What is the Turning Radius?

What is the Turning Radius?

Has anyone heard what the turning radius is for this car?

Mycroft | 15 October 2011

Like many of the detailed specs, this is one that will likely have to wait for the production cars.

Thumper | 16 October 2011

I hope it is quite short for a car of its length. MBZ does well in this regard. Any rear wheel drive car can do well because you don't have CV joint to limit turn in.

ncn | 16 October 2011

Not announced, but some of the YouTube-video-making people who rode in the cars at the recent event were commenting on how tight the turning radius was. So I expect it will be pretty good.

Brian H | 17 October 2011

Now, if only you could steer the rear wheels, too ...

:D I think there's a VW model that does that, and parks by going straight sideways.

Mark Petersen | 17 October 2011

well just disable EPS and TC, turn the wheel and floor it

mscottring | 17 October 2011

I like the answer Mark gave on this one.

David70 | 17 October 2011

Maybe, but I don't want my tires' rubber acting as a lubricant.