What about a shop manual? WIll there be one?

What about a shop manual? WIll there be one?

Any chance of a shop manual? It might reduce the concern some Model S owners might have in getting regular work done on ball-joints, brakes, and other running gear? Especially with a sparse to nonexistent dealer network, this might be a way to lower the concerns?

Many of us are engineers or mechanics and would like the ability to do work on our Model S or Model X - running gear, air conditioner, etc. might be mechanic space, and electronic controls might be the area that engineers would like to cover.


Brian H | 5 August 2012

Here are a couple of older threads contemplating the question. The odds don't look good:

Slindell | 5 August 2012

I`m sure there will be an App for that...

SMOP | 5 August 2012

There will be no publically available shop manual for a while for the Model S....look how long the Roadster has been out and still no shop manual. The yearly specialized maintenance (and out of warranty repairs) is part of Tesla's profitability puzzle. Maybe when 20k Model S' are on the road this will change due to consumer pressure.