Why did Tesla black out the Forum?

Why did Tesla black out the Forum?

I called and emailed Tesla, inquiring why they blocked the forum. No returned calls, nor email response.
Anyone know why they did this?

EmperorTytus | 13 October 2014


renwo S alset | 13 October 2014

They hate people.

sbeggs | 13 October 2014

I was sure they were building us a search capability.


Some have mentioned the forum went dark to avoid negative comments affecting the stock price. Good luck with that!

jordanrichard | 13 October 2014

It would be a conspiracy if now suddenly all the "why didn't my car get these features" thread would have disappeared.

johncrab | 13 October 2014

It's easy to read conspiracy into anything these days, but it looks like a server failed somewhere. I also have a minor open issue with the Tesla accessories (online) store and have not received a reply which is unusual. Perhaps they are just working on a company production of Macbeth in Afrikaans right now (a cool language, btw).

PBEndo | 13 October 2014

I assumed they were finally updating the forum, but I was wrong.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 13 October 2014

I'm sure it was technical issues. I'm guessing related to the changes to support the new product, which probably broke something in the forum code. My recollection was that the web site stuff was more tightly coupled than one might expect, with the JavaScript and style sheets from very different areas of the site all thrown in together...

Anthony J. Parisio | 13 October 2014

I have it on very good authority. The office word is, "Woops!"

EternalChampion | 13 October 2014

The D after party lasted for 4 days. The hamsters that run the servers were systemically killed in gladiator battle with the winner proclaimed a free and noble hamster, henceforth named Hamster Musk.

The good news is that the new batch, freshly imported from Liberia, seem to be really happy to be here.

And no...I definitely wasn't there. ;)

hsadler | 13 October 2014

This Forum affects stock Prices?????

renwo S alset | 13 October 2014

Of course it affects stock prices, Jim Cramer quotes gadfly all the time.

jordanrichard | 13 October 2014

The forum isn't fully up to speed either. Look to the right, it's blank. Previously newly posted thread would be listed there.

Haggy | 13 October 2014

I heard that some people called and were told it was supposed to be up and they were working on it. Supposedly they got it up briefly during the outage but then it went down again.

My theory is that the entire IT staff was watching somebody open and close the charge port door electronically and they just got sides tracked. Who could resist?

dennycrane888 | 13 October 2014

Servers ran out of juice

compchat | 13 October 2014

It's a little outrageous really. I ran for years, before forums were popular, "the fastpitch forum". This was on proprietary software called WebBoards which I bought for $3000. Yes there were problems but I was running on windows 98 and then Windows NT server. Never was the forum down for weeks. And I had associated chat rooms and private messaging something this forum has never offered. Really this software must be cheap cheap cheap and unworthy of Tesla.

The forum is where tesla attracts a lot of buyers I think. I know I read everything here for three months before I put in my order. It's very important to Tesla's business and I suggest they learn from their mistake(s) and prioritize the maintenance as well as update this software.

Captain_Zap | 13 October 2014

They shut it down because there were too many "Please Ignore" threads.

The Accessories page had issues too. It looks ok now from what I see. Don't ignore it. New things coming!

Haggy | 13 October 2014

I think it's time to retire the forums and put up a listserv on VM/ESA, Then we won't have to worry about down time.

nchu | 13 October 2014

I was thinking that the videos of the event were almost i real time.. Seem to go down right after they were posted

HenryT2 | 14 October 2014

I was kind of hoping it was because they put in edit and search features. No such luck.

If they do, they better give people plenty of warning!

"I just spent 5 minutes composing that post only to have them turn on editing after I was done!"


"I insist that Tesla find the people I was arguing with and restart the argument I had a few months back so that I can edit my posts!"

rsigman | 14 October 2014

This is the email response I got from Tesla 3 days ago:

"Thank you for contacting Tesla Motors technical support regarding our message boards. The forums are currently down but we are aware of the issue and our team is working to get them back up as soon as possible."


johncrab | 14 October 2014

It was a judgment-a from gawd-a for our wicked-a ways! If we continue-a to allow people to marry whom they like and to have abortions and healthcare and to speak-a their minds-a, gawd will send out every Model S with Texas longhorns drilled-a into the hood-a! Repent ye now for we live-a in the end-a times-a!

Send all your money now to Rev. Billy Bob Dimwitz, PO Box 666, Bemidji, MN.

DTsea | 14 October 2014

Johncrab, what do you have against bemidgi?

johncrab | 14 October 2014

Hehehe...not a thing. It was an ironic device since Bemidji would be an unlikely place for such a comic charlatan to use as a base.

JAD | 14 October 2014

I want all my previous posts retrofitted to search, chat rooms, new fonts and all other future forum improvements or I will start a petition demanding my posts back. :)

Rheumboy | 14 October 2014

They shot Kennedy

Mathew98 | 14 October 2014

I offer you a nickel for every post where the no frill forum is mentioned. Go cry me a river. Bawawa...

Even my 5 years old can populate a full featured chat room and host it in my antediluvian 80 286 box!


renwo S alset | 14 October 2014

Can what I say on the forum be used against me if I go looking for a job? I want a "forget me" function!

AmpedRealtor | 14 October 2014

Tesla is doomed!


RonaldA | 14 October 2014

No worries Renwo ...unless you want to work for gm

renwo S alset | 14 October 2014

I was hoping to be a greeter at WalMart to augment my meager retirement. I think I'm doomed, too.

bobrobert | 14 October 2014

The blackout was part of a dual program to wean Pungoteague_Dave from his pain meds. Temperance, my friend :)

J.T. | 14 October 2014

@bobrobert I was thinking that the blackout came at a bad time for PD and achieved the exact opposite of what you suggested. Since so many of us have PD knocking his head against the wall he probably needed more medication to compensate for not knocking himself silly from our comments.

Captain_Zap | 14 October 2014

I went to California to witness the "D". It seemed like nirvana.
I came home and I was riding on a high. There was so much promise for a brighter future, so much excitement, awe, passion...
and lust.

When I returned to my seemingly familiar surroundings, what I found what seemed to be eternal purgatory. Did I covet too much?

Thank the powers that be, my penance paid was accepted and I was allowed entrance into the forums. Whew!

I feared that the alternative would be to live eternally with infernal internal combustion.

mrspaghetti | 14 October 2014

I think PD is a member of the Trilateral commission. He helped orchestrate the forum blackout, along with his friends in the Masons.

Captain_Zap | 14 October 2014

Everything comes in threes, they say...

SamO | 14 October 2014

I "believe" that Tesla shut down the forums for two reasons:

1. Not give everyone a place to complain about how they were cheated, lied-to etc.

2. To vector all of that energy into the P85D ordering. With no outlet to vent, I'm sure TM got a bunch of new orders.

renwo S alset | 14 October 2014

I ordered three, but couldn't make the deposit. Anyone want to loan me $7,500?

NKYTA | 14 October 2014

The response I got from ownership@ was simply "There is an issue we are aware of. Our IT department is working to resolve it and it should be restored soon."

Yep, they said soon. Go figure, they were right!

Somewhere on the East coast, JT is scratching his head in wonder.

Captain_Zap | 14 October 2014

I was thinking that the website probably had more traffic than it ever had before with the launch of the Model D ordering. Maybe that is why they directed people straight to an ordering link. There must have been massive amounts of traffic from purchasers, stockholders and the curious.

I heard that people in Europe were having trouble accessing the order page.

I tried volkerizing something while the pages were down and there was trouble with seeing old posts. When they had to restore the forums in the past, it took a long time to load up all those old threads.

renwo S alset | 14 October 2014

I was in Fremont on Sunday and saw black helicopters hovering over the Tesla plant.

mrspaghetti | 14 October 2014

@renwo - I knew it!

Mike83 | 14 October 2014

They did it just to piss you off. ;-)

Captain_Zap | 14 October 2014

I saw them too. I also saw two Air Force Ones and a couple Marine Ones.

renwo S alset | 14 October 2014

Oops, it was Fleet Week, maybe it was just curious swabbies.

EESROCK | 14 October 2014

It's a fine day when the Tesla forum is back online! For the past couple of days, I was getting withdrawal symptoms. Must have checked into the forum a few times a day only to be greeted by the Tesla home screen.

sbeggs | 14 October 2014

I must have it much worse than you. Make that a few hundred times a day. Migrated over to TMC forum instead.

renwo S alset | 14 October 2014

TMC sucks, can't follow a thing over there.

Pungoteague_Dave | 14 October 2014

I am off the pain meds but am thinking about going back on. A week out from heart surgery is worse than a day out - dizzy, nauseous, weak. But back after having to take a few days off. Missed you guys, not really missing driving for now. Would be impossible.

Bighorn | 14 October 2014

You seemed a bit ornery:) Hope you're feeling better soon. Figured you'd be stir-crazy without the forum.

Captain_Zap | 14 October 2014

Sounds like withdrawal. Too many days without forums. You need to slowly taper off the forums. ;-)

I took care of my dad after his surgery. It is a tough haul and a bit slow. It was quite a while before he got his strength back. Take it easy and behave!