Where is the 2nd red color?

Where is the 2nd red color?

On the main page and at the LA driving event there were two different colors of red (one is in the front on the left of the main page and the other on the far right). However, in the design studio I have only been able to find the "Signature Red" paint color. They also had only one color of red (signature red) on the paint swatches at the LA event.

Where is the other red and when will it be available, if at all?

BYT | 9 July 2012

The lighter red drops in 2013, no sooner.

Larry Chanin | 9 July 2012

The other color is Sunset Red. All that Tesla has stated so far is that it will be available in 2013.


petero | 9 July 2012

Both reds (sig and sunset) were at the LA driving event.

bhs1 | 9 July 2012

I was told at the LA event that Sunset Red would not be available until April/May of 2013.

DallasTXModelS | 10 July 2012

The Signature Red is in the middle of the photo of all of the available colors on the first page of the Tesla website and the second red is at the far right end. It is not in the Design Studo because it is not available until mid-2013 after all of the Signatures have been delivered.

Schlermie | 10 July 2012

The sunset red at the far right end of the Tesla home page looks like a metallic red (although brighter than the signature red) to me; whereas, the photos of sunset red from the test drive events looks like a flat (albeit bright) red. Does anyone else recognize that difference, or is it just my senility setting in again?

petero | 10 July 2012

I am not a red car type of person, but... On Sunday, at the Hawthorne Driving Event, the Sunset Red "S" was there and it the car looked amazing - just stunning.

Sunset Red will be far more popular than you can imagine. The only problem is, you have to see it, preferably in the sun. When you see what a vibrant color does for such a sensuous shape you will change your mind.

Brian H | 11 July 2012

Seems the ingredients for Sunset Red take the supplier a specific longish time to assemble and prepare, so that's the soonest Tesla can get its hands on it. Obviously a custom colour, "invented" by Tesla!!

cybercop | 15 July 2012

Here it is. Very nice color. I prefer the Sig red, but since that is not an option, this sure is nice too.

cybercop | 15 July 2012

Whoops, forgot permissions. Try this instead.

Michael37 | 15 July 2012

My friends and I thought that the Sunset Red was a bit over the top when we saw it at the Fremont event. I would love to have Signature Red, but I doubt that I'll get picked off of the waiting list at this point.

I wish that there were more bright colors available, though. My 1996 BMW's "Estoril Blue" was a stunner that would look great on this car.