Worst thing about my P85D!

Worst thing about my P85D!

I own a P85D and enjoy every minute of driving it. It is by far, the best vehicle that I have ever owned. The other day someone asked me if there was anything about my car that I didn't like. I couldn't think of one thing. Until today. What is up with this car's horn? The horn sounds like a clown's horn. In fact that's what my son's friend told his dad when I honked at him. We have 691 horses, 0-60 in 3 seconds, 864lbs of torque, and a horn that belongs on a tricycle! I wish there was a way we could change the horn with a software update. Or maybe even like a personal ringtone. Someone needs to tell Elon that we need a more masculine horn. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my nearly perfect car. So long as I do not ever honk the horn again!! Curious to know what everyone else thinks about their little beep beep!

BrassGuy | 17 March 2015

Maybe the new car's quieter interior is affecting the sound. I think the horn in my 2013 S85 sounds perfectly American. Have you tried it with the window open?

freemarket | 17 March 2015

I don't mind the sound, but it does take quite a bit of pressure to engage.

JackClark | 17 March 2015

There's no excuse for clown horns, but you're in luck, there's a fix! Get yourself a pair of these babies...

I'll be installing these on my S85D when I take delivery of it later this month. Had them on my two Subarus and they are awesome!

tranhv68 | 17 March 2015

You should hear what my Leaf horn sounds like. It's like a baby clown horn.

negarholger | 17 March 2015

Why would you need a horn? In 45 years of driving I only used the horn once by mistake... and it happened to be a police car I was honking at.

It is good to have, but as long it makes noise I am not too picky about the actual noise.

Karim | 18 March 2015

The P85D has 864lb ft of torque??

NomoDinos | 18 March 2015

Karim - that's what an independent tester found on a dynometer:

Tesla reports much less.

Solarwind | 18 March 2015

Owned our P85D for 5000 miles and have never honked the horn. Hmmm must be to slow :-)))

PhillyGal | 18 March 2015

Funny: I was just thinking today the horn is pretty decent.
It could just be that I've never had an especially excellent or terrible horn to compare.

AoneOne | 18 March 2015

Looking at the curves:

Let's see: max torque was at 30 MPH and 360 HP...

Power = force x speed, so force = power/speed = 360HP/30MPH

= 20,000 newtons = 4500 pounds force

That seems too high: 4500 pounds would give about 1 g acceleration at 30 MPH.

Plowing ahead...

Tires give 750 revs/mile, or 7.04 ft/rev. Dividing by 2Pi the effective moment arm is 1.12 feet.

The total axle torque is 1.12 * 4500 = 5042 foot pounds, after a gearbox reduction of 9.73:1, so the motor torque (ignoring drive-train losses) is

5042 / 9.73 = 518 foot-pounds of torque, not too far from Tesla's 443 ft-lbs, but far less than Jalopnik's numbers.

I can believe that Tesla's figure is a bit conservative, but not by a factor of 2.

Haggy | 18 March 2015

I was wondering about this before buying the car. Back then, on the page that listed the features, it ended by saying that the car has a horn. "beep, beep." I found that strange because traditionally, American car horns went "honk, honk" and those pesky European cars went "beep, beep." Sure if I wanted a 1972 Beetle or a 1977 Citroen, I would have been fine with a beep, beep. I expected more from the MS.

Then I read up on it in the forums and the complaint I found was that although people were able to toodle the horn with vigor, they were unable to toodle the horn melodiously. That meant when you roll by a pedestrian at 10 mph and her back is to you, she might turn around and find your presence a surprise. But if you honk, that might be just as bad or worse.

That could be an issue if they try to sell the car in Japan, according the St Petersburg Times (Florida) from April 3, 1921.

I haven't used the horn all that much, so I can't really say I'd want a recall ordered, but I remember that back in the 1980s, you could get a horn from the JC Whitney catalog that sounded like the Queen Mary. In this day and age, we should be able to set the horn to normal, sport, or insane.

ModelSD | 18 March 2015

It's not the volume of the horn that I am concerned with but the responsiveness. To me the center horn activator is too difficult to press and when it is there is a delay of the output sound. My previous car had a more responsive horn and was easier to activate. Anyone else have this gripe?

Brian H | 18 March 2015

Better test it. Drive up and down your street leaning on it. >;p

Grinnin'.VA | 18 March 2015

@ AoneOne | March 18, 2015

Looking at the curves:

That image doesn't identify the variant of MS.
Is it a S85, 85D, P85D, or what?

Do you know the gear ratios for the 85D and P85D?

Thanks for the info.

portia | 18 March 2015

don't have a D, but the horn is definitely hard to activate in mine. we use it in California when someone in front of you at the light falls asleep or otherwise forgets to go when the light turns green, after a suitable length of time, of course, but it is hard to tap the horn lightly, when pushing hard, it may sound too loud and give the wrong message! another time to use it is when somebody changes the lane in front of you without noticing you are there, it is a warning, but again, it is more effort to honk the horn than to do the proper evasive action.

AoneOne | 18 March 2015


Thanks for prompting me to check: the curves are from the article linked above:

Looking at it, I noticed that it was a P85D, not the P85 that I'd assumed. That's surprising, as the power never got above above 413 HP, which led me to think it was a P85.

The P85D has a reported torque of 687 ft-lbs (mentioned as 864-177 in that article).

I don't know the P85D gear ratios, but the rear motor might still be the 9.73:1 of all prior models, with a higher gear (less reduction) in the front (based on discussions of top speed and efficiency).
gives P85 numbers where they mention at-the-wheel estimated torque of 4300 ft-lbs, which is very close to the value (4500) I calculated from the P85D measurements.

It really makes me think they weren't getting anything from the front axle of the P85D.