Why do they call it a business lease when its not??

Why do they call it a business lease when its not??

I purchased a model S (Love the car)

The only issue I have with the transaction is when I filled out the online website info they asked how I wanted to purchase the car. I selected through my business, proceeded to put in all my business info including tax id # etc. The same information and way I have purchased 30+ GMC cars for my business) The day I picked up the car I was asked to sign for the corporation and I signed my name on the form. A week later I get a Lifelock alert Tesla / US bank ran my credit (after the transaction)???

I call Tesla and they say they don't offer business financing. US Bank only does personal or individual financing? Thats odd because I had a line of credit with US Bank before.

So my only option is to have my business bank take over the loan. More work for me and a pain in the butt.

Why would Tesla need a Tax ID to register a car in the corp name?

Is this just a ploy to hook two people in the financing?

Tesla just announced "Business financing? Is this the same thing I just went through or a new program?

CT-Greg | 11 April 2014

Tesla just announced business leasing. You went through a purchase process. Rent vs buy.

CT-Greg | 11 April 2014

Did you give them your SSN or EIN when they asked for a tax ID?