Why do these people have to lie about Tesla?

Why do these people have to lie about Tesla?

An article by Mark Meadows on Yahoo claims that ...well see for yourself...

However, I had seen the video a few times at


and posted it under the thread " Bjorn makes his MS fly..." and as far I can tell he had to slow down because he had REACHED the Danish border where the speed limit is 100km/hr. Nowhere did he mention the car battery overheating and cutting off power.... unless there is a follow up video that I am not aware of...So what games are these guys playing? By no means am I saying the MS is perfect but we have to be vigilant and debunk these lies about the car whenever they come up.

Rocky_H | 15 May 2015

My goodness. The comments, of course, are full of a lot of Tesla criticism, but the one guy who pointed out that the premise of the article is completely made up and is a flat-out pants-on-fire lie gets his comment voted down.

GeorgeS85D | 15 May 2015

In addition he also said that it was P85D which is a complete lie. He was driving his car which is P85. Some time you wonder how much of the reporting these days are true.

Boukman | 15 May 2015

@Rocky...I don't think I said the article was completely made up. My problem is that he chose a critical aspect of the MS( or any EV) to tell a lie. Was the power "reduced to protect the battery" during the run or not? It wasn't (as far as I can tell)...As I also said, if there is another video where that is shown then post it...These kinds of fibs are the little things that people will use to surreptitiously take a tab at Tesla ( or any other EV) and I for one will not let it pass...

Boukman | 15 May 2015

@ George... Tx, I did not pick that up... In fact Bjorn has one of the earliest MS ( though his battery pack was updated ) and he has been driving the car all over Europe. This was not his first stint on the Autobahn ( although longer than before...

TwinMaTesla | 15 May 2015

@Boukman: You're absolutely correct that, at least in this video, he is explicit that he has to slow down just because of the speed limit in Denmark. He also estimates that he could go 150km if he kept up his speed (of 200-212 km/h). Agreed that it is aggravating to read the press spreading misinformation. Their job is supposed to be to inform, not to try to cover their short-selling mistakes.

TwinMaTesla | 15 May 2015

Incidentally, Benzinga's "contact us" site address is:, for those of you interested in submitting a request for a correction of this piece.

Boukman | 15 May 2015

@TwinMa...Most members of the forum have done their homework and more or less know what the MS in all its variants can/can't do. My problem is when these "reporters" drop these seemingly little or insignificant seeds of fallacies that an "average" reader picks up and let grow. I may be wrong but the battery is in my opinion the most important component of the MS. So when you start saying things that are not technically true especially about the battery, I have to question your intentions...Too many people are trying to short TSLA and although I can't say this is the case here, why say things that are not true?

TwinMaTesla | 15 May 2015

@Boukman: Agreed, all the more reason to write to Benzinga directly and require an immediate correction to the article. Relying on submitting correcting comments below the article isn't sufficient, as most uninformed readers won't bother checking them, and/or will doubt the accuracy of the comments.

Rocky_H | 15 May 2015

@Boukman, You didn't have to say the article was made up. I went and read it for myself and saw that. It's a tiny article that is based on that one made up point, and then there's some descriptive fluff.

@TwinMaTesla, Hmm, good idea to contact him for a correction--doubt it'll do any good, though. Someone that willing to lie as their job probably isn't willing to post a follow-up announcing to everyone that they are a liar.

Rocky_H | 15 May 2015

Here is what I sent to the author's comment form:

I read your article here:

It is referencing a video of Bjorn Nyland driving his Tesla Model S on the autobahn in Germany. In the video, he is driving about 125 mph for quite a while, and then he notices that he is crossing the border into Denmark and has to slow down because of the lower speed limit.

In your article, however, you describe the video with the blatantly made up lie that he had to slow down because the battery overheated. Since that is the foundational point of your short article, it is beyond deserving that you publish a retraction/correction. This is not a point of view or opinion difference. It is flat-out false.

Please, post a correction for integrity's sake.

Boukman | 15 May 2015

@ Rocky...Sorry, I think there may have been a misunderstanding there... Anyway it's all good. +1 on comment to the author. Good work!

OHMY | 15 May 2015

I, for one, would be willing to participate in a scientific experiment to determine whether and how soon the P85D battery overheats at 125 MPH. Could just make a super-boring youtube video of the dashboard during the run as evidence. Problem is, I don't know of where this can be done in the states legally. Any ideas?

JeffreyR | 15 May 2015


racetrack (pick one w/ nice high bank)
Montana (used to at least)
Salt flats (think Chuck Yeager)

carlk | 15 May 2015

We of course know why he lied. We also know it did nothing to move the stock price in the direction he wanted.

TomServo | 16 May 2015

I'd love to see a Tesla run the "Ring". One full lap should shut up the Nay Sayers. A hot lap is about 7 minutes and 40 seconds. That would put the Tesla in some heading company.

Wilber | 16 May 2015

Just by looking at this story and the other airhead stories on the same page confirms that this source is designed for people with IQs of 50 or lower. Why waste your time replying to the author, when there are other websites discussing Tesla where our input would be more effective?

Remember what Ghandi said about new ideas:

First they ignore you.
Then they make fun of you.
Then they attack you.
Then you win.

Lessmog | 16 May 2015

Björn did a few laps on Nurburgring too, in one of his many videos.

And not only is the speed limit in DK 100 kph (except for motorways, 130), but he was about to cross the border D-DK and although it is an open border the Police still want to see who is coming so the limit at the actual border is quite low (30 kph IIRC). So IF the battery overheated it was probably more because of intensive regen, dumping 200 into 30-ish!

Benzinga is a helpful name in a way -- I avoid it every time thinking: Benzin - gaah!!

carlk | 16 May 2015

@TomServo Of all things the S could do extremely well this is not one of them. The ring is famous for a long stretch of straight that you can go real fast. We need to wait for the next one from Tesla perhaps with a 2x or 3x gear box to do that.

Boukman | 16 May 2015

@WilberforceSF... Although I agree with you that "there are other websites discussing Tesla where our input would be more effective" I do not think it is a good idea to let these "reporters" to get away with putting out those seemingly insignificant non-facts. I do not mind criticism that is based on "real" facts. Heck, I have been told, by well intentioned forum members I am sure, to "cool my criticism off", just to give you an idea that I will criticize Tesla if I think it deserves it...But there are people out there who are either not well informed or who want already digested information or perhaps who could be just plain gullible, who will take this kind of false allegations and run with it as if it was absolute truth... and that kind of thing really irks me... Remember the report from the NY Times that EM had to respond to? For whatever reasons some people do not want Tesla to succeed... So no, I do not think we should let it slide.

bonaire | 16 May 2015

Same type of reporting crushed the Volt back in 2011. It is estimated that it could have cost sales of at least 20,000 units over the following few years due to the smear campaigns and slowing the EV adoption for a year or two. It is getting better now as more facts of EVs come out. But these stories continue.

Red Sage ca us | 16 May 2015

Such are the trials and tribulations brought on by consumption of Hater-Ade.

david.baird | 18 May 2015

I've just driven to Denmark and back. I don't know about MPH, but on some stretches - Bremen -> Hamburg, Busdorf -> Rodekro, for instance, I was driving for long periods at 160-190km/h and bumping it up to 200+ every now an again for fun, only limited by battery charge. It's true that the car brings in an orange-dotted line on the speedo that seems to imply some kind of restriction, but at no point did this appear to limit anything.