Guide to Elon Musk survival

Guide to Elon Musk survival

1) Please, do not commit suicide, the World needs you
2) Delete your Twitter account immediately.
3) Stop reading any article relating to your companies for 3 months
4) Delegate someone to resolve the SEC investigation
5) Take 1 month to leave with Grimes on your private jet to a private island and run/bike/swim 30 mins everyday to pump up endorphins to get back a normal sleep cycle
6) Bring your kids with you, they will make you forget everything about work, which is currently poisoning your survival
7) The Board will assign Shotwell to take care of things while you come back fresh.

Take it from a guy who has 2 companies, 4 young boys, works 90-110 hours a week, sleeps 3 hours a night, sometimes at work and who's been on vacation with his family for 2 weeks in camping, biking 70-130kms a day. You need to do that because you can't hold that rythm indefinitely.

Wish you the best of luck,

My wife wants you to get well too, not for the same reason as I do.
*disclosure: my wife holds TSLA stock

-Your Canadian MD

Tesla-David | 17 August 2018

Thanks, sound advice, hope he reads this and acts on it. I am absolutely sick of all the FUDarticlesand EM character hit pieces by scumbag so-called journalists.

Ross1 | 17 August 2018

Shotwell, yes.

peter.watson51 | 17 August 2018

Elon, Thank you for all your work. Tesla will be propelled forward because of you. You will find your sweet spot again. Soldier on, but make time for yourself☺

Tropopause | 17 August 2018

Get ready for Elon's grand-slam! Put those FUD'ster's out of their misery.

carlk | 20 February 2019

Annasmit spammer flaged.

carlk | 20 February 2019

Working is his vaction. No kidding!

reed_lewis | 21 February 2019

@carlk - Do you mean vacation or vocation?

TabascoGuy | 21 February 2019

How about voacation?

AnnaSmit | 22 February 2019

"Guide to Elon Musk survival"
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