Will Tesla object if owners remove rows 2 and 3?

Will Tesla object if owners remove rows 2 and 3?

Will Tesla object if owners removed rows 2 and 3 in order to do for example a conversion for business? What are the challenges to removing the seats?

Tâm | 14 October 2015

@Son of a Gunn

They won't object but whenever you modify or delete their components your warranty is voided.

One owner reported that Tesla wouldn't honor the warranty to fix error messages that kept coming onto the dashboard because Tesla said he had aftermarket Mobileye installed (accident warning system) for his Model S.

The seat has a monopole that slides forward and reverse on a track.

It has power connections for motors as well as heater (I am not sure about cooling for ventilated seat.)

aesculus | 14 October 2015

I have posted before that I also believe you open yourself up to a liability too unless Tesla approves this capability. The seats are a safety feature of the car and because of that, there could be extended liabilities if the car was involved in an accident, even if removal of the seats was not the cause or contributor of the accident. | 14 October 2015

A chop saw will remove items in quick order! It could be a challenge to re-install them.

Actually the general warranty is kept in place for non-modified items. For example, if you succeed at removing the 2nd row without damaging anything, then the warranty for the rest of the car remains. Only the seat (and related wiring) warranty would be invalidated. Now if in the process of removing the seats (using a chop saw) it would likely short out wiring and could damage other components. None of this would be covered by the warranty.

I've done a ton of modifications on my car and has never caused any warranty issues. I did dent some trim during a photo-shoot on my car (for my book), which I had replaced at my expense.

MyXinTx | 14 October 2015

I am thinking of a way to maximize the flat surface for pet travel.

Either 1) pushing the 2nd row way forward and extending the flat surface made by the folded 3rd row, or 2)pushing the 2rd row maximum backwards and adding a "platform" to make a significant flat area in front of the 2nd row.

Anyone who is familiar with the seating configuration have suggestions?

aesculus | 14 October 2015

@WaitN4myX: From the reveal event it was measured as up to 60" if you push the middle seats all the way forward and tip them. Note this will essentially block access (except maybe a dogs nose) forward of the middle seat area unless you choose the 2 seat middle row option.

In either case you will have to build your own platform and carpet to match the height of the folded third row. And if you choose the 6 seat option that platform will be a T shaped area, or add another piece, to fill the gap between the two middle seats.

MyXinTx | 14 October 2015

@aesculus Good info, thanks. I can't imagine I will cancel my MX res over the seat issue, just too dang excited.

Either way, probably best to include a protector to keep seat looking new.

Love my "boys", but not at the risk of ruining the interior.

Tâm | 14 October 2015


How much length does your dog need?

One dog owner needs 6' (=72") for the dog to lay down comfortably.

Your 2nd option would give significantly less dimension than your 1st option that gives you 60".

If you still need room and if you don't mind voiding your warranty, you might want to remove the seats by a third party.

MyXinTx | 14 October 2015

@Tâm Good question and pics. Not sure how much room required, have 3, a full, medium, and small size Aussiedoodle. Folding down the seats in my Cayenne is more than required.

Looking at the pics, I suspect I will get the 7 seat config. Pushing the 2nd row back and adding a platform to replace the leg room may be best.

As an empty nester, will probably keep row 3 down unless needed to accommodate shopping.

I can always use a trailer or my 2000 Yukon (ughh...pollution) for the big items.

I can see my boys loading up just as the falcon door opens just a few feet...galump !!! | 14 October 2015

Warranty? We don't got to have no stinking warranty. Where's that hacksaw?

carlk | 14 October 2015

You lose warranty only for parts that are affected by the mod. That's what most laws dictate. For example warranty of the engine is void if you did not do scheduled oil change but they can not refuse to honor the warranty when your AC's gone bad.

MyXinTx | 14 October 2015

Ain't gonna risk the manufacturer warranty, unless Square Trade is willing to cover the X...

Just need enuff room for them...

Nice thing about "doodles", they don't all..

Tâm | 14 October 2015


Nice Aussiedoodles!

I agree that your choice of 7 seat configuration and folded 3rd row seats should be good for those 3.

No need for hacksaw this time :)

MyXinTx | 17 October 2015

@TAM...How did you post the pics directly? I was only able to past the link

Red Sage ca us | 17 October 2015

Elon Musk said that removing the seats would make for a very expensive van.

Tâm | 17 October 2015


It's a little bit more work to embed a picture in this forum:

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adamgreen | 17 October 2015

@Red Sage ca us | OCTOBER 17, 2015 NEW
Elon Musk said that removing the seats would make for a very expensive van.

It would be great to be able to (permanently, for the most part) remove the 3rd row or even delete it and reduce the cost of the car at production. We have a 7 seater and the 3rd row isn't used.
Being able to (readily) remove one or two or three seats from the 2nd row would be a slam dunk feature. Especially being able to remove the center 2nd row seat and swap from 7-seater to 6-seater config, or even remove the 2nd row and leave the 3rd row as a "limo" mode which would still seat 4 and yet presumably fold flat for a real "van" or camper or generally moving that ridiculously big thing I want to move today.

adamgreen | 17 October 2015

I think a "camper" floor plan would be handy. Walk through from the front seats. Front and 2nd row seats rotate to "picnic table" config (a drop-in table would be great, especially with 110v power and a way to keep a laptop on there without it jumping to its demise.)

Red Sage ca us | 17 October 2015

adamgreen: It was reported a very long time ago that the third row of seating would be optional. Many celebrated that fact, but have since forgotten. The Model X Signature is fully loaded, and thus includes the third row by default, because the stated purpose of Falcon Wing Doors was to access them with relative ease. If you do not want the third row, and have a Signature Reservation, you should downgrade your order to General Production to have the third row optional.

There are those who would vehemently object to a Model X without center console for front and second rows. They would view it as a cheapened, decontented, inferior version of the car that did not denote the 'luxury' they crave and envy. Compared to the possible opulence of a Porsche Cayenne's interior, those same people complain that the Model X is less stunning than a Kia Sedona as it is.

MyXinTx | 19 October 2015

@Tâm Thanks for instruction.

I will try to add a pic of my fav color from Tesla...but only available in Signature models

Tâm | 19 October 2015


Great color and of course, congratulations on a great successful picture posting!