Worst Time to be Reading Posts

Worst Time to be Reading Posts

Without a doubt the very worst time to reading these forums is shortly after a new major update hits the fleet. So many complaining they didn't get it yet, so many cursing the fact that they did.

mstubbs007 | 10 January 2016

I agree but how about QC. Who's testing besides the user of the product.

Goose | 10 January 2016

@mstubbs ... You have just illustrated J.T.'s point precisely

Fins | 10 January 2016

I love the updates it's like a birthday present.... Change is good but not everyone is happy.... I enjoy the anticipation of waiting when I'm not the first.....

I do like when we help each other with issues and solutions don't like complainers they should get a ICE car that never changes till they buy a new one...

Run4Waffles | 10 January 2016

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who's updated had not hit the bucket
He was in envy of those
Who were in the throws
But was fine sitting on the pine
Drinking some wine knowing he just said has to suck it

He sees what will behold
Since he's been told
Thanks to Electric Jen and her bode

PBEndo | 10 January 2016

So, JT, did you get the update or not?

barrykmd | 10 January 2016

The information age...

J.T. | 10 January 2016

@PBEndo You're kidding, right?

PBEndo | 10 January 2016

JT - that is my default state of communication.

Mike83 | 10 January 2016

I avoid any posts on the updates since the complaints are meaningless.
I anticipate with excitement new updates and enjoy reading the release notes which would help those if they could read them. If they have issues an email to Tesla is a much better use of time.

SbMD | 10 January 2016

Was there an update?

jordanrichard | 10 January 2016

Ya, it is funny how people complain about not getting the updated new features as fast as others. If they had their old ICE cars, they wouldn't be getting anything from the car company. You want new features for an ICE car, buy the newest model.

SCCRENDO | 10 January 2016

Thanks for reminding me guys. I have been around so long that I deserve the update first. All these new guys got it yesterday. I have my old 85S. How come all the new guys get all the fun features like auto park, car summoning and AP when I don't even get folding mirrors. I am not even asking for a bigger battery or ludicrous mode. Perhaps some coat hooks and rear seat cup holders.

I think Tesla sold me a lemon. LOL

Run4Waffles | 10 January 2016

SbMD - Either you're on Nantucket with me or ROFLMAO

GHammer | 10 January 2016
SbMD | 10 January 2016

@Run4 - :-)

ColonyGolfer | 10 January 2016

SCRENDO, my guess is that you did not get this update because it does not apply to your car. If you don't have folding mirrors, or distance sensors, Tesla will not send the software to you.

TPilot | 10 January 2016

@JT this thread you started is adding to the "complaining" :-)

J.T. | 10 January 2016

@TPilot Is that a complaint?

Mathew98 | 10 January 2016

7.1 has goodies for old timers like @SCCR and I. There are non AP changed embedded in this release.

BTW, the release was made available to teenagers first, then to the folks with midlife crisis, then the retired folks, and finally to owners with initials after their full names.

I'm extremely acurate in my predictions as shown by my 49.999995% success rate...

TPilot | 10 January 2016

@JT I'm not going to answer that because I don't want to seem like I'm complaining. | 10 January 2016

This is the best time to complain as the posts will quickly disappear under the barrage of new "when will I get the update" threads. To bad there is not a thread category just for duplicate questions to be ignored :)

renwo S alset | 10 January 2016

I got the update! Unfortunately I don't have any of the features it applies to but, I keep hoping it will activate something I did'nt know I had.

brec | 10 January 2016

When will I get the update?

But seriously -- OK, but lightheartedly -- are OTA updates ever delivered during daylight hours?

renwo S alset | 10 January 2016

BTW, SC installed the update at the same time they replaced both rear light enclosures. S is 2 1/2 years old, but no charge.

Captain_Zap | 10 January 2016


Remember when update rollouts took weeks or months? ;-)

Bobrrr | 10 January 2016

Yeah it's a horrible time. I read about it and then go sit in the car staring at the display. The seats are pretty comfortable and my wife brings me meals. For entertainment I rewatch all of Bjorn and Kman's videos on my iPad. Climate control keeps me toasty while I look for any lint or loose threads on my headliner.

My greatest fear is falling asleep and missing the update notice on the display. Oh well. Tesla people can you please add an alarm announcing my update so I can get some sleep?

lolachampcar | 10 January 2016

You're telling me I can not watch Bjorn and Kman's vids on the center display???? Oh, I need to complain. Is this because of the new software update?

Bobrrr | 10 January 2016

Yeah but I've been making some progress on a workaround but the video sizes on the screen are way too small. Both Bjorn and Kman look scrunched up and their voices are exchanged. Getting closer to debugging it with each Tesla update. Back to work now. Great here comes my wife with my grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Swiss cheese on rye for variety with some Red Bull to wash it down. | 10 January 2016

@Bobrrr - You don't need to sit in the car. I use a video camera pointed at the screen and leave the door open. With my live feed on youtube and facebook I can see as soon as the update arrives from the comfort of my bed at home! It's hard to stay awake - now 32 hours since I first heard of the 7.1 update starting be available. Any minute now I know it will show up. I hate to call in sick tomorrow if it hasn't arrived yet. Must not fall asleep....

Bobrrr | 10 January 2016


That's a great suggestion. I could set up the video and watch it on my Google Glass. Or I could pay my kids to do surveillance in 8 hour shifts. Or maybe I could work with NSA so they could put a high priority watch for the update number showing up in my video stream. Seems like a good use of government resources.

PBEndo | 10 January 2016

"I look for any lint or loose threads on my headliner."

Have you ever found any makeup smudges?

Bobrrr | 10 January 2016

No makeup smudges, but occasional foot prints. Hmmm...

TPilot | 10 January 2016

Male or female?

Bobrrr | 10 January 2016

Some sort of primate or Kardashian:)

prp | 10 January 2016

I wish the rollout would just finish so we can get back to normal forum business of speculating when the next update will happen and what it will contain.

SCCRENDO | 10 January 2016

There is a new update to the Tesla app which includes summoning. I keep pressing it and my car won't come to me. Perhaps I should sleep in my car until 7.1 comes.

SeattleSid | 10 January 2016

I've been parking in front of the local service center with a picture of Elon on the roof. Still no update. I have the pneumatic suspension, too, set to high. Starting to worry.

SCCRENDO | 10 January 2016

@Sid. You need a picture of McLary. That should work.
What's the point of this thread anyway?

rxlawdude | 10 January 2016

@TeslaTap - "Must not fall asleep...."
Is this "The Invasion," or "Invasion of the Body Snatchers?" ;-)

Run4Waffles | 10 January 2016

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who fell asleep trying not to tuck it
He sat there with his grilled cheese
He didn't mean to sneeze
All the same he had to suck it

Gayatrikr | 10 January 2016

I dont have the update yet

Sunday jan 10 7:30 pm est

Run4Waffles | 10 January 2016

@Gayatrikr- Check your clock. It's now 8:24pm EST and I just did my post above. Maybe Tessie is in a time warp.

Sudre_ | 10 January 2016

I don't mind the posts about what people find with the new update. I am tired of being a beta tester. I wait for others to find the issues and when things seem to have smoothed out and Tesla has released at least one minor correction I then update.

My car is currently asking me to update. Shame I can't pass it to someone else. I'll postpone it at least until Thursday night.

Run4Waffles | 10 January 2016

Blasphemy @Sudre_ !! That's it, you're going to the bottom of the list. And you're on double secret probation.