Loan term up to visa expiration

Loan term up to visa expiration

I was informed by San Francisco Federal Credit Union that they can only approve auto loan term upto my visa expiration date which means no H1B visa holder can get loan term more than 36 months.

Any one else faced similar issue? Is this common across all credit unions?

ravisundaramam | 23 July 2018

What! They are giving loans to non-resident visa holders? Wow! Who would have thunk!! Back when I came in as a student, it was nearly impossible to get a car loan on a F1 visa.

One Educational Employees Credit Union of Arlington TX was the only one willing to give us a 24 month loan.

SkinnyITDude | 23 July 2018

Did not face this issue with financing my Toyota Camry 5 years back. Not sure it its something new now.

rgmodel3 | 23 July 2018

lol what bull$hit... I am on H1b and got my 60 months term loan with DCU. This is my 6th car and the most expensive so far and never had this issue. Even pay my 30 years mortgage with BoFA for my home. I never heard this issue with any of my friends on h1b for their car or home. Run as far as possible from that credit union.

hammad.mlk | 23 July 2018

I didn’t face that restriction. Try Stanford federal credit union.

sridharb | 23 July 2018

@SkinnyITdude Yes, they said the same thing to me but they gave me an option on providing employee verification letter. I did that and got 72 months offer. At the end I went with Evernence with 1.99% rate (now they increased their rate)

kram | 24 July 2018

No issues getting a 72 month loan on a H1b, try DCU.

coralys.negretti | 25 July 2018

If I may suggest an alternative for anyone who needs it in the future. Lendbuzz specializes in providing car loans for international students and expats in the U.S. (on any visa). So they can provide car financing without those restrictions. They're based in Boston but finance loans in almost every state and everything is done online.
The loan officers are multi-lingual if that's something you need.

SkinnyITDude | 25 July 2018

"San Francisco Federal Credit Union" declined my request to extend loan term beyond visa expiration date.

kaiiii | 25 July 2018

I have the same situation. I applied the auto loan from Xceed FCU. Same story. They said they can only give 2 year term due the visa status. I ended up get the auto from Bethpage FCU. They don't ask my visa status and approve me 84 months loan.

vbvvbvbvb | 29 May 2020

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