"Advanced Summon" to arrive in ~6 weeks ... hope so!

"Advanced Summon" to arrive in ~6 weeks ... hope so!

As per Elon, Tesla should be an introducing advanced version of its existing Summon feature in ~6 weeks. Just in time for the holidays and I just hope this update sticks to its expected timeline :)

Interesting times ahead ...

Johndkinney | 16 December 2018

It has been six weeks. Any news of Advanced Summon?

RES IPSA | 16 December 2018

Does "Advanced Summon" equate to Summon that actually works?

ebmcs03 | 16 December 2018

LoL make current summon more reliable first.

Hot.Rod | 17 December 2018

Never had issues with summon in its current version. Always use LTE signal (avoid WiFi) and you should be all good! :)

casun | 17 December 2018

make summon great again

syclone | 17 December 2018

Everybody has to understand that - genius that he is - Elon's perception of time is changed by his current mind bending drug of choice.

wiboater4 | 17 December 2018

I used summon 2 weeks ago and was able to move the car while I was inside a house from about 200 feet away from the car. So I'd say they must have done some improving on it. and it seems to work better now than when I first got the car but I did buy a better phone also.

hokiegir1 | 17 December 2018

I was hoping this was a new update -- which would mean that Advanced Summon may be coming out around the time I will probably get my car back. :/