What made you purchase / reserve Model X?

What made you purchase / reserve Model X?

I am curious as to what made you buy/reserve a Model X?

Here is why I am getting one:

1. Dont want to goto the Gas Station anymore.
2. No emissions
3. Will Uber it at night to make money to pay for itself :)

teslaliving | 13 October 2015

Um, all those would work for the S too.

My reason:
My wife's ML350 is a maintenance nightmare and my Model S has me spoiled for no maintenance cars and the way real cars should be made from now on.

johnse | 13 October 2015

My body does not like getting into and (more especially) out of the Model S. I considered getting a 70D prior to putting my deposit down for a Model X.

So, @teslaliving, the S doesn't work for everyone :)

Oh, and the X-Wing doors are cool (spreading the Star Wars theme name for them that I just made up last night).

eric.zucker | 14 October 2015

I started such a thread a while back. Lots of good input there.

To summarize my motivations, coming from Audi Q7:

- Quiet, comfortable ride
- 6/7 pax, with room for our luggage and (big) dog.
- Accessibility with Falcon Wing Doors
- Towing
- Build quality and finish
- best in class safety
- Way lower recurring operational costs than ICE (energy, maintenance, taxes, insurance)
- No argument about driving polluting gas guzzlers
- Charge at home, Supercharger network en-route
- Autopilot, technologically the most advanced car on the market, upgradeability
- Fast and fun to drive
- I can afford it.

My wall charger is all hooked up waiting for MX, and so am I.

AlMc | 14 October 2015

Getting off fossil fuels. Anything else is just a bonus.

NumberOne | 14 October 2015

Everything @eric.zucker said and Is not too difficult for my 89 year old mother in law to get in and out of.

I like the Falcon Wings, but I wish the car also came with cloaking because I do not like to show off.

I hope I can get another warranty for my wall connector since I had it installed in 2013 (being overly positive about a 2014 delivery).

carlk | 14 October 2015


Um, all those would work for the S too.

You have to admit the X makes a better Uber car than the S.

AlMc | 14 October 2015

When I get an X one thing I will not use it for is to be part of the Uber fleet.

carlk | 14 October 2015

No I don't think it would work with 2nd row seat folded.

AlMc | 14 October 2015

@carlK: Look at that...we can agree on something! :)

Ross1 | 15 October 2015

Lots of money | 15 October 2015

7 seats
High safety rating
Great driving BEV with ample range.

Gwgan | 15 October 2015

It's electric and a great ride
It was the only four wheel drive option at the time (thanks for making me spell FWD out now)
Seat height
Ride height (winter, my driveway)
Roomier than the S (not bigger in all the same ways as expected at the time of ordering)

JeffreyR | 15 October 2015

@georgehawley and @Gwgans +1

1) 7 seats
2) Safety (how do I forget that?!?)
3) EV + Tesla Range and Superchargers
4) Tesla Ride = Tesla Grin!
5) Ride height

Obviously 7 seats and ride height differentiate it from the Model S. If the Model S were the same, then I would just get one of those. My plan is to get both!

johnse | 16 October 2015

@Gwgans The "alternate" FWD TLA is for Front Wheel Drive :) You're looking for AWD which stands for All Wheel Drive. (Differing from 4WD in that the latter is reserved for "Real" 4-wheel drive with locking differentials, center transfer cases, etc. :)

ken | 16 October 2015

For me it was safety, no CO2, passing gas stations with a wave, and being able to navigate the snow in the winter, the backroads in the summer, and towing if needed. Also, the small amount of maintenance that I expect.

sandycraft50 | 16 October 2015


Mark Z | 16 October 2015

A higher profile vehicle.
Replacement for Escalade (has towing package).
Falcon Wing Doors.
New Tesla Motors features (Autopilot, parking sensors, faster speed, electric closing charge port door).
Signature Red paint.
And most of all, the amazing X Premier event on 2/9/12.

MyXinTx | 19 October 2015

Compile all the above stated reasons...that's why I ordered mine

...except for "MY WIFE"... she clearly stated "It should be the last car you ever buy (due to cost)"...

At 53, it may very well be the last one...until some future version of an X is available that has features that I cannot duplicate with updates...but for at least the next 4-8 years I think I am good...

Others have thoughts?

madodel | 19 October 2015

@WaitN4myX Maybe our wives are related. ;-)

My wife can't understand why I need to get the X since my 7 year old Highlander Hybrid is still working great. So I am expecting at least 10 years from this X.

I plan to keep mine as long as possible. Nice thing about Tesla is that it is like my Macs, they just keep working and they keep updating via software download. We won't get all of the features that newer hardware will provide, but it will continue to improve.

aesculus | 19 October 2015

@WaitN4myX and @madodel: Yep. Same camp. Must be a wife thing :-)

MyXinTx | 20 October 2015

No denying the old saying "Boys and their toys..."

I fully admit the choice of an X is not a need, but a want, and an expensive want at that.

Most people don't have that kind of "fun money" when they are young, but may have in their later years. Well I am fortunate that I don't have to wait until my later years to participate in the joy of owning a MX, but admittedly there is some "guilt" associated with such a high priced item.

Realistically a small percentage of the population have the resources to purchase a $75K+ vehicle, so the real impact by Tesla will be made with the Model 3.

And before I get accused of sexism, I know many women who are techies as they are well represented on these boards. They typically have more common sense than us "neanderthals" and may be less likely to sacrifice the more important things that cost money to buy a hi-tech SUV.