Worlds largest digital button remover.

Worlds largest digital button remover.

I love the large beautiful screen in my MS, it allows for a clean elegant interior design without the clutter of all the buttons you find in traditional car designs. When I get into a non Tesla, I feel like I’m in one of those 1980 sci-fi films where the vehicle had a bunch of blinking lights and buttons for no apparent reason. However, that’s all the screen is, it has been static outside of a UI refresh and some added features since the MS launch in 2013. The web browser is basically unusable, there’s no iPhone or Android campatability, or ability for CarPlay, Android Auto, or even app mirroring. Tesla mentioned that they were working on these features, but have been silent since, where are they? Other car manufacturers have gone to digital displays, following in Tesla’s footprints. They have added CarPlay and Android Auto, giving their infotainment systems more usable features than Tesla’s. A $25k Toyota rental shouldn’t have more infotainment features than my $80k MS.

inconel | 9 August 2018

I mostly love having maps displayed on the large screen, something no other manufacturers have matched yet.

rxlawdude | 9 August 2018

"there’s no iPhone or Android campatability"

Funny, I've been using Android phones for years in my MS, and both Android and iPhone in our M3.

@Manny, it seems you give Tesla faint praise, then post repetitive positive-spin about other manufacturers. This is an interesting technique. | 9 August 2018

Browser is better now with the update several months ago - not great but better. Still some sites will not work due to requiring obsolete plugins like flash, showing video or viruses (all which are rejected by the Tesla browser). Does any other carmaker even provide a browser?

Other manufacturers have gone to CarPlay/Android Auto partly because the tiny screens they provide work well for 8 icons, and partly because the UIs the car makers created were beyond awful. So for these car makers anything was a step up, and now complaints of bugs, poor UI can be deflected to Apple and Google. Have you actually used these $25K infotainment systems (or even those on $100K cars)? I have, and they suck in comparison with the Tesla. They are slow, have layers and layers of menus, hard to find functions, inconsistencies between the local UI and CarPlay/Android Auto, and almost no one is using a touch screen - a huge aggravation to doing anything useful.

This has been hashed in many past threads with many strong supporters of CarPlay and Android Auto, and many who hope it never appears in a Tesla. This is far from saying Tesla is perfect or that Tesla can't add desired features, but there is a lot of downside for Tesla just duplicating crummy messes most automakers provide today.

I have yet to see any carmaker follow Tesla. Where are the 19" HD screens? Where are the touch access? Where is the elimination of hundreds of buttons with cryptic icons? Browser? Geofenced Homelink? Quick access to fueling locations? Dual Apps on screen at the same time? Seems like other carmakers are still living a decade behind Tesla.

rxlawdude | 9 August 2018

@TT, +100!

carlk | 9 August 2018

***@Manny, it seems you give Tesla faint praise, then post repetitive positive-spin about other manufacturers. This is an interesting technique.***

We got a few trolls like that here. Everyone of them obligatory will start with something like I love my Tesla.... They think they are smart but they have no idea how dumb they actually look. Using what Judge Judy would say I don't believe a word you say.

carlk | 9 August 2018


rxlawdude | 9 August 2018

A wise grammatical expert recognized that anything before "but" in a compound sentence is generally surplusage.

ktslab | 9 August 2018

is this the dude who posted about "contemplating iPace"? If so, go to Jag forum, leave us Tesla user alone.

Manny13z | 9 August 2018

@rxlawdude I use my iPhone in the car, but there’s no iTunes integration. If you want to select an album or playlist, you have to go through the phone.

Manny13z | 9 August 2018 It’s not the size, it’s how you can use it ;-) . It’s a huge screen, a lot of real estate for more usable features. To me, making the the navigation bigger is nice, but not something that’s revolutionary. Other manufacturers have browsers, and they are just as bad if not worse. All I ask is for the option of CarPlay, those that don’t want it don’t have to enable it, that’s about personal taste. CarPlay is not a static system that everyone is forced into.

EVRider | 9 August 2018

For the record, Tesla never said they had plans to support CarPlay or Android Auto. Elon did mention they might do app mirroring someday, but never said they were working on it, and it’s not likely they consider that a priority. iPod/iPhone integration would be nice, but I’ve learned to live without it. :-)

lilbean | 9 August 2018

Our Jag has some pretty gaudy, horrendous knobs and a touchscreen that you have to dig your fingernails into to get it to respond. So fun!

Manny13z | 9 August 2018

@EVRider They had hired Apple and Android developers, I figured it was for this purpose. I just wish you could do more with that big screen, and voice control. I had a BMW that you could use your voice to lower and raise the AC temperature, it’s a safety feature.

bill | 9 August 2018

There are some seamingly simple things Tesla could do to bring them more in line with other cars like add way points to navigation and have the browser remember your passwords and previous URLS.

I would much rather see that then games and easter eggs

Manny13z | 9 August 2018

bill, Agreed! | 9 August 2018

@bill - You can save URLs - just tap the "heart+" symbol. Tap the heart to see the list of prior saved URLs. The browser is a bit more security minded. If it remembered passwords, other people who have access to the car could easily gain access to sensitive areas - bank accounts, Tesla account, Amazon, etc. Saving passwords makes sense in your home or phone, not so much in a car.

EVRider | 9 August 2018

@Manny13z: The Apple and Android developers were likely for the mobile apps. More voice control is probably coming.

Manny13z | 9 August 2018

EVRider, probably so. | 9 August 2018

My previous car was an Infiniti and it did me to control the playlists on my iPhone through the center touchscreen. While that was a nice feature, I very much prefer all the features of the Tesla touchscreen. I don't miss being able to control an apple device at all.

tes-s | 10 August 2018

When they did a UI refresh there were complaints.
When they don't do a refresh there are complaints.

We're just a bunch of whiners. Rich whiners. | 10 August 2018

@tes - so true :)

Perhaps an Apple employee can jump in, but I thought any device /software that connects to Apple device (i.e. a car) that goes beyond the open Bluetooth methods has to pay a significant licensing fee per device.

marcustcohn | 10 August 2018

I owned a 2018 Camry Hybrid for about a week. It had the worst infotainment I can imagine. I could write better code with a crayon held between my toes. I have used Apple Car Play and it is OK but for my use not a game changer. For my 2 cents I value reliability and range more than the bells and whistles. The platform is there and all the other stuff can come in an instant over the air. Right now TMC has more important issues to deal with.

reed_lewis | 10 August 2018

My daughter drives a Smart Fortwo which is in for service right now. They gave me a loaner of a MB GLA small SUV.

Here is the picture of the interior.

Too many buttons. But the funny thing is the gear shifter is the same hardware as the Tesla Model S/X except is is backlit when dark.

The windshield wiper knob is the same basic knob with extra functions on it:

The window button looks the same as the Tesla also:

So I guess we know where Tesla gets their parts from.

rxlawdude | 10 August 2018

Wow, that's a LOT of buttons. | 10 August 2018

@reed - Yep, When MB owned a chunk of Tesla stock (and Tesla was making drivetrains and batteries for MB), Tesla had an agreement with MB to be able to use parts made specifically for MB. Not a lot of parts used, but you'll notice a few odd parts like the gear selector. The pre-refresh S had the gear shift lever backlit. I checked with engineering and for whatever reason, they decided not to power the backlight in the gear refreshed car's selector. Not sure if the LED is still in it, but I suspect so - just unconnected. Because of the airbag, I don't feel comfortable pulling it apart to check it out or see if it can be connected. | 10 August 2018

@reed - Yikes, I count at least 77 buttons, not including at least 4 knobs and various stalks. I suspect a few more buttons are hidden from view on the left side of the dash.

p.c.mcavoy | 10 August 2018

reed_lewis | August 10, 2018
" But the funny thing is the gear shifter is the same hardware as the Tesla Model S/X except is is backlit when dark."

Just indicated that Tesla and Daimler (MB) are both buying these parts from the same Tier 1 supplier, as is common with a large volume of parts for any automobile.

Manny13z | 10 August 2018

Buttons everywhere, LOL. Let’s get away from CarPlay for a second and talk features. Things I would like Tesla to add, more voice features for hands free driving, as an example, it would be great if I can say “open sunroof” or “lower the AC to 65°” little things like that. iTunes integration so I can see my playlist, albums, and songs. More streaming music options, because let’s face it, slacker is a slacker. Text message response...I know, you shouldn’t be texting and driving, but let’s be real here for a second and admit that we have all done it here and there, so the ability to listen to them and respond without picking up your phone would be great. My point is that Tesla can add a lot more features that can improve the user experience and keep them ahead of the competition.

NKYTA | 10 August 2018

@Manny, they “can”. Perhaps they will, soon.

Your upcoming Porsche is “darn, wish we could”.

Stiction | 12 August 2018

My wife has the new Prius and it's a fab features etc, awesome mileage...
BUT the manual is about 500 pages thick and there are billions of buttons

SO | 12 August 2018

On my non-Tesla, I have buttons that I have yet to ever push after almost a decade of ownership.

Physical buttons for every option is just a waste.

reed_lewis | 13 August 2018

Even worse in car is spaces for buttons where buttons could be, but are never there because they wanted an even number of buttons. Or spaces for buttons where you do not have the option that the button

For example here is the 2009 Smart fortwo (which my daughter drives and loves).

The buttons in order are:
Left heated seat, Fog Lights, space, lock, hazard, unlock, alarm tow disable, tire pressure reset, right heated seat

Now here is the same model without those options.

That just looks pointless.

reed_lewis | 13 August 2018

@SO - "On my non-Tesla, I have buttons that I have yet to ever push after almost a decade of ownership."

Kind of like the wonkavator???