What does "range mode" really do, really?

What does "range mode" really do, really?

Am I the only one who feels like Range mode is a placebo button that has little effect? I've turned it on, haven't noticed much change to either the range I get, or the output from the HVAC. This comes with a big caveat, that I've only used it during the warmer months and don't blast AC to begin with, so maybe in my case its not doing much anyhow.

And for those who have noticed an effect - how much, both in terms of range and what it does to HVAC (or anything else)?

wcalvin | 29 June 2013

Are you running close to empty?

Brian H | 29 June 2013

Limits heating and cooling power. Not much effect on real range.

Docrob | 29 June 2013

The range button is like a lap band, its an enforced diet only, if you are already running climate control economically it will make no difference.

NomoDinos | 30 June 2013

That's a great analogy. For all the amazing technology boasted by the Model S, it seems like it wouldn't have been difficult to create an alternate setting for the drive inverter for an "economy mode" like the new BMW's have. They could shave off some of that amazing acceleration and speed for when you don't really need it to save energy (e.g. more of a bypass than a band :)

Fred O | 30 June 2013

+1 NoMoDinos

Mireille and Conan | 30 June 2013

Range Mode will automatically turn on your seat heaters in the winter, but I'm not sure about the exact conditions that trigger them.