Diver Who Helped With Thai Cave Rescue Sues Elon Musk for Calling Him a 'Pedo'

Diver Who Helped With Thai Cave Rescue Sues Elon Musk for Calling Him a 'Pedo'

Here is the TIME artcle.

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SCCRENDO | 17 September 2018

$75k is small change to Elon. But I think it was poor judgment to pick this kind of fight. I could care less about this as it should not affect Tesla except it may get some to question the judgement of Elon. At this point he should pay up or negotiate a deal, apologize and move on. We all have bigger fish to fry. Perhaps Elon could offer him a Tesla instead of a payment. That would be a good ad. Perhaps that is what the diver wants judging by the size of the lawsuit ask.

carlk | 17 September 2018

Not sure what kind of lawyers would even pick up a small case like that. Probably just want Elon to pay up and go away but you never know.

If this is worthy of a lawsuit Trump should have been sued thousands of times already.

SCCRENDO | 17 September 2018

@carlk. It looks like the diver may not have much of a reputation to defend. Perhaps he is looking for a Performance Model 3 and is willing to negotiate down to a base Short Range Model 3 and try hold out for EAP and FSD

SamO | 17 September 2018

1. Elon, without evidence, should not call another person a "pedo" no matter how much of an asshole this guy is,

2. If there is evidence, Elon should release it.

3. If not, he should pay the claim.

3. Vern is not a "cave diver." He was not a rescue diver. He never entered the cave while it was flooded.

4. He was a spelunker. Please change the title OP.

rxlawdude | 17 September 2018

You guys realize that when he called him a "pedo," Elon was speaking Spanish.

Hardly suit-worthy claiming someone called you a fart.

Rocky_H | 17 September 2018

I don't get how there's even merit to this. The sequence of events was:
1. He insulted Musk
2. Musk insulted him back
3. Musk apologized.

Has that guy apologized yet, or is he just suing?

SamO | 17 September 2018

ha ha ha love it @rx

By the way Audi e-tron (étron) in french means turd.

jerrykham | 17 September 2018

@Rocky_H - AFTER Musk apologized, he doubled-down and called him a Pedo again. This was recently. If he would have left it alone the guy said he wouldn't sue. But since Musk went back at it, he has to deal with the suit. Musk should never have said it in the first place even though it is well known that many westerners do indeed go to Thailand for exactly that; I think the news had a term for it something like pedo-tourism or the like and Thailand's government has been cracking down on it. Even so, you can't assume that everyone is there for that. You especially don't go and do it again after apologizing.

gmccullough | 17 September 2018

as for the amount being low and offering him a car:

Unsworth is seeking at least $75,000 of compensatory damages "plus unspecified punitive damages" in his complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. The Hertfordshire County resident said he also plans to file a second lawsuit with the High Court of London for reputational damage suffered in the United Kingdom.

suing for punitive damages, and suing a second time in the UK, could add up to a fairly large amount. Mr Musk has the money, so that isn't an issue, but this isn't a fight a major company should be involved in. hopefully there is a lesson learned.


lilbean | 17 September 2018

+1 lawdude!

Rocky_H | 17 September 2018

@jerrykham, Oh that's right. I did forget that he did it again. The second time was barely reported on.

SCCRENDO | 17 September 2018

So perhaps he is going for the roadster. Perhaps I should get Elon to insult me. I could also do with new signature Roadster

IflyI95 | 17 September 2018

Elon has got to lay off the pot, dude!

carlk | 17 September 2018

rxlawdude Good one. Elon should hire you to appear in court for him.

carlk | 17 September 2018

rxlawdude Good one. Elon should hire you to appear in court for him.

rxlawdude | 17 September 2018

"he also plans to file a second lawsuit with the High Court of London for reputational damage"

He'll be lucky to get one red fart-hing.

calvin940 | 17 September 2018

@SamO, The title is the actual article title from TIME and not my words.

It's weird though as all the press refer to him as a cave diver and suggest he was instrumental in saving the folks that were trapped. Where are these writers getting that info?

It definitely seemed like a small amount for this type of thing. Not sure what is going on there but it's this kind of thing that distracts from Tesla's mission and erodes both Elon and Tesla in my opinion. He really should refrain from being bated both publically and in email exchanges. There is no value in those types of exchanges much like there is no real value in engaging trolls.

calvin940 | 17 September 2018

Actually it's weird. The TIME RSS feed's title was the one I pasted but the actual TIME title is worded differently but then the url text again has cave diver.

I am changing the post subject to reflect the actual TIME article title though.

Ross1 | 17 September 2018

I think the man provided his mapping records without which the kids would not have been found nor rescued.

@SCCR: We agree Elon is not dumb. There may be more to this.
Perhaps Elon baited him so he can bring out evidence to save Thailand and the planet from pedos. Stay tuned.

And if a judgment was awarded against Elon personally, he is paid the minimum wage, or $1, or nothing. Interesting.

SCCRENDO | 17 September 2018

@ross1. I think Elon was just speaking his mind. And he said what most of us probably think anyway. However in leadership positions you need to be diplomatic. And from that standpoint he has said some dumb things lately.

efuseakay | 17 September 2018

Good for that guy. Elon needs to check his attitude.

saxxon | 17 September 2018

I understand where Elon's logic is on the comment given the Thai subculture and Europeans that go there to take advantage of it. But its really a law enforcement issue, that I believe is being pursued to curtail the crime.

Wasn't the best tack in response to the diver's dismissal of Musk's offer of assistance, but I can understand his irritation.

greg | 17 September 2018

We'll see if it ever gets to trial.
I doubt the truth will ever emerge unless it does.

Musk was clear when he repeated the claim to "check the guys background".

So he obviously thinks there is something there to be surfaced. And its likely no diver.

But likely like the second series of American Vandal, everyone involved will be lucky if they come out of it only covered in shit.

Anyway, I think Musk is a smart guy, and has some pretty smart lawyers on his side so he will make the right call.

Ross1 | 18 September 2018

my mantra here, that was:

To think like a genius you need to be a genius.

I am not seeing that this is simple. EM has probably done several million calcs p/sec and has a game of chess to play this guy.

There are some people that we can well moniker "Mr Policeman"
I tend to go there.
@JT is so typical a Mr Policeman.
@SCCR: I think so: prove me wrong?
EM is Mr Policeman on a universe scale. He has an ulterior motive even to simple things, and it is usually to save humanity.

IflyI95 | 18 September 2018

Oh dear God!

David N | 18 September 2018

I get the feeling there’s more to this whole story then what we’ve read/heard.
Why the initial negative comment from the guy towards Elon. Did they even know each other?
Why would someone critize someone for trying to help? Why the personal attack towards Elon on the initial response?
How does Elon know about this guys past in Thailand? I mean there were a lot of volunteers helping, why this guy?
Hmmmm, something is going on, time will tell.
But in the end, I hope Elon tempers his comments.
Then again, Elon is known for speaking his mind when critized or attacked.

SamO | 6 December 2019


"Elon Musk Is Cleared in Lawsuit Over His ‘Pedo Guy’ Tweet A jury found that the Tesla billionaire did not defame a cave explorer in a dispute over a rescue effort in Thailand last year."

SO | 6 December 2019


SCCRENDO | 6 December 2019

Glad Elon won the lawsuit. And the amount the guy was claiming was outrageous. However I also grew up in South Africa and “pedo guy” was not a common term. Anybody who called someone “Pedo Guy” would be visiting a dentist to get his teeth put back. I think Elon used a Trump defense and got away with it. Unfortunately we will see this kind of defense in the Trump impeachment trial and the Republican Senators will swallow it.

The world is full of stupid people. They end up on juries, the vote in elections and the end up in Congress and the Senate.

Mark K | 6 December 2019

Hey calvin940, time to update the op headline.

SamO | 6 December 2019

Actually, they polled the jury afterwards and since Elon’s tweet didn’t name who he was referring to, there wasn’t enough specificity for Pedo Guy to be identified.

(Sad trombone)

rxlawdude | 6 December 2019

The justice system worked.

WW_spb | 6 December 2019

Great news. Stock will be up on Monday

SamO | 6 December 2019

I like juries.

blue adept | 6 December 2019

Diver Unsworth's suit was found to be...un-worth-y.

See what I did there?

rxlawdude | 6 December 2019

@blue LOL.

Shesmyne2 | 6 December 2019

Good for Elon.
‘Cept it wasn’t a very nice thing to say.
Watch your words.

Still Grinning ;-)

NKYTA | 6 December 2019

190M hit job.

45minutes, much lower than average for a jury, one would guess.