Why did you reserve a Model X?

Why did you reserve a Model X?

I just put down a deposit, and it may be helpful for others to understand why. I'd like to start a thread for reservation holders to chime in on what features sold them.

We are currently driving a three series BMW, which was bought new and is now almost 10 years old. My wife and I have one boy, and identical twins on the way and as a result have test driven a number of vehicles that would allow three car seats in the second row. These types of vehicles are quite limited, even within the minivan market, and others are simply enormous (Yukon). It is expected the Model X will be able to fit three car seats. The falcon doors give us a ridiculous amount of headroom to better be able to strap in the middle car seat. The amount of STUFF one needs to bring along with just one child is high, with three I feel like we need a trailer. The larger cargo area will come in handy. It is a highly functional and useful design for our lifestyle.

My test-drive with the roadster was amazing. Driving purely electric is a completely different and preferable driving experience for me. I feel the same amount of driving passion as I did the first time I sat in an M3. Never having to breathe in gasoline fumes at a gas station and being able to juice-up (am I the first person to say juice-up instead of tank-up?) from home are obvious and often repeated benefits as well. Lots of other reasons but the ones I listed were the major ones. I intend to keep this car at least as long as the BMW.

Why did you reserve?

EdieMilo | 23 September 2013

I've been driving a 2-door 335i for the past 4 yrs and have enjoyed it.
But 6 months after buying the BMW, I found out I was pregnant ... SURPRISE!
And even though everyone thought I would switch over to at least a 4-door sedan, if not an SUV ... I never did. I didn't want to give up my 335i so soon, and besides there was never a 'cool' SUV that I really loved ... until now :-)

So today, on my 45th Birthday, I reserved a Model X (#5908 for Chicago) and didn't tell a soul.
Except ya'll :-)

So now I can continue to be a 'cool' soccer mom!
Happy Birthday to me! :-)))

Brian H | 23 September 2013

Unborn and already a 'cool' soccer star! ;)

ian | 24 September 2013

Congrats on both new additions and the birthday EdieMilo!


primetime98 | 6 November 2013

I just put down my reservation for Signature X Model#911. I've always preferred SUVs and after going from Range Rover to Diesel Mercedes GL, I said my next car would be a hybrid (I didn't think EV would be a possibility), and I couldn't be happier. That said I do have some concerns/reservations. First I looked at a a video, and it looked like the seats slide forward and back but don't fold down. Can anyone confirm which if any row folds down? Second I love listening to music on my iPod but was told it won't transfer to the screen on the S, could this change for the X? Thirdly and this is minor, but why wouldn't they offer cupholders in the back seats, people shouldn't have to put stuff on the floor.

I do live the spaciousness though, being able to walk in easily into the car, the range seems good enough although I worry about getting stuck in traffic as my range goes down and not being close to a supercharging station. Either way I couldn't be more excited about the car.

I'd love to hear everyone's story.

Best regards.


Webcrawler | 7 November 2013

Loved the Model S, but found it too hard to get in and out of. I also had trouble seeing out of the windshield to see traffic lights and over head road signs. I do not like having to bend forward and look up to see them. It was not a deal breaker as I had the same issues with my Corvette. However, if I was going to plunk down $80+K on a car I really would like to not have to deal with these issues. So I picked the Model X.

I like that the X will sit higher and hopefully have more ground clearance. So far we have three known batteries packs damaged and two fires cause by road debris. Two were damaged by the hitch that goes in a receiver. I think that the Model S, especially with the air suspension that lowers at highway speeds, is a little too low in my opinion.

Of course it would be nice to know how much these thing will cost...

rdalcanto | 24 November 2013

Yes, second and third rows fold down flat.

primetime98 | 24 November 2013

Thanks for the info rdalcanto!

Mel. | 1 December 2013

Primetime98, If you are stuck in traffic, you are not using much of your battery's charge. It is very minor what you are using on radio and air.

Brian H | 1 December 2013

Yes, idling ICE cars are far more likely to run out before a MS.

Low CG | 5 December 2013

Reserved an X because:
My S has been an amazing machine.
She drives a beast Escalade and is getting tired of it. So this is our chance to go all electric.

Panoz | 12 December 2013

This thread sure has me wanting to reserve and X and only an X. All the reasons that people have said they want an X for are mine exactly...AWD, 7-person seating, luggage capacity, Falcon wing doors (I owned a Delorean, I LOVE gullwings!).

All I have to do is get the $$$ going. I'm speaking with my investment gal next week. I've told the wife that I'll site on the curb with a cardboard sign that reads "Will work for Tesla payment". She's not sure I'll get many donations, so I'm thinking of getting a dog as a prop. I'm hopeful.

Triciawade123456 | 18 December 2013

Currently own the S and love it! Electric, safely, great looks, room capacity- and I have to admit, the doors are a plus! I've currently in Sig 400's so crossing my fingers mid to late 2014.

primetime98 | 2 January 2014

Thanks for the info Mel and Brian H. I was worried sometimes if you make a trip to the Keys which are well within range from Miami you can get stuck for a couple of hours if traffic is bad enough. Looking forward to getting my X hopefully at end of this year (Sig 911), but if not early next year. My girls keep asking for it, I tell them maybe for next Christmas. Looking forward to finding out soon though.

All the best for the new year fellow Teslaers(?)!


Mel. | 13 January 2014

Primetime98, you are welcome.

Your excitement will continue to build. Now what color are you going to get?

primetime98 | 9 February 2014

Mel I was hoping for Green though that is not one of the signature colors. Perhaps Signature Red, my youngest suggested I get red but we'll see. I just took a trip to the Keys for a wedding and I continue to think Marathon would be a great place for an SC station. Can't wait to get theX I think it's going to be great!

Mel. | 9 February 2014

Signature Red is a conservative burgundy. Very nice.

Marathon gets my voe.

Mel. | 9 February 2014


barrykmd | 10 February 2014

Reserved an X because I want AWD. Personally, as an empty nester, I don't need (or want) the gimmicky falcon doors and hope it will be an option. If an AWD MS comes along about the same time, I may go with that, instead.

Brian H | 14 February 2014

You'll get maximum mileage at around 25 mph, though start-stop costs extra! The first to do >400 mi. on one charge went through FL. with his son at that speed.

Solarwind | 22 February 2014

My reasons and needs and wants are the exact same as yours. I have one other hope, 250 or more range.

jm.tully | 22 February 2014

We have driven over 210,345 miles in our Ford Expedition. It has served us well but worn and outdated in so many ways. We have ordered the Tesla model X and in the meantime are driving a leased Tesla powered Toyota Rave EV. This is a "bridge" to introduce us to electric vehicles.

What sold us to wait for the Tesla Model X;
1. Sits up higher for better visibility
2. Has larger back window for rear visibility
3. Seats are higher for better sitting comfort
4. Third row seating or storage area
5. 4 wheel drive
6. 300 mile range
7. assumed high technology like model S
8. 45 solar panels on my roof producing 1.4 megawatts per month
9. Zero pollution and many years of pleasurable driving!
10. Tesla is a "10"

Brian H | 23 February 2014

How many of those are you getting from the RAV4EV? It will make an interesting comparison.

chris | 2 March 2014

I'm buying this for my wife. She's great and is always running from our office, to school and home, gymnastics to basketball and luckily we live in 5 square of those.
She deserves a new ride as do my kids. I love the fact of the electric and the falcon doors are great.
Ive read comments that in snow and rain might be an issue... open one side at a time... the snow or rain will run off the other side.
I redirect to the question at hand... lastly the thing is just cool!
Ive been driving a guzzler for years and time to do what I can and I think electric is a good start.