Why not locate Tesla retail stores/service centers on Native American reservations?

Why not locate Tesla retail stores/service centers on Native American reservations?

I think all of the states that are unfriendly toward Tesla have Native American reservations. Could Tesla make a deal with some of the tribes and place Tesla stores and service centers on their land? Gaming has been a big success for many of the tribes, why not Tesla? Is this possible or just a crazy idea?

cadethoerk | 12 March 2014

I like it!!!

sosmerc | 12 March 2014

Skukum idea ! plenty of natives in Washington State.

Nicoletta | 12 March 2014

Fabulous idea! Can one of the owners here email Tesla?

mike | 12 March 2014

Love it. AZ has lots of welcoming Native American reservations that would welcome TSLA (I'm guessing)

blue adept | 12 March 2014

This IS an interesting idea, though I'm curious about what sort of logistics would be involved in the installation and sales of goods (Teslas) from Native American lands to nationalized ownership...Worth looking into either way with an eye towards circumventing the local legislative quagmire that seems to be emerging.

frmercado | 12 March 2014

Nice! Worth exploring.

GeekEV | 13 March 2014

Good idea!

ggtsla000 | 15 March 2014

Although independent governing most indian reservations are not known for its affluency. no offense for indian friends.

drax7 | 15 March 2014

Too far away from shopping malls.

wfam5 | 15 March 2014

Not an expert or legal beagle, but isn't it something about the taxes? The cigarettes they sell are cheap because there is no federal taxes, so you and I can't go there and buy them. If Tesla's were sold on reservations, could only Indians buy them?

johnwladd | 17 March 2014

Excellent idea.

Homebrook | 17 March 2014

Great idea. My only reservation (pun not intended) is that most reservations are not particularly close to population centers, but some might be.

dollardragon | 21 March 2014

Regarding location of reservations and land, there are ways around this. I am not an expert but in pursuing locations for casinos some very interesting land deals have evolved. Further, there is an American Tribal Nations Embassy in DC handy for one stop shopping. Maybe there should be one in the capital city of every state? Wink.

It is all about asking the right question, as Mr. Musk is known to say.

This question involving the Sovereign Tribal Nations has legs. They are all about the environment, so is Tesla. They could use the money, Tesla needs friends in the right places.Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

Given that Tesla already has the hearts and minds of the citizens of the prohibitionist states, yet is having difficult ing gaining traction in the state house, maybe an end run is in order.

Another route is for Elon to buy the right foreign shell company, which then sets up a Cayman Island company that buys an American shell. THe American shell then applies for a car dealer license in each state then applies to Tesla and receives their franchised dealer agreement for all fifty states, thus abiding by the letter of the law.

Furthermore, I am sure there are other legal ways to iron this out.

Brian H | 21 March 2014

TM's approach seems incompatible with pulling that kind of fast one, however much it might delight you if they did.

jamesbdunn | 26 November 2014

Just my opinion:

The Menominee Tribe for instance are well known for being ethical; with a 20,000 year history of living in the same place. The oldest civilization I know of in all of the Americas; much older than the Mayan Civilization. Their major industry is fine woods; timber. If I was going to start somewhere regarding the building of a Tesla plant on a reservation, the Menominee would be my first visit. Their sustainability mind set fits in with Tesla corporate culture. They attempt to think 7 generations in advance of making decisions involving social impact.

Timber is a renewable energy fuel source if the entire life cycle is incorporated into a power plant sustainability model. Which means that the Menominee Tribe can provide the renewable power needed for production; a type of solar energy.

The tribe has abundant water resources.

Tesla can learn from the tribe about growing a culture with a sustainability mind set.

Effort MUST be (Practiced Experience, and process compliance) to prevent corrupting the culture of the Menominee or Tesla will be kicked out. The Tesla community is the baby here, and cannot think in terms of the 20,000 year old culture that has been self-sustained.

Generating "Respect" is a communications process. Teach one's self something useful for each peer group in the form of information and/or skills. Share it with group members. If useful, trust is conveyed to show a willingness to receive more information and/or skill techniques. Empathy of each individual with each social group allows them to feel the magnitude of trust group members share with them. This is Respect, and it MUST work in two directions to be useful or Arrogance is perceived.

Arrogant people/corporations want to manipulate others, but are not open to being influenced. If not open to being influenced, then they CANNOT listen to the needs of a people. Therefore, Arrogant people/corporations are shunned. Significant opportunities are not shared.

Corruption prevents the development of broad opportunities to create a growing volume of "sustainable" under-utilized resources. Under-utilized resources are the foundation for engaging new opportunities and mitigating unforseen destructive influences. Intentional Correlated Diversity of under-utilized resources, and in-general, provides for limiting the radius of destructive influence and is key in contributing to sustainability.

There are many factors that must be considered that depends greatly upon each tribe. There are over 500 recognized tribes in the United States. But each of their reservations are sovereign, which means that while on their reservation, business related laws of the United States do not apply. For tribes with corrupt governments, build today, gone tomorrow. Mafia that are involved with gaming on reservations do not care about the law. Violate an agreement and there are consequences regardless of political boundaries.

Corruption is well known amongst tribal government depending upon the tribe.

Corruption is defined as: The unethical and/or illegal allocation of resources and/or opportunities.

Sovereign also means that the property can NEVER be purchased. Land to many tribes is like talking about a family member. Land CANNOT be purchased or leased, that would be as disrespectful as talking about doing the same to your brother or sister. This is in part why Native Americans in earlier times did not stand up for what Europeans called "property rights". To participate in such a travesty was an insult to an entire way of life.

For many tribal peoples, the concept of social etiquette involves visiting family and friends for many days. They are quite comfortable to sit on couches and spend day after day just visiting. This is considered an activity worthy of being alive. An intricate part of living. However, for Natives in Indian Country choosing to participate in time honored day to day social activities, it would be difficult for their employer to retain them without incorporating their culture into the needs of the business. Not showing up to work because of extended social activities deemed far more important than showing up to work is a major consideration for a multi-billion dollar investment.

Also, there are other issues related to having an educated pool of people to fill employment positions. The same social customs often prevent a people from engaging higher education. Not showing up for classes, not studying from day to day, prevents having a significant percentage of educated people to fill the needed technical employment positions.

For people's wanting to live lives of self-sufficiency; Tesla represents a major destructive influence in their lives. An agrarian community with a certain population density is needed to have a self-sufficient community that includes medical care and security, and most importantly, a political voice locally, county, state, region, Federal, and international (and in the near future, interplanetary). A people without a voice are dictated to and their under-utilized resources are stolen from them.

Critical Definitions needed to engage the relationships involving tribes include:




Treason can be with respect to localized organizations, or nationally. In a perfect ethical society, treason at any level indirectly is treason at the national level. However, because of the complexity of individual health, logical, emotional, and social systems throughout society, treason within an organization does not mean that treason at the national level is necessarily implicated.

Common Sense = Self-Esteem (the sharing of useful information and/or skills with peer groups) + critical thinking + predicting consequences with an emphasis on sustaining support of desired outcomes

Respect = the communication process of sharing useful information and/or skills with a peer group and the associated trust conveyed from the group

Disdain = the communication process of sharing non-useful and/or destructive information and/or skills with a peer group and the associated distrust conveyed from the group

Self-Esteem (group dependent) = the accumulating collection of events involving Respect and Disdain a person generates in each social group; and through empathy the individual detecting the trust conveyed to them by the group

Self-Confidence = is attributed to one's self as the accumulating collection of useful outcomes relative to teaching one's self useful information and skills; the trust one has in completing a related proposed task

Self-Respect = is attributed by others as the accumulating collection of useful outcomes relative to teaching one's self useful information and skills; the trust one has in having the support of others to propose acting upon a related task

To reiterate, these are just my opinions.


Mike83 | 26 November 2014

Very interesting idea. In addition the VA and other federal facilities could also be a place for SC or service.
Solar is also coming to the military and could be used to power the SC.
The Indian casinos might also work providing entertainment while charging .

vgarbutt | 26 November 2014

I am Metis and think that it is a great idea. Can't wait for the outcome of this. I'll be watching.

petochok | 26 November 2014

As if the company isn't catching enough heat for being evasive to the "norm". I think it would just add fuel to the general media fire, which loves to push negative sentiment when it talks about taxes, ZEV credits, and other subsidies.
Without mainstream advertising, the general public (future potential customers) have yet to learn of the company's existence. It'd be sad if the first time they were exposed to Tesla is when they either read an article or saw some kind of a TV special on how corporations are taking over Native American land for profit. It would be enough to plant a negative bias seed in many people's minds.

Brian H | 27 November 2014


What fire? Tesla is getting massively net positive press.

petochok | 27 November 2014

Brian, the general consensus is negative anywhere outside of major cities. Those who are not familiar with the brand just know what makes the news. Unfortunately, what makes the news is articles about how Tesla unethically leveraged the gigafactory deal, pulling multiple states by their noses, how taxpayers are subsidizing tax breaks for $100k toys for the rich, how Tesla is trying to drive the neighborhood friendly auto dealers out of business, you know those same dealers that sponsor kids' baseball teams and otherwise provide for the local community?
We know the truth, but the general public doesn't. It would be too easy for the media to associate this move with just another sleazy way to get something for nothing.

DTsea | 27 November 2014

Well the local car dealers dont sponsor any teams in MY little league.

petochok | 27 November 2014

We know most of them don't do much for the local community, yet somehow they are perceived as an important part of local economy by the general public.

Brian H | 27 November 2014

Every social stratum has to have lower rungs.

petochok | 28 November 2014

Correct, and I thought Canada was it in this case. :)

johnwladd | 29 November 2014

Instead of trying to look "on the level," would if Tesla were to embrace the taboo of selling cars in the underground? Black market? For example, some dude orders 20 or so cars off the internet, then parks them in an underground garage and peddles them. Tesla looks the other way. That kind of shady business. Perhaps enhance the cars with bulletproof glass.