When will a big family model come?

When will a big family model come?


I'm very interested in electric cars but no car i've seen has enough space for a family with four children (like mine).

Will there be a Model B(ig)F(amily) some day like ford galaxy or maybe a Van with 6 or more seats?
At the moment, I wouldn't know where to charge, or even how to pay it but maybe others can do - so that I can get a used one in a few years ;)

By the way, great Job! I love your cars.

ian | 13 August 2013

Did you miss the Model X? Check it out. Seats 7. ;-)

Deliveries start end of next year in the US.


ENGINEER | 13 August 2013

Yeah, the Model X will be a great family car, although I'm sure it'll be as expensive as the S. Plus, the Model S is able to seat 7 with the third-row backwards-facing seats option. Have you looked into the design studio?

And I'm sure you're able to charge one at home, but conventional charging stations and SC's, if they're in your area, are places to charge.

negarholger | 13 August 2013

Elon has five children... why do you think there are rear facing seats in the MS - a premium sedan ?
His familiy gets older and grows and so just in time Tesla builds the MX for him.

That is the advantage you get if you put a personal fortune into a company.

olanmills | 15 August 2013

If you're worried about the price, I think you'll simply have to hang on for a few years. I think in the future, there will be a great lineup of Tesla cars and similar cars from other manufacturers at a range of prices, but I think that's several years away.

As for charging, if you don't own a garage, people living in apartments, condos, etc, have been able to get chargers built in their parking areas, but it's generally more expensive and you have more hoops to jump through than if you had your own home. However, there are also lots of condos and apartments that have been installing public (fee-based) chargers, like Blink, in their garages.