What's your experience with Costa Mesa Service Center?

What's your experience with Costa Mesa Service Center?

I would like to hear how other Tesla owners' experience is with the Costa Mesa Service Center.

I had a crack in my windshield and was told to take my car in for them to check it out which I did.
Then they told me they would have to contact HQ to see if it would be covered and someone would call me back with the info within the next day.
No calls after a couple of days. Called them back and was told they had to get a hold of someone else who had that information.
When they finally tracked that person down and they told me it would be covered, they said it might take a couple of weeks to get the windshield in.

It has been 3 1/2 weeks and no news.

You would think they have service issues documented in their system:
1) so there is no need for them to run around and find who took the case in order to get an update.
2) so they can follow up with status on issue

I also purchased floor mats and nobody called me to say they were in until I called them.

I am still waiting on my parcel shelf. It has been well over a month since it has been paid for.

I feel the Costa Mesa Service Center is really not on top of things.

negarholger | 20 April 2013

@christine - same here in the Bay Area. Service is simply overwhelmed and not yet organized. I had a factory defect and it took them 2 weeks to find a spare part with my car in pieces. And no communication... I think Elon is aware of this and we have to be a little patient. One reason I got the MS is the "advertised" service ( prior dealer experience has been bad for me), but so far Tesla service is not even close to advertised. Lot of new folks inexperienced and they don't know the Tesla mission yet. I own my car a little over a month and it has been in the shop for 21 days... because of no communication it were the longest days in my life.
I have paid for the max service plan.... In a year from now I will hold TM accountable.

mrjohnlnguyen | 21 April 2013

There very over whelmed but doing there best. My door handles and side mirrors went out and they had it for 4 days but came back perfect. Took it in for a creek in the sunroof and for the most part fixed, from time to time I hear a creak when it's open and driving.

ksteele44 | 14 May 2013

I would say that Costa Mesa has a ways to go to provide quality customer service. There seems to be no communication between the service advisors. A woman named Lisa gets quite defensive when you ask any questions, like it is your fault the car has a problem. Was first told repair would be done be the afternoon, then that it would be delivered the next AM, then at 2PM. When I called at 3 PM was told it had not yet left CM.
My problem was that after 10 days of sitting the car was dead as a door nail. It indicated a 117 mile range when I left so I thought at a 1% discharge rate per day would not be a problem. I thought there might be a short or defective 12 volt battery. When I asked I was told " driver let the car discharge" which did not really answer my question or square with their own owners manual on

discharge. Lesson learned. If you leave your car for more than a few days be sure it is plugged in. Good luck if you are at an airport and can't find a charger to plug into for a 2 week trip.

DJung | 14 May 2013

This is disappointing. If I were to purchase a Tesla (hopefully withing a year or two) this would have to be my service center. Well I'm optimistic that Tesla will fix the kinks in their system and the growing pains will cease soon!

Miskinza | 11 August 2013

I have a same experience
I believe the car is selling on its own
The staff is poor in its care and after sale service
I have dash board signs of tire pressure system coming on the day I got the delivery day 1
Also eroded door panel leather
Neither has been fixed in last 10 weeks despite back and fourth call to Costa Mesa location and the headquarters
Need auto service support and experienced staff
Poor rating for now.

Colasec | 13 August 2013

I dropped off my car at the Costa Mesa service center this morning for a post-delivery alignment. I sent an email request for service on August 1st and received a callback the following day. They had a weekend appointment available that Saturday (the 3rd), but I opted to wait for a weekday appointment since that is more convenient for me.

The intake staff were very nice and courteous. All my paperwork was ready. My service advisor, Lisa, listened patiently and explained things carefully. As soon as I was done checking in, a friendly service tech (Juan) drove me to my office.

My car will be ready this afternoon and Juan or another tech will come pick me up.

A+ from my point of view. :) Thanks Tesla!

bnwdon | 13 August 2013

Before the opening of the Las Vegas Tesla Service Center the Costa Mesa Service Center toke care of my car. They made 4 trips here to work on my car and towed my car back to their center twice. All the work on my car was professionally done and very happy with the crew their. Their work load was reduced in the last few months thanks to the Vegas Service Center. There are close to 125 MS here in Sin City and growing strong.