Texas Registration Woes

Texas Registration Woes

Like the topic says. Here are the nuts and bolts of the issue:

Our Model 3 was received on 28 Aug, everything was fine and wonderful.

Turns out our Model 3 was previously "matched" to another and the temp plates started back then.

Our Temp plates ran out on Oct 28th, we look into it and discover that was the end of our 90 days of temp plates.

A week later we FINALLY got in touch with the service center manager, he was as helpful as he could be, set us up with a rental while things get fixed.

Now, no one will reply, call back, make any contact with us.

What are we supposed to do? The first week in Nov, we opened a "case" with Tesla via the support number, no replies. Left messages/emails with the Sales guy, only reply we get is "its not my job". The Service Center manager seems to have his hands tied due to legal craziness in Texas.

Who can we turn to? Why do we have a garage decoration that can't be legally driven that we are paying for and paying insurance on? Who has the answers?

dalesmith1962 | 8 November 2018

Call Ted Cruz. He should be able to help you. On second thought don’t do that. He’ll probably add a $500 tax on your car.

He sees no reason for EVs since he thinks climate change is a hoax.

Sorry about your problem. I hope you get it resolved.

Thirdy | 8 November 2018

I hope I will not deal with this kind of problem when my car is delivered hopefully next week. We’ll see.

hello | 8 November 2018

Can you please help us understand more detail about the problem? Will the state not allow you to register the vehicle and get permanent plates? Maybe that is implied??

afcop2 | 8 November 2018

I hope my issue does not turn out similar to yours. I took delivery 9/7. I am on my 3rd temp plates that will expire 11/22. This past week the delivery orientation manager at the Dallas delivery center sent me an email stating that the "safety inspection" for my vehicle need to be redone, as Tesla's database of safety inspections that reports to the DMV went nuts at the end of quarter rush. I had the safety inspection completed yesterday and Tesla emailed me FedEx label to send it to them via FedEx overnight...

vegie247 | 8 November 2018

So our issue seems to have stemmed from the fact that our vehicle was "matched" to another person, then "re-matched" to us. The temp plates started at the original "matching"

Our issue is the complete lack of communication from Tesla in this matter, we have gotten with the service/delivery center manager, and it seems he is doing what he can. Follow up, ETA, and resolution steps are sorely lacking.

LostInTx | 8 November 2018

Yea, your situation has nothing to do with the car being purchased and delivered in Texas. This is just a Tesla issue. I picked up my car in Houston and yes, went through a couple temp tags before getting my license plate and registration.

And it has nothing to do with Ted Cruz winning or Beto O'Rourke losing. But nice missive.

squadri | 8 November 2018

Another problem unique to Texas is when you get your registration sticker with your license plates, the sticker is valid for only one year instead of 2 years (when purchasing any other car via dealers). I was told by DMV and tesla that 2 year stickers are only possible when car is purchased thru dealership go figure

garretn | 8 November 2018

@squadri - Hmmm that doesn't sound right. Did you look at your registration receipt to make sure the dollars charged to you match what Tesla paid?

vegie247 | 8 November 2018

I wish that was the problem. Right now we have a car sitting in the garage that has nothing tied to the registration. If only we could get consistent feedback from Tesla in the matter.

abalsone | 8 November 2018

Not sure where you’re at in Texas but my temp plates almost expired in Houston before I got my Texas plates and I went to the Houston service center to ask about how to deal with it. There was a girl there I spoke with that said she could print me a new temp if my old one actually expired before I got my permanent. It didn’t come to that though.

vegie247 | 8 November 2018

Funny you said that, here in Austin we are being told there is a limit on the temp tags. Apparently our vehicle was previously assigned to another person and we have used up the 90 days worth of temp tags.

The service center basically gave us an "oh well"

The real question is why, despite the numerous attempts to reach Tesla, they haven't contacted us with an actual solution.

ODWms | 8 November 2018

My temp tag expired, and I had to get another from Tesla. For some reason my registration, tag and title are still MIA after 5 weeks.

LilBit08 | 14 November 2018

@squadri I was just wondering about the one year registration issue in Texas. I ordered vanity plates and I didn't notice that the registration sticker was only valid for one year until the rep gave me my new plates and sticker. When I inquired why the registration sticker expired in 2019 instead of 2020 on the new vehicle, I was basically told because that's what the previous registration sticker was set to expire. I'm going to pull out my paperwork like @garretn suggested to see if the amount that Tesla paid matches what was on my receipt from the DMV.

ODWms | 14 November 2018

I finally received my permanent license plate from Tesla after having called them. Apparently, they needed me to re send them my insurance info. I re sent it and my tag and registration came on Monday via FedEx. I'm in Florida.

texxx | 17 November 2018

It could be worse... I just got a Fedex from TX DMV with a new temp tag and a letter saying they had assigned me a temp tag that was reported stolen, and please change tags immediately!

Drove for almost two weeks with that tag. Feeling really lucky I didn't get stopped. If you've seen how PD handles stolen vehicle stops you know how aggressive they can be.

billdragon | 17 November 2018

Picked up my m3 9-27 and when I called the service center in Houston a couple of weeks ago, they told me if they expire, they have on oct. 27th, I could turn the plate over and it was good for another 30 days.

Sure enough the back of th plate doesn't expire until nov 27th. I am still driving with the oct. 27th expiration showing. I guess if I get stopped, I'll show the policeman my backside. haha

bentzma | 12 December 2018

I’m on my 3rd temp tag here in San Antonio and I was told I could only get 3. This wasn’t an issue with my Model S so I wonder why it’s a problem on my 3. I hope this gets resolved soon.

Firewired | 13 December 2018

We are San Antonio and my wife took delivery of her M3 on 9/11 and got her tags in 3 and 1/2 weeks. I took delivery of mine 9/22 and was just given my fourth set of temp tags yesterday to carry me through 01/25. I was told by someone at the dealership that certain counties, especially Bexar were blocking all Tesla registrations since the end of September. He stated that the Tesla DMV division had resolved the issue and registrations were supposed to be restarted as of yesterday. He didn't say why or what the issue was.

As a third data point my sister took delivery of her M3 in El Paso beginning of October and also received her plates after a month.

Effopec | 13 December 2018

I took delivery in Dallas on 10/24. First temp tag set to expire next week, but received plates in mail yesterday! Since it is mid December it would have been nice to get a December expiration, but oh well. I guess I've got to put that ugly front plate frame on now, and that stupid window sticker.

ILoveMyModel3 | 13 December 2018

I'm in Dallas, TX and I took delivery of my TM3 on 9/29 and I received my Texas tags from the DMV on 11/20.

noli258 | 11 February 2019

San Antonio here. Paid for my M3 on 10/2018..took delivery on 11/1/2018 and have gone through 3 temp tags so here I am in Feb 2019. Emailed back and forth with my very helpful Tesla rep, she had me contact the city tax office who told me they had no record of my registration being submitted. Contacted Tesla and they gave me a tracking number....called the tax office back and after some time, finally found my paper work but it had been shelved because Tesla did not send the right amount of Fee for the registration. So here I was waiting when this could've been resolved months ago. My question to you...can I still get my tax credit if my vehicle was purchased in October of 2018 but not registered until Feb/Mar of 2019? This has been frustrating.

teslacar | 11 February 2019

I feel better knowing someone has it worse than I, sorry.

I got a ticket because the city cop did not believe the california temp registration my Tesla came with was really a registration. I went to the DMV, they said I don't meed a Montana temp registration because other state's are honored if you bought the car from there. They gave me a Montana temporary registration anyway when I explained I had been cited.

I gathered my evidence, the court date came, the cop changed his story to; I had no sticker (that I removed from the rear window and let him inspect, then put it back) The judge Just asked if it was licensed now, (done, as planned as soon as paperwork came) She said "Case Dismissed" Yes, best case scenario, but I really wanted to use all that evidence I had gathered!!

My new knowledge from this is: If cited, you have the opportunity to plead guilty and pay the fine, or post a bond up front otherwise you can't have your case heard. The number was small enough for me to handle, but it seems un-American. What if I did nothing wrong, but didn't have the cash? I'm sure some people don't have it quickly available.

Thanks for the good venting, I do have empathy for your predicament.

Don't the Texas politicians always demand :Free Enterprise"? They are not afraid of a little competition from an American car company like Tesla are they? (giving you a local showroom to assist you).

rharrack | 17 February 2019

i am in San Antonio, TX...took delivery on 11/30/18 I am on my 3rd set of temp plates, and was told I have maxed out the 90 day temp plate window, 2 options from the registration coordinator...a rentall provided by Tesla or I deal with the local DMV debacle...this is so frustrating knowing I have been emailing the coordiantor that my 3rd set of temp tags are expiring and she said, "not to worry they should be in soon" now this....SHAME on Tesla...this is not what I expected paying for a 60K car and dealing with upsetting!!!

texxx | 18 February 2019

Take the rental! I did and had my TX tags eight days later, via Fedex. Nothing like the meter running (for Tesla) to focus their attention.

lonard | 26 February 2019

My TM3 was delivered on 12/28/2018 and my temporary tags have just expired on 02/25/2019 (Houston, Texas). I have contacted Tesla but they have not returned my emails and it seems impossible to get a real human being on the phone. Can't tell if the problem is on Tesla's or Texas' end. Or both?


joseph.garfunkel | 26 February 2019

Hello Ionard,

My M3 was also delivered in Houston at end of Dec. 2018. I was very concerned about my temp tags expiring, and I did a followup by email to the Tesla employee that worked with me on coordinating delivery of my car, Andrew Hookano. Contact info below. He was very helpful, and he arranged to send me a third temp tag. Apparently we are allowed a max of three temp tags. Shortly after receiving my third temp tag, I did finally receive my permanent TX plates. Good luck!

Andrew Hookano I Inside Delivery Advisor, Texas
6611 S Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89119

jimglas | 26 February 2019

probably better not to post an individuals name and contact info here.

srenfrew | 26 February 2019

I took delivery on Dec 19th, got my plates via FedEx a couple weeks ago. I had 5 or so days remaining on second temp tags.

texxx | 26 February 2019

@lonard - Best thing I found when email isn't working is to go to the service center and talk to the folks there. The ones in my area (Austin) were really helpful, and even though they couldn't solve my problem I left with contact info for the group that handles registrations for Texas and things got a lot better.