How to prevent heater from going on

How to prevent heater from going on

I would assume heating uses more energy than cooling. Is there a way to have the car on automatic temperature, yet prevent it from heating? In the words, only cool to this temperature, but don't turn on heater to achieve it? Or at least know it is heating so you could turn it off.

billtphotoman | 6 November 2018

Some of the forum experts may correct me but I think the answer is no and this is a frequently requested feature.

lbowroom | 6 November 2018

I think the logic there is that if the cabin needs heat, the batteries probably do too. No point in heating the batteries and depriving the cabin.

derotam | 6 November 2018

Cabin heating and battery heating in the 3 are different independent systems.

CST | 6 November 2018

1. Turn off climate control.
2. See temp to low, adjust fan to 1 and possible change output location.

normandcamire | 6 November 2018

It would be nice if it would show whether the climate control is in heating or cooling mode by the color of the fan icon. Red or Orange for heating and Blue for cooling. Maybe also Green for climate control ON (fan) but no active heating and cooling and White when the Climate control is turned OFF.

Carl Thompson | 6 November 2018

"Cabin heating and battery heating in the 3 are different independent systems."

Are you sure about that? i thought that both cabin and battery heat were both provided by the motor?

That also makes me wonder if having the heat on affects motor performance?

windfall2 | 6 November 2018

I like the suggestion about the fan icon changing color

jordanrichard | 6 November 2018

Nothing affects the motor, it is the battery that is affected by its condition. Meaning, if it is too cold or too hot, the amount of power it can discharge to the motor will be reduced. Also if it is too cold, it won’t take on full re-gen.

The primary heating for the interior is the same as the S and X and that is via a resistive heater. What the 3 has that is different is the method in which the battery pack is heated. Whereas the S and X have a seperate heater, the 3 uses the motor.

I really don’t understand the concern about energy usage from using heat. If you want the car to be say 70 degs, then let the car do what it has to, to maintain that.

I have had my Model S 85 for over years, having gone through 4 winters here in CT and never once used Energy save mode, much less trying to trick the climate control. | 6 November 2018

Or you could move to south Florida...

beachmiles | 15 October 2019

Please add a heater toggle button while in manual mode.
Ideally add heater off mode, level 1 reuse battery heat in cabin only, or level 2 / max kW to use for cabin heating.

spuzzz123 | 15 October 2019

I think toggle already exists right? Push and hold (for a moment) the fan icon and it will turn off your climate control. Push and hold the icon again and it will toggle it back on using same manual setting you had on before. I could be wrong but thought that was the case. Your “ideally” seems a little complicated and not sure why it really needs to be there.

hokiegir1 | 15 October 2019

@Spuzz - I'd love a "fan only" setting. We're at the temps here where the heat will turn on, but all I really want is moving air without the noise (so, no windows). If I turn it down a few degrees, it can get too cold (especially when I get to "low") because the AC still kicks on. To be able to select fan only and not have the heat kick on would be helpful.

HighlandPony | 15 October 2019

I would like a scavenge heat only button. This would provide some cabin heating but only use waste heat to do so. It wouldn’t eat into your range.

spuzzz123 | 15 October 2019

@hokie - I hear ya. My press-and-hold method doesn’t work for that. It just toggles on and off climate control to whatever setting you last set. So if the cabin is cool it may turn on the heat. Sometimes complex interfaces outthink themselves. I remember old ice days when it was super simplistic to turn on fan only.

Effopec | 15 October 2019

Yeah, ICE vehicles don't need the heat button because heating is free. With an EV it eats into your range. I'd love to have both heat and AC toggles along with small red and blue indicators on the main screen to tell you if one of them is engaged at the time. Or something that shows you whether one or the other is disabled. Shouldn't be too hard to do.

beachmiles | 15 October 2019
coleAK | 15 October 2019

Can’t you just set the temp to “Lo” and turn off AC?

But really I’m with you @Jordanrichard, this entire thread is fairly ridiculous in my mind, in in Alaska and had our 3 for just over a year, never have I thought of not heating the car. Probably because range would be approaching 0 miles with the inside of the glass frozen solid. It’s currently 14F at my house and I’ll be driving today with the climate set to 67 Auto.

hokiegir1 | 15 October 2019

@coleAK - Difference in temps. Here in GA, mornings are now in the 55-65 range, which is plenty comfortable temperature wise, but I prefer to have some moving air. I just don't need it heated or cooled, and constantly adjusting it to adapt is annoying.

coleAK | 15 October 2019

@hokie haha those are summer temps in Alaska. Most of the summer I keep the temp set to LO, fan 1, and AC off. That series works very well in temps 50-65. But in GA don’t you need the AC on also to reduce the humidity?

mazers | 15 October 2019

@hokiegirl, I've long wished for a 'vent' button that just let in outside air without cooling/heating. You know, like the old cars have.

hokiegir1 | 15 October 2019

Yup. I keep the AC button on, fan between 2 and 4 most of the time, and if I'm trying to cool the car, I'll set the temp to 64 or 66....but some mornings, that's enough to start blowing warm air, even though I don't really need it. I don't like to do LO as that tends to get too cold (unless it's 90+ outside...). That's why I'd like an independent "don't use heat" button. :)

And we just got back from our Alaskan cruise and LOVED it. Hubby is already planning on going back and spending more time in some places...and we may need to make it up to Anchorage that time. :)

roger.klurfeld | 15 October 2019

Regarding independent systems for cabin, battery, and electronics temperature regulation: Don't forget the super bottle. Tesla Model 3 has one cooling system for all those area that require temperature regulation. Check out for an interesting background video.

beachmiles | 15 October 2019

It appears I got some bad Intel, I thought there was "free" motor/battery heat avail to the cabin in the M3 but it sounds like we only have direct cabin heating available.
This makes the cabin heater off button / cabin temp range option even easier.