14 day free trial of autopilot

14 day free trial of autopilot

Kind of interesting, but If you have to keep your hands on the wheel, seems kind of lame.......Is autopilot helpful to anyone?

jimglas | 13 August 2018

I find it very relaxing on long trips.

hoffenberg | 13 August 2018

Thanks...Do you use it on shorter trips too?

jimglas | 13 August 2018

yes, also nice in stop and go traffic. Its a better driver than I am. Much more attentive.

hoffenberg | 13 August 2018

Got it... Will try it more

markcohen | 13 August 2018

@hoffenberg, I totally agree with @jimglas. I've taken a number of long trips and I definitely am much less fatigued and am more alert having used autopilot than I was without it. This is especially noticeable in the dark or in bad weather (rain, etc) that impair visibility. I do also use it on short trips but I do it more as "giveback" to show Tesla more road situations so that they can further improve the algorithms.

jjgunn | 13 August 2018

At a minimum I'm using TACC 95% of the time.

As has been said....Long drives & stop & go traffic. It's a godsend. Stress free

hoffenberg | 14 August 2018

Every time I try to use it, it says not available...What am I doing wrong?

markcohen | 14 August 2018

Generally I get this message only for a few seconds if the car is in a spot where it can't see the lane. I am guessing that your car needs to calibrate the sensors like happens with a new car. I was told that this would happen within the first 100 miles of driving. For me it was much less than that.

hoffenberg | 14 August 2018


jimglas | 14 August 2018

Mine took about 30 miles to calibrate

burdogg | 14 August 2018

hoffenberg - make sure you have gone in and allowed autopilot by accepting the risks. I don't know how the free trial works, but it seems like you have to select autosteer in the settings and then accept the disclaimer. Did you do that?

hoffenberg | 14 August 2018

I did, but I honestly think that I misunderstand it. I started it on a regular road, without clear lines in the road...I did summon it properly, however, twice

burdogg | 14 August 2018

See if you can use it on a road with good markings - you should see a grey steering wheel appear when you are able to engage autopilot.

hoffenberg | 14 August 2018

Thanks....Will it make turns also, if navigation is on?

burdogg | 14 August 2018

No - that is a full self driving when they eventually get that. Enhanced Autopilot is just a driver assist - it works great at keeping you in your lane, even around curves etc...but you do have to keep your eyes on the road - as a driver assist, there are still edge cases that you do need to be prepared to take control on - rarely have I had to do that, and I have used it on some curvey roads :)
It will not stop at stop signs or stop lights either - again, that is full self driving feature. Some say it is pointless, but I would bet those same people have yet to really use it - as has been said, it does make long distance trips much less strenuous, as all you are doing is really making sure the car doesn't do anything weird. Without it, you don't realize how much mental capacity you use keeping the car in its lane at all times.

hoffenberg | 14 August 2018

Appreciate the help on this forum.....Thanks

burdogg | 14 August 2018

Anytime :) Let us know if you do get it working and issues or thoughts you have with it. I know I love mine, and I don't even have the stop and go traffic on the interstate where I live (but have used it in these scenarios and it really is worth every penny if you constantly had to drive in stop and go traffic)

Tropopause | 15 August 2018

Lots of info in the Owner’s Manual. Be safe! Have fun!

davidahn | 24 August 2018

+1 on is it useful to anyone. I’ve always used cruise control to avoid wasting time by unintentionally slowing and to avoid tickets by unintentionally speeding up. Laser distance keeping was an great advance to fixed CC, and lane keeping is the next step in the evolution of CC toward FSD. Definitely reduces driver fatigue when you’re supervising its driving rather than doing the driving. It’s like offloading some of your mundane systems so you can pay closer attention to your surroundings.

The nagging is way worse now than it was because of people NOT paying attention at all and causing major crashes, but I still miss AP a LOT when I’m in a non-AP car.

inconel | 25 August 2018

The increased nagging has actually had a positive effect for me.

Prior to the change I was not really paying attention on how to hold the steering wheel to avoid the infrequent nags, I would just jiggle the wheel whenever I saw the flashing alert. It was actually annoying after a while.

Now because of the much higher frequency I had to finally learn how to hold the wheel properly to avoid nags and I almost never have nags on long drive so it is even more relaxing for me now. What works for me is to hold the wheel with only my left hand at 9 or 10 pm and relax the arm to let it hang as a dead weight.

chelsey.hansen | 25 August 2018

I love my driver assist. I drive 45 miles to work and the last 15 of it are in stop and go traffic every day. I use the traffic aware cruise control to help keep me away from the car in front of me. I do use the auto steer during the early part of my drive but since I am in an area with a lot of motorcycles I prefer to control the cars place inside the lane in the stop and go traffic since motorcyclists can lane split in California.

wmyers | 25 August 2018

It's only worthwhile to me on the main stretch of interstate on my work commute. I get in the toll lane and it drives straight for about 20 miles. It does it pretty well...except when it likes to slam on the brakes when it sees the shadow of one particular overpass. For around the town driving it's more trouble and danger than it's worth. What I get is: 1) On the main road outside my housing community it limits its speed to 45 MPH and Tesla doesn't know why. It's a fairly straight two-lane-each-way divided highway where you could go 60mph safely (and most people do). 2) It likes to jerk left or right at times when it sees a turn lane. I've already had it in the shop once for this but they just upgraded firmware and that did nothing. 3) You have to stop yourself at lights if no one is in front of you. So you're constantly having to re-engage AP. Half the time it won't re-engage until it's really sure of it's surroundings. 4) Some roads it just gives up on. There's a road in my neighborhood that does a hard left turn on a curve. The AP gives up halfway through the turn and just sets off alarm bells. If I trusted it the car would run straight into the ditch/embankment.

So again, unless you have nice straight interstate...not worth the money and more dangerous than helpful.

burdogg | 26 August 2018

wmyers - you must have some unique situations. I use it on two lane highways through the Colorado mountains - yes, plenty of curves at 65-70 mph and have had no issues. I have used it going from CO clear down to southern AZ (not interstate, all 191 through moab, and down through Globe to Tucson) and had no issues as well.

So while your opinion is unsafe and not worth the money - I would buy it hands down again - and I don't have straight interstates to use it on :)

bonhari03 | 27 August 2018

We did not order the auto pilot option. I had a chance to try it on a loaner, thought it was cool a gadget but not worth the money for us. (My wife has control issues.) So when we received our car and the cruise control acted like any other car I was not surprised. I did miss the ability to dial in the number of lengths between cars. Now it works! The car still will not steer itself but I love that the car slows itself when traffic slows and returns to maximum set speed when it's all clear. I'm hoping it stays. this is how cruise control should have worked from the beginning.

hoffenberg | 27 August 2018

My feeling too. Nice asset, but not worth the cost

bonhari03 | 29 August 2018

The trial is over, you can purchase it for only $6500. Not sure I'm ready yet. Being retired it is harder to justify when we aren't in rush hour traffic on a regular basis.

hoffenberg | 29 August 2018

I enjoyed it, but minimal highway driving, so not cost effective

peter.pbconsulting | 30 August 2018

I bought a demo and it came with the basic Autopilot. I just completed a 4 day 3500km round trip and I have to say that it was the most relaxing journey I have ever driven. Granted most of the time I was on freeways, but I was at times in stop/go traffic but I estimate I had to take over or felt more comfortable driving for about 30 minutes of the 4 days of driving. It was fantastic!
I'm now going to upgrade to the Full Self Drive Autopilot