Wireless charging your Tesla

Wireless charging your Tesla

Has anyone heard of Plugless? They are offering a system that will charge your EV wireless. They have a program that will allow the first 500 reservation holders to charge their cars for free for the first 6 months. The only issue is that it's currently only being offered to Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf buyers/owners. How can we get Tesla on the list??? Your thoughts...

Teoatawki | 2 August 2012

This may be difficult/problematic for the model S because of the low ground clearance at highway speeds and affecting the aerodynamics because of interrupting the smooth profile of the car bottom.

Btw, anyone know if when you're looking at the bottom of the car whether you're looking at the case for the battery pack or a separate piece that needs to be removed to access the pack?

BYT | 2 August 2012

battery is only between the front and rear wheels, may still have a thin access panel there in the tail under the trunk... maybe?

ltd | 2 August 2012

The website gives some vague comments about 'efficiency' being "90%" and "as good as a wired connection."

For a voltage drop of 10% on a wired connection, you'd need an awfully long charging cable.

Reality is that inductive charging is not as efficient and is sort of ignoring the 'green' credentials of what an EV is.
Unless the data at is incorrect somehow?

BYT | 2 August 2012

@ltd, I can see the 300 mile battery pack owners ignoring the need for inductive charging but with the smallest pack, the need for an inductive charger maybe borderline required. I can go a few days before that 300 mile pack expires, but with spirited driving, that 160 mile pack will need that fill up every chance it gets. Forget the 10% loss (which adds up to $2 tops), the convenience and fear of forgetting the charge would be gone.

MandL | 3 August 2012

I would love this. My garage is tight and we're jockeying two cars in and out of there every day. I still haven't figured out a simple way to park both cars where the charging cable won't be a nuisance.