Why are people surprised that they are trying to destroy a innovative car?Read your history it happened to Mr Tucker in 1948

Why are people surprised that they are trying to destroy a innovative car?Read your history it happened to Mr Tucker in 1948

This has nothing to do with electric cars but it is still relevant

Back in 1948 Mr Tucker made the most advanced car in history. Unfortunately he did not have the money to fight back and defend himself. I believe that Tesla would be put out of business the same way his competitors put Mr Tucker out of business.

Check out this Wikipedia article and you will see the similarities between what they did to Mr Tucker and what they are trying to do to Mr Musk

If you want to learn more after reading the Wikipedia article do a search about Preston Tucker's car.Things are a lot different now than they were in 1948 but the the similarities are still there because anything that threatens the states quote will be challenged by other manufactures.

David N | 18 August 2018

There was a movie made, I believe it’s simle called “Tucker”.
I got the DVD version for my father who remembers well the innovations that Tucker came out with and how existing car companies were utterly ruthless in stopping at nothing to see its demise. Sad.

Mike83 | 18 August 2018

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FactDoc | 18 August 2018

mos6507, what do you do for a living? you create car companies that give jobs to 20 000+ people? You lower I employment rates? You do volunteering for a local caritative to make the work better? Or are you one of those critics that keep writing and never produced anything positive into the real world?

Tesla-David | 18 August 2018

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SamO | 18 August 2018


Actually 40,000+ employees now.

The current crop of oligarchs missed their chance to drown Tesla before it grew up to build the most popular sedan in the United States.

The cake is made and it's busy baking while the children argue about who Uncle Elon loves best.

Want me to tell you a secret?

Your shorts are on fire.


ragtopday | 18 August 2018

Many years before the movie came out my father told me about the Tucker and that he had a deposit on one. I was so interested in the car I read the book and drove from Long Island to Pennsylvania to a car museum to see the car in person. I believe it was in the mid 1970s that I traveled to Harrahs car museum in Reno to see a Tucker up close.

My point is that there was a conspiracy to destroy the Tucker back in the 1940's and now instead of the car makers making a better product they prefer to destroy a superior vehicle. It is obvious that the same thing is being done to the Tesla today that was done to the Tucker. Follow the money, the manufactures pay magazines thousands dollars in revenues from adds they will do anything to see the company fail but fortunately Mr Tesla (AKA Elon Musk) is too smart and too rich to allow it to happen.

I AM IRON MAN | 18 August 2018

Often a person greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. Stubbornness can get you far but it can also ruin a person. Elon’s is his own greatest enemy. Not stupid shorts betting on his demise. It’s Elon’s unwillingness to say ‘No’ to stuff and as a result he loaded his company with way too much debt that gives dumb shorts a valid reason bet heavily against him. Steve Job understood both the importance of saying ‘No’ to projects he personally wanted to, but also learning that public ally unveiling products to early can also destroy a company as well.

rlwrw | 18 August 2018

I worked on the movie "Tucker, the Man and His Dream."
At the time, we had information that there were only 51 cars actually made, and it was rumored that Francis Ford Coppola, and George Lucas owned most of them.

mos6507 | 18 August 2018

[what do you do for a living?]

And what to do you? This always devolves into ad homs, doesn't it? You've got your opinions on the man and so do I. So we disagree. Deal with it and stop getting triggered.

FactDoc | 18 August 2018

Just finished watching the movie and I'm so proud I've never bought a car from the Big 3.

Now I understand why people hate the establishment

FactDoc | 18 August 2018

[And what to do you?]

What language do you speak?
Have you completed any school or any formation that gives any legitimacy to your opinion?

Did you ready Ashlee Vance biography on Musk? Did you read Tom's Waitbutwhy complete cover on Musk companies?

You have the right to your biaised uninformed opinion, just let other people know that it is a biaised uninformed one.

mos6507 | 19 August 2018

The opinions here are hardly unbiased.