View from up north on the upcoming truck idea

View from up north on the upcoming truck idea

I live in north central wi and just watched the news and caught the spot with the new charging station and the one owner of a model S up here in the land of snow and ice. While I would love to have an ev none yet have the room of my Suburban or the towing ability of our HD trucks with the range we need.
I see many inefficient Z71 chevy, FX4 Ford and no matter if small or large the 9/1 ratio are 4wd trucks and large SUV's.
That is likely due to the 5 1/2 months of snow and ice and the many boats and travel trailers those owners have and use, and the security of having that large 4wd vehicle that has great crash ratings and the traction needed to go 35-45 mph in 3-6" of snow.
I hope these factors are all considered in the upcoming truck so that we in the northern half of this country can seriously consider a Tesla vehicle to lesson the carbon footprint we leave on the land.

JeffreyR | 28 June 2014

Tesla Model S Customer Stories - Winter Driving in Norway - YouTube
► 3:12
Dec 24, 2013 - Uploaded by Bjørn Nyland
The story about my Tesla Model S in Norwegian winter.

What folks have found is that the torque and traction control available in a Model S is already very effective on snow and ice. When an all wheel drive version comes out (it's widely assumed to become an option bc. Model X is on same platform), it will out-perform old school mechanical 4WD. Also have you checked the storage capacity of the Model S. Without all the exhaust and transmission components needed for an ICE vehicle, they have tons of space. Just checked for you... It has 63.4 cubic feet of storage. The Forester does have 74.7 cu-ft. But not bad for a sedan.

The Model X will have AWD + traction control + room for 7 adults. Better join the queue now if you want one by 2015.

vgarbutt | 30 June 2014

Wat to go dude. I love this guy, and his sweety thai wife. This dude knows about winter driving and should work for tesla or at least get sponsored by them.