The world's most luxurious, opulent, sumptuous, extravagant Tesla Model S Center Console!

The world's most luxurious, opulent, sumptuous, extravagant Tesla Model S Center Console!

tesla.mahedy | 10 January 2014


ModelSD | 10 January 2014

3D printer?

ccbldg | 10 January 2014

MSD, yes... image is a link.

Gluaisrothai | 10 January 2014

Looks better value that the megabuck shite others are peddling on the forum.

AmpedRealtor | 10 January 2014

Is it made of Legos?

RedShift | 10 January 2014


You just gave me an idea. Thanks.

mikefa | 10 January 2014

No matching colors?

AmpedRealtor | 10 January 2014

I get 10% royalties!

EJH | 10 January 2014

I vote thumbs down on this product, because in my opinion, one of the nicest features of the car right now is its ability to go fast very quickly and at a whim, and, well, liquid containers kind of conflict with that spontaneity.
Personally, I think that I would like to see more lateral support in the seats, and perhaps a 5-point harness option??
I suspect that the OP has not spent much time behind the wheel of a Performance version?
Not trying to be anything less than honest...

RedShift | 10 January 2014


After you sue me for patent infringement. By then, I'll have moved production to

EESROCK | 10 January 2014

@OP, nice job. A personalized center console just the way you wanted. If you don't mind me asking, about how much did this cost to produce? How did you go about designing it?

@AmpedRealtor I like the Legos idea!

Low CG | 10 January 2014

Is there a bedazzled version?

AmpedRealtor | 11 January 2014

RedShift = Samsung

RedShift | 11 January 2014

No, Apple. They got their best stuff from xerox. I'll send you a check for 1$.

AmpedRealtor | 11 January 2014


EESROCK | 11 January 2014

Thanks to AmpedRealtor, I spent my Saturday morning making this:

Neech | 11 January 2014

Love the Lego fortress, it even has sword-wielding guardians protecting your Jelly Belly's. LOL

ccbldg | 11 January 2014

EESROCK, Awesome design, does it come in carbon fiber?

RedShift | 11 January 2014


Me too! Test drove at high speed turns today and the Lego bottom grips the carpet well.

Thanks AR!

My daughter thinks it should be a permanent addition to the car.

Captain_Zap | 11 January 2014

If I had to take a console I'd go with EESROCK's version.

the bonnie | 11 January 2014

Two thumbs up for the Lego version. It's awesome.

Brian H | 12 January 2014

Love the smooth, curved, swoopy lines. ;p

ribsandbbqbeef | 12 January 2014

Ooh, I'm gonna build me a lego version with my daughter once she's old enough not to swallow the pieces lol. Thanks for the father daughter bonding rainy day project idea =)

Cindy I II III | 12 January 2014

The space will remain empty for my purse and my shoes. Developed a new habit to change to fluffy clean soft boots upon entry (pre-heated with the chamber). Even created a profile called "shoes" that moves the seat back :-) Never felt so pampered driving a car.

EJH | 12 January 2014

EESROCK, if it was a little bit longer, it would also be a complete alternative to a $900.00 Yacht Floor!
Two thumbs WAY up.

Brian H | 12 January 2014

How much are you charging for replicas?

jerrythebeeguy | 12 January 2014

Another version in wood.
/Users/jerrythebeeguy/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2014/01/12/20140112-155114/jZBZXIE7RH+ctmRc2Wagrw/IMG_0408.jpg

Nuts4MS | 12 January 2014

Bad link :(

nickjhowe | 12 January 2014

@cindy123 +1

jerrythebeeguy | 12 January 2014

Sorry about the bad link before. Maybe this one will work :-)

Brian H | 12 January 2014

Here's one image, maybe:

Brian H | 12 January 2014

And another:

Brian H | 12 January 2014

Oops. Another try:

EVTripPlanner | 12 January 2014

Until I saw the lego console, I like mine best -

AmpedRealtor | 13 January 2014

Looks like the media picked up on this thread and is now claiming that Tesla (yes, Tesla - not an owner, but Tesla) is offering a fix for its cup holders using 3D printing after receiving "numerous complaints" and that "Company shares are down in early trading Monday"... I kid you not!

The media will literally take anything they can get...

Dramsey | 13 January 2014

The InvestorPlace report was absurd. It credited the printed console to Tesla, misspelled "MakerBot" as "MarkerBot", and claimed one of their printers could be had for $500 (the least expensive is $1,300). Geez!

Captain_Zap | 13 January 2014

You never know how the press will spin a forum post.

Tiebreaker | 13 January 2014

Yeah, I saw it this morning and though - gee, you cant even post jokes on the open forum, they become news and shares price drivers! One more argument for private threads, although I will not be able to read them (not an owner...).

Captain_Zap | 16 January 2014

Eye opener, isn't it?

What happened to the Lego option? I was going to order one!