Left Turn Signal Issues

Left Turn Signal Issues

I took delivery of my Model 3 today, and have noticed that the left turn signal isn’t acting correctly. Regardless of how far you depress the stalk, you can only get a constant signal. It also doesn’t seem to deactivate after a turn, and will activate when trying to cancel out the right signal. I’m coming from a BMW, so I’m used to partially depressing the stalk for a short signal. The right turn signal works just fine too. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so, what was the fix?

mntlvr23 | 7 September 2018

The way to most easily cancel a signal is to push the stalk in the same direction again. (If you pull down for a left signal, you can pull down again to cancel - versus pulling up which might activate the right signal if you go too far)

Ryanroark10 | 7 September 2018

Thanks! I’ll try that in the mean time until they can get it fixed. I feel like an idiot driving down the road with my signals going crazy.

dean | 8 September 2018

There’s another thread a few days ago about the same thing. I have this exact problem too.

sduck409 | 8 September 2018

Sounds like a hardware issue. You should definitely get the half press/3 flashes behavior, same as the right side. Both sides SHOULD work the same way. If it doesn't contact service, it should be an easy fix.

Ryanroark10 | 8 September 2018

Thanks everyone! I contacted my service center and they opened a ticket with their mobile team. Still waiting to hear from them though.

slipsey | 9 September 2018

They are replacing my stalk module tomorrow...make sure they have the part before you go in...

rickoliver | 10 September 2018

I have the exact same problem. Drives me crazy. I have an appointment with Tesla coming up in October-ish, is there a way to accelerate the solution by contacting them ahead of time?

jjt2122 | 10 September 2018

Oh wow, I have the same issue.
Look at my video to see it

My M3 has been at the service center for almost 3 weeks having all kinds of stuff fixed and replaced

nttesla | 14 September 2018

Ours does the same thing. Have a service appointment on Wednesday.

jhn | 14 September 2018

ditto. Just picked up today and thought I was going crazy. People behind me must have thought I was incompetent. Right, no left, no right, then left again...finally off.

faisal.kamal | 14 September 2018

mine does the same thing, but opposite towards the right signal long press doesn't stay on!
going to make an appointment too!

slipsey | 17 September 2018

FYI, it took them three replacements of my stalk module before they found one that would work...definitely a real problem....I was lucky that they had 3 in stock, intending to replace them on two other cars also, they used them all for mine!

Ryanroark10 | 28 September 2018

Well, the mobile service team replaced my steering control module on 9/19, which fixed the issue. However, starting 9/27, the problem has come back. I'm starting to think the module might be shaking loose, or located in a place it's easily getting damaged by something.

jithesh | 28 September 2018

just curious why does the left/right signal needs a stalk and not just have 2 simple buttons on steering wheel ?

smarisetty | 28 September 2018

I am still getting used to it and trying to figure out things. I will check on mine and see if it has the same issue. In general, the turn indicator system overall seems a bit non-intuitive. I posted on other thread on the turn signals, mirror visibility etc.

JBishop | 28 September 2018

Have the same issue. The right signal works fine, but the left signal always turns on fully unless I barely press the stalk down. Turning off the left signal is cumbersome as well. Have a service appointment Tuesday for some other issues as well so they said they'll likely have my car for a week.

spazzwig | 28 September 2018

Aye, my local SC (Rocklin, CA) has seen a few of these. I'm in the queue for the control module replacement, so far the only issue I've found.

scott | 28 September 2018

I have the same problem. Waiting for mobile service to call to schedule a visit.

marije | 30 September 2018

Mine is doing the same, glad to hear it's not me! Right signal works fine, left does not have "tap" option for lane change, and doesn't turn off after full push. Have to manually turn it off, which often leads to unintentionally turning on the right turn signal.

davidraph | 30 September 2018

same problem, left turn signal and paint on the front bumper.
I don't see others for the moments.

scott | 1 October 2018

I have a service appointment Tuesday to troubleshoot. The service technician was unfamiliar with this problem.

paul | 1 October 2018

Same left signal problem here, waited an hour on the phone to be told they are "working on it "and will contact me.

SinfoniaSam | 1 October 2018

Wow, I have the same problem. Car is currently at the service center so I hope they can fix it. Sounds like a wide-spread problem. Probably a batch of bad parts from a vendor.

HalliBee | 1 October 2018

Yep, me too. Can someone update us on what they say at the Service Center?

HalliBee | 1 October 2018

Yep, me too. Can someone update us on what they say at the Service Center?

bj | 1 October 2018

Maybe this is a new federal requirement under Trump. Left turns are no longer permitted, only right turns.

taimuihongmd | 2 October 2018

Me too. Having the same problem with left turn signal.

wayne | 2 October 2018


ColoDriver | 2 October 2018

I thought mine was doing the same thing but then I noticed I pull down on the stalk with multiple fingers, but only flip the stalk up with the back of one or two. Because the pushing motion is not as strong as the pulling one it's easier for me to hit the "three flash" detent when signalling right. It appears that the turn signal stalk has equal force both up and down and it might be better if down was stronger than up.

Once I figure all that out (thanks rush hour traffic!) I'm being more conscious of the turn signals until I develop new muscle memory. But that's just me and my car, your mileage and turn signals my vary.

IronSinew | 2 October 2018

This is definitely a pervasive issue and I'm having it as well. The blinker stalk is the only thing that I haven't absolutely loved so far. Scheduled my service to (hopefully) fix this blinker issue

lbowroom | 2 October 2018

Yes, you can work around the problem by training yourself to barely touch it for left signal but it's clearly not the design intent. Something is wrong with it.

Rt002k | 2 October 2018

Give your car to Derek Zoolander. It may help him turn left.

geno.kearney | 2 October 2018

Same problem here. Very annoying. I'm going to try to get used to it. I hate the thought of them pulling out my steering column to fix it. Wish they could fix it with an update, but I guess that's unlikely.

HotToddy | 2 October 2018

Same. I was never able to get 3 flashes with the left, it was either continuous or nothing. Right I had no problem. Emailed for a ranger request (long distance from service center), waiting for a response.

geno.kearney | 3 October 2018

I can get just the 3 flashes if I just barely lightly push down on it. That's what makes me think it's mechanical. I do enough old guy stuff. I don't want to be driving around with my left turn signal on.

btappan | 3 October 2018

New Model 3 owner as of last weekend - exactly as described by many of you; I have to barely / gently push down to allow the left turn signal to only blink 3 times. Very, very different than right turn signal procedure / pressure.

has anyone had a Tesla service center acknowledge this as an issue / confirm the fix?

JBishop | 3 October 2018

Talked to Tesla service today. They replaced the steering control module in my 3 to fix the left turn signal issue. I would assume since I’m picking it up tomorrow that this fixed the issue, but I’ll verify tomorrow and post an update.

bowie.greg | 3 October 2018

Got my car Sep. 22 and had exact same issue. They fixed it today. Picking it up on the 4th. Great service.

lbowroom | 3 October 2018

No one's pulling out the steering column to replace the signal stalk. This isn't 1950.

SinfoniaSam | 4 October 2018

My car is currently in the service center for a few issues. I'll be sure to report back what the issue was and how it was fixed.

JBishop | 4 October 2018

Got my 3 back today after they replaced the steering control module. Blinkers are working perfectly and exactly the same on both sides.

Push to the stop does a 3 blink
Push past the stop turns signal on fully
Push to stop turns blinker off if already on
Push to stop and hold turns blinker on until you release.

All working as expected.

kaushikruparel | 5 October 2018

Same issue here as well. car built 9/18, plan to include this to my list of issues to be checked out at my service appointment next week.

kclee.chris | 6 October 2018

I just dropped my car off this morning to SC (Bellevue, WA) for this issue - the dude said that it's a widespread problem and they're aware of it. Replacing the module has fixed the problem for some people, but not everyone. He was also hopeful that the new software update would also fix it, but he wasn't sure. Sounded like he didn't want to just throw a new module on there for that very reason.

Here's his text from today:
"We actually received an update yesterday that Tesla is developing a new part for the steering column control module. The software fix upcoming may work for some cars, but not all. With that in mind I've requested that a new part be assigned to your vehicle so once they release it we'll be able to get that installed for you if the software update doesn't do the trick."

I'm picking it up in a couple days, will report back!

brianchi73 | 7 October 2018

Same problem here as of Day 1. :-( I think it worked correctly 3 or 4 times and never again. If you have EAP fully engaged then of course it will attempt the lane change too thinking that you've pushed it all the way down.

xiangdong.xu | 8 October 2018

Same issue here and it's fixed by replacing the steering column control module and updating firmware at the dealer in Highland Park, IL. So far it works nicely!

peterjun | 12 October 2018

The problem with the continuously blinking turn signal is with autopilot. It did a couple lane changes in succession since the left turn signal was “stuck”

marshall.stanton | 16 October 2018

Just received my model 3 Saturday. Same issue here and the update did not fix it. I'll probably just deal with it until it gets too annoying as it sounds like y'all booked the service dept up already. (;¬_¬)

dnhill | 17 October 2018

Same issue. I was informed that the part is not in stock and they will get to me whenever the part comes in. I reported the issue about two weeks ago.

joncartermd | 17 October 2018

Took delivery a week ago. Having exact same issue. Thanks everyone for posting - it is helpful to know others having the same problem and that a fix exists.

brianchi73 | 17 October 2018

I had an appointment last Friday in Highland Park, IL. I called at 11 AM to see if the parts were in stock because I told them that I didn't want to drop the car off and just have it sitting there waiting for parts. They said the parts were in. 4 hours later when I showed up (after a 45 minute drive)....suddenly the parts were not there. Grrrrrrr....

I had them transfer the ticket to the Chicago location on West Grand and I contacted them on Monday. The good news is that they turned it into a mobile service ticket, so when the parts are in they will come to me and fix it. At least after wasting 3 hours of my time they'll come to me to fix it. :-/