look to be plans to extend the supercharger network across Canada in the near future. Perhaps beyond 2016 though.

Hybrids still burn gas. No go for Tesla Motors.

Definitely get the 19" wheels as they will have taller sidewall tires for a smoother ride and they will be less prone to road debris damage. The 21's are all about performance and some like the look of the low profile tires they come with.

Also, do more research and reading here as all your questions have aleady been asked and answered over and over again. ;-)

As for the new model coming soon, it is the Model X crossover or SUV. Based on the same platform as the S with more passenger and luggage space. Oh, and falcon wing rear doors.


ian | 15 August 2015

Read this post in it's entirety before posting any further questions.


ian | 15 August 2015

Check that. This is the post I meant to direct you to.


Ross1 | 16 August 2015

KingRoss has stolen my name and now wants credit for my trailer proposal; (laugh)

See it on the Model X site (as that is the model with the towbar)


DTsea | 16 August 2015

Ross you are by no means the first poster to suggest generator/aux battery/solar cells/squirrel cage/windmill/aluminum air battery/etc ad nauseum. On a trailer/in the frunk/on the roof/in the trunk.

Starts to sound like Dr Seuss after a while.

jlocke | 16 August 2015

We live on the island just outside Victoria with a Tesla Model S and could answer questions if it would be of any help. We have also done the drive between Calgary and Victoria a couple of times.

ian | 16 August 2015

Thanks jlocke! That sounds exactly like what KingRoss needs.

Just caught a there when I meant they're. Sorry. We miss you Brian H.! ;-)

Brian H | 17 August 2015

Had a wee stroke. Very distracting.

ParkCityKen | 17 August 2015

Brian .. Sorry to hear about the stroke. My sister, 62, just had one too. Bummer. Best wishes, tho ...

There are lots of folks looking for you on the Model S forum ... Welcome back!

JoeTourist | 17 August 2015

KingRoss1st, I would suggest you attend National Drive Electric Week being held at the University of Victoria on Sep 14-20, 2015. Several of us who own Teslas and live in Victoria will be there, and can take a shot at answering all your questions. Event details:

JoeTourist | 17 August 2015

Tesla's Road Ranger service comes to Vancouver Island regularly. You can read about my recent experience with this service on my personal website: and if you have more questions, my contact information is also available on my website (call or email).

Mel. | 18 August 2015

Brian H,
Glad to read a post from you.

David N | 18 August 2015

Brian H, welcome back.
Wish you a healthy recovery

ian | 19 August 2015

Welcome back Brian!

Thanks for chiming in Joe! That sounds like a really great event! I hope KingRoss is able to attend.

DTsea | 19 August 2015

Maybe if Victoria would ever build a sewage treatment plant (thry currently just dump raw waste to Puget Sound) we could get a service center there.

DTsea | 19 August 2015

Point being that service centers dont go in small towns, just in cities. Real cities have full infrastructure including sewage treatment.