Update vehicle firmware via phone app?

Update vehicle firmware via phone app?

Is this possible? In the works?

Would be nice to get a notification on your phone when firmware is available and then be able to install remotely or schedule a time for installation.

EVRider | 20 June 2018

Not possible, and haven’t heard anything about it being in the works. One of the reasons you have to initiate the update from the car is because the car can’t be driven during the update; what if someone else was using the car when you remotely started the update?

SCCRENDO | 20 June 2018

The update will not start if you are driving. I had issues with software updates failing in my Model 3. It turned out there was a fault with partitioning in the SDI card with early vin Model 3s. They were able to reformat the card remotely and then pushed the update. But they could not get the car to update remotely. I had to do it. A week later, last Tuesday night, I was 100 miles from home giving a presentation. I got the update notification and let it run while I was doing my prevention. I then got another software update failure. It did most of the update and the version changed on my car but autopilot and auto dimming was non functional. I was away from Wednesday to Monday night and they pushed 2 updates. One on Wednesday and one on Monday. But it did not update until i did it manually on Monday night and it was successful.

EVRider | 21 June 2018

The update won’t start while someone is driving, but if someone was planning to use the car shortly, they would have to wait until the update completed.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this feature either; I was out of town when my last update arrived and could have safely installed it remotely. However, I understand why Tesla might not want to allow this.

sabbia | 21 June 2018

SCC: Nice that you are staying so positive about Tesla despite your update problems. Others would not be so kind.

SCCRENDO | 21 June 2018

@sabbia. Every computer has problems. But the customer service is incredible. I did not have to take my car in. I had a personal consulatant who kept an eye on my situation and kept calling me to ensure that the problem was solved to my satisfaction.