110 - 220V Mobile Charger Stopped Working

110 - 220V Mobile Charger Stopped Working

Note: I've searched the forums and have not found a single thread about it not working. I've created a case with Tesla support yesterday. I'll update as I receive more information from them.

Since I've received the car, I've been using the mobile connector for almost every day charging. Yesterday, it suddenly stopped working and I'm wondering if it's now defective. I use an extension cord to reach my vehicle.

Troubleshooted the following:

Able to power other items from the 110 sockets.
Removed extension cord and plugged the mobile connector directly to socket - not working

Any ideas?

Teslaguy | 12 September 2018

We can’t fix it. See service

Frank99 | 12 September 2018

Sounds like your UMC has failed. Not a common occurrence at all - Service will take care of you.

Rocky_H | 12 September 2018

I've heard of this just a couple of times. Sometimes 1 out of XXXX electronics devices has an early failure. It's the nature of stuff; they'll replace it.

spuzzz123 | 12 September 2018

Covered under warranty. Check your max charge limit settings before you call it in though. I swear it happened to me once where by itself, the maximum came down to my current charge level. When I tried to charge it, nothing happened and I thought it was a broken connector.

SUN 2 DRV | 12 September 2018

Also worth verifying (if possible) that your car can charge OK from another AC based source like a J-1772 public charger or a Tesla destination charger.