Where have you seen a Model S? And what color and where was it Spotted?

Where have you seen a Model S? And what color and where was it Spotted?

My wife and I are still spotting model S. Still only seen two in a day. How many are being spotted? Where?
Someday next year we will be spotting in our own! Enjoy.

xman | 27 October 2012

Saw a red one on I-5 East near Tracy, CA. Showed it to my wife. Was the slowest car in the 4 lanes

Brian H | 28 October 2012

Hypermiling in an S should be verboten! >:(

Volker.Berlin | 28 October 2012

Why abandon the old thread and start a new one? I checked it out and it doesn't have any bad smell to it! ;-)

reitmanr | 28 October 2012

Thanks Volkker
Couldn't find the good old thread. Strange? How did You?

BYT | 28 October 2012

LOL, V.B, you have a sense of humor too? The full package, what lucky woman scooped you up? :D

reitmanr | 26 November 2012

Spotted a second Model S on El Camino in Menlo Park this afternoon headed north. Lovely Sig Red. Guess we will see many as the service center is just a few blocks away. Ok with me.

reitmanr | 26 November 2012

Oops! wrong thread.sorry

reitmanr | 27 March 2013

Blue, black, white, gray,......
Yikes! I am seeing them on the local streets, on I280, 101, and many parking lots....all in one Day!
Sigh...just another Tesla, with the 85 tag on its tail.
Loving It!

Achilz | 27 March 2013

Black on in Manhattan driving down Lexington Ave in the 40s
Gray one on York Ave & 76th St
Saw those two in the same week about a month ago, and then none since!

alcassfast | 27 March 2013

I saw one in Victoria BC, turning north onto Blanshard from Bay Street. I think it was blue. It blew me away anyway.

portia | 27 March 2013

How about adding to the thread
which has a lot more entries!

trey | 1 April 2013

Have spotted a black one in Banner Elk, NC on several occasions now on HWY 105. Beautiful car! Would love to see it close up.