Model 3 whistle sound

Model 3 whistle sound

Every now and then I can hear a whistling (almost a chirp like) sound coming from what I think is passenger side window. It seems to occur on windy conditions or speeds of 50 mph+. Saw a similar post on but wanted to see if anyone else has similar issue?

Ngjl | 9 June 2018

I had a whistling noise when over 55 mph. Saw the same post you referenced. The plastic cowling beneath the wipers and around the perimeter of the windshield should be flat and flush. Run your fingers all the way around from one side of the windshield to the other. On my car i could feel that in one spot it had a bulge in it. Applied a little thumb pressure to seat it properly and the noise went away. Not sure if this is your issue, but it's worth a try.

macmcintire | 10 September 2018

I am also hearing a chirping whistle sound when I go on the freeway. I tapped up all the seems on the roof but no luck. I looked at my plastic cowling under the wipers but didn't notice any issues. It's really frustrating. Any luck yet with yours?

macmcintire | 12 September 2018

I was able to in fact isolate the whistling sound to the lower windshield trim. I tapped up the whole lower portion of the windshield and it eliminated the sound. I am going to narrow it down further and will post an update.

sailpuff | 10 May 2019

I now have a whistling sound that stops when I put my hand in front of the driver’s mirror that occurs intermittently when I am driving over 20 mph.
Haven’t figured a permanent fix.
I may see about service.

paulornothing | 17 May 2019

So I’m pretty sure it has to do with the wipers. I’ve narrowed it down to high speed (50 mph or higher) and mostly happens with the wipers being on automatic. I do not experience it when it’s not raining. It only happens when I’m on the highway and it’s raining (and using the wipers)

RedPillSucks | 17 May 2019

My suggestion is to record it AND bring it to a service center to fix the issue.

rdclark53 | 17 May 2019

RedPillSucks, that is what I'd like to do but the nearest service center to me is 140 miles away in Memphis. I may try some of the above remedies first. Mine whistles above 50 mph in windshield area.

rdclark53 | 17 May 2019

Ngjl, I found a raised area in the cowling and pushed and it snapped into place flush with the windshield. The whistling is gone. THANKS!!!

silverslim1 | 17 May 2019

I had whistling noise as well...coming from passenger side. Isolated to the passenger side mirror. The bottom of the mirror housing was not fully snapped into place. I applied a little pressure by hand and it snapped right in. Noise gone!

Tuning In | 17 May 2019

I did the whistle sound like whoop whoop?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 17 May 2019

Could it be cat calls?

ODWms | 17 May 2019

@Tuning In - That's only in the morning. "WHOOP WHOOOOOP!!!"

Gray Dragon | 18 May 2019

I had the same noise from the passenger mirror area. When I cleaning the car I noticed the black plastic triangle became separated from the window trim. I used some adhesive and have driven it 200 miles and the noise is gone.

Dig-n-Tesla | 3 June 2019

I had whistle which I isolated to this cowling. The one that runs along base of windshield. Have taken to service in Portland oregon twice. Whistling has stopped for now however I’m left with a gap probably 8 inches where the cowling is not seated in the gasket. I’m concerned that water will run off windshield into this area and then I have no idea what that will affect. Any thoughts.

The last technician says this is best they can do.

Dig-n-Tesla | 3 June 2019
vinhdang.ho | 14 September 2019

Hi Dig-n-Tesla,

I verified on my end and i have a similar seal gap between the windshield and Cowl. Seems to be on the left side facing the car where you can see a drop in angle on that side.

Any updates or were you able to have it fixed or sealed by Tesla Service Center? Appreciate the update and help!


cjhudson101 | 7 October 2019

Hey Dig-n-Tesla,

I had the same little squeek/chirp noise and I had the same little gap. I just pushed the SOB back in with my thumb and it stayed. I only drove the car a little at lunch today, but I didn't hear the noise anymore. I'll need another commute or two to be certain it is gone.