Under the hood, an orange sticker sticks out that has a fireman's helmet icon

Under the hood, an orange sticker sticks out that has a fireman's helmet icon

When you open the frunk, there's this orange piece of sticker/paper with a red fireman's helmet icon. What's this?

lilbean | 26 August 2018

It’s for the first responders to guide them to the proper places to cut the cable to disconnect the high voltage battery for their safety.

lilbean | 26 August 2018

So they don’t electrocute themselves while using the jaws of life.

Rutrow 3 | 26 August 2018

It's a firefighter's helmet.

Women wear it too. :-)

rykemapo | 26 August 2018

On a related note, the frunk can be opened from the exterior of the car without any key. That's why it's important to never leave valuables in the frunk.

Rt002k | 26 August 2018

rykemapo - how?

Rutrow 3 | 26 August 2018

rykemapo, don't tell. It's knowledge that needs to stay with first responders only*

*I know that's futile. :-(

bj | 26 August 2018

Lots of videos on YouTube on how to do it. Can even be done with a 9V battery, apparently.

dalesmith1962 | 26 August 2018

But only if the onboard 12V battery is already dead.

kaffine | 26 August 2018


It has been shown that the 12v battery doesn't have to be dead for the frunk to be opened with the bypass.

djharrington | 26 August 2018

Correct, this function is alive and well even if the 12V is healthy. It does activate the alarm as soon as the frunk opens, but the valuables would be gone.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 August 2018

Tesla EV Safety Training (37:07)
[ YouTube -- ntK3rvVl2Qw ]

Tesla Model X First Responder Training -- Advanced Extrication (22:10)
[ YouTube -- D4peF1EYke8 ]

rykemapo: Great suggestion for those of us that own 'valuables'. Most of my stuff is more appropriately called 'junk'. ;-)

mwithersit | 10 October 2019

I have noticed in another forum that people are hearing this tag flap while driving given some circumstances, when it flaps, it flaps loud enough to be heard in the cab.

Can I cut this tag off without any repercussions? Or at least have an option to tape it down?

MadOverlord | 10 October 2019

Do not remove the tag. It is important that emergency responders be able to easily and quickly render the car safe. Tacking it down with a little scotch tape should be fine. Positioning it so that a corner of the tag is visible when the cover panel is in place is a good idea.

Tesla has a guide for emergency responders here:

Cutting the loop not only safes the high-voltage systems, it also disables any undeployed airbags.

I had to visit the local fire station on unrelated business and they were very interested in taking a look to confirm the training video's they'd seen. They were all gleefully figuring out the exact angles they'd use to rip the hood of the car off to get to the loop.