Do Londoners dream of electric buses?

Do Londoners dream of electric buses?

Interesting blog post on one company's experiment with electric buses in London, including a nice discussion of issues involved with charging:

anncady5 | 4 July 2018

I've read your article it is so exciting. I'm a writer at and I'm going to write an essay and use your article as a source. Is it okay?

jimrhodes322 | 12 October 2019

It's a cool reference. I really like it. You can post it here later on.

blue adept | 22 October 2019

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

SCCRENDO | 23 October 2019

I think Londoners dream of not slipping into isolation from the rest of the world.

TabascoGuy | 23 October 2019

I think some Americans might be having that same nightmare.

SCCRENDO | 23 October 2019

We can solve our problems with an impeachment or an upcoming election. Londoners need to charge their buses and get off the island

RedShift | 23 October 2019

Do I have weird dreams of being at a friend’s wedding 25 years back and she has a link eye and I feel sorry for her?

RedShift | 23 October 2019

Pink eye