Stats: A unique app for Tesla

Stats: A unique app for Tesla

I have been using this app and found it useful and wanted other Tesla owners to know about it. Stats for Tesla app has high ratings and reviews in the Apple App Store that is what made me download it.

Some of the unique features of the app:

- notification if doors/trunk/frunk is left open
- charge reminder if SoC is low and car is at home
- climate scheduling
- charging, miles driven, phantom drain, efficiency statistic
- 0-60mph timing measurement
- Siri Shortcuts for unlock doors, open trunk/frunk, charge port, start/stop charging
- Histogram of firmware versions of other cars

Link to the app:

sheldon.mike1010 | 22 December 2018

sheesh: $10 app

StatsApp | 22 December 2018

@sheldon yeah, I know. We are accustomed to free apps by big corporations (facebook, instagram, etc).
This is a complex app with a lot of unique features and the market for it is relatively small (intersection of Tesla users and iPhone owners).

The app does not requires a subscription. The way I justify some of my app purchases is that if it solves a problem that I am interested in, I compare it with what I pay for a coffee and croissant :)

Also, see the reviews in the app store.

you may also find this helpful in deciding if this app is useful for you:

sheldon.mike1010 | 22 December 2018

Apple only, or possible to issue Android version later?

StatsApp | 22 December 2018

The app also runs natively on iPad if you have one. The graphs actually look nicer on iPad.

I'm an independent iOS developer and mainly write apps that I find useful for myself.

thebooey | 22 December 2018

@sheldon.mike1010 My Starbucks was $16.45 for 3 drinks today, I know $9.99 for an app sounds like a lot but my coffee lasted me maybe 10 mins and I have been using this app for about 30 days now. So $9.99 is not that bad for something I use a few times a day.

tom8959 | 22 December 2018

Looks cool - I'm in!

shawncordell | 22 December 2018

I’ve been using stats since September and find it indispensable. Disclaimer: I’m a data nerd.

StatsApp | 22 December 2018

Please let me know if there are feature that you'd like to see in the app.
I have a few things in the pipeline which I hope to implement during the holiday.

kcheng | 22 December 2018

Nice looking app. I think going on sale for $5 would stimulate alot of purchases.

ModernTriDad | 23 December 2018

On the $5 sale suggestion... keep in mind the backlash when Tesla dropped the P3D price. $9.99 is the right price for a specialized app like this one. I am cautious about installing 3rd party apps in certain situations (business email, home security and now vehicle access), I may install this for all the data and notifications it offers. Great looking app.

thebooey | 23 December 2018

Teslafi is $5.00 a MONTH and for me nowhere as useful as Stats. With Stats I tell Siri to “unlock car” so I know the doors will be unlocked when I get to the car and not have too worry if my phones Bluetooth will connect to unlock them.

jordanrichard | 23 December 2018

Ok, I am not a computer guy, but I understand how the Tesla app works. My phone connects to Tesla’s servers which in turn connects to my car. Just how are third party apps able to get the same access.

sheldon.mike1010 | 23 December 2018

You sign into app with Tesla credentials

jordanrichard | 23 December 2018

Ok, so how is this third party app able to get information from your car that Tesla can’t/doesn’t?

Perhaps I just don’t fully understand what an “app” actually is. I know “app” is short for application, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. Since a login is required, to me that means you are getting access to the information about your car from Tesla’s servers. I also assume that this third party app, is on some other server which then via you using your Tesla account credentials, communicates with Tesla’s servers. So if my assumptions are correct on how the process works, how is Tesla allows a third party app, access their servers?

thebooey | 23 December 2018

Here is a pretty good review video, The app developer also gives some info about the app in the YouTube comments section.

thebooey | 23 December 2018

Here is a pretty good review video, The app developer also gives some info about the app in the YouTube comments section.

StatsApp | 23 December 2018

@jordanrichard Stats uses the same API that Tesla app uses. Tesla API is published.

drrock75k | 23 December 2018

I'm sold. Make one for an Android!

StatsApp | 23 December 2018

@drrock75k I'm an independent iOS developer. Writing apps for Android is not fun due to device fragmentation and android version fragmentation. Tools aren't as good either.

If you have an iPad, the app runs on iPad natively. Actually, graphs look better on iPad with the big screen size.

czamara | 23 December 2018

I have no problems paying a mere $10 for a useful accessory to a $60k car! I just bought the app. As a former independent iOS developer, I can appreciate the effor that went into it, it’s a nicely done app!

I like the idea of just saying to my watch or phone “open the frunk” as I approach the car. Unfortunately due to Tesla’s excruciatingly slow wake-up time (no fault of the app), the reality falls short of the cool sci-fi fantasy. It does work, it just can take a while.

Anyway, the app is well worth the price of a Latte and Croissant :) It’s amazing that today $10 is considered a high price for a quality software product. Back in MY day... (cue old man tech stories...)

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 23 December 2018

Thanks Fa Fa Flo Hi, Ta Ta Toothey! I’m in!

StatsApp | 23 December 2018

@czamara Thank you. I'm actively working on this app (I use it every day) and new graphs and features are coming (all for free). I don't indent to add any subscriptions or in-app-purchase to the app (I personally don't like subscriptions).

I agree about price of apps. $10 sounds high because large corporations give away apps for free in exchange for selling our data (e.g., facebook). There is no free lunch. I never share/sell any user data with third-party (it's included in the privacy policy of the app in the App Store).

CorkChop | 23 December 2018


It’s from an unofficial Application Programming Interface (API) that anyone can build their own applications. I’ve built some specialized apps for myself and even use Shortcuts to execute specific actions.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 23 December 2018

Damn it! I just logged into the app and my car drove away by itself!!!

melmartin | 23 December 2018

It's a terrific app and worth every penny. I especially like how it calculates my home charging expenses based on my electric rate.

The_Flash | 23 December 2018

@StatsApp The App looks really good & very useful. However, looking at it from a security point of view, how secure is this App and the supporting servers behind it?
Example: As you mentioned, we are going to use our Tesla credentials to log into the App, which first gets sent to your servers, then from there the credentials are sent to Tesla servers, credentials are verified there and a response is sent back to your server and so on...

Now, I am sure Tesla being a large corporation, has invested a lot of money on the security side of their servers and application, so we know that's as secure as we can expect it..
But, the security from this App to your servers and back is questionable..

Without proper security, someone could easily hack the "Stats for Tesla" servers and get the credentials of anyone using this app, which in turn basically gives them access to Tesla accounts of all these people.

I don't mean to bash you on this or the App, instead just wanted to how the backend security is taken care of.
Can you please shed some light on this?

PS. Thank you for putting in the effort of creating this App. :)

drbob | 23 December 2018

Nice complement to TeslaFi, which is more expensive.

Is it OK to run on both an iPhone and an iPad simultaneously?

PS: Use my link if you want to try TeslaFi and get 4 weeks free (rather than just 2 weeks free)

StatsApp | 23 December 2018

@sethbola the FAQ in the app and the security policy of the app in the App Store describes this in more detail.
The short version:
You credentials are only stored in the app and they are absolutely not stored in the cloud. Your credentials are only sent to Tesla over an encrypted connection (TSL).

StatsApp | 23 December 2018

@drbob yes, the app runs natively on both iPhone and iPad. No separate purchase is necessary. The app also supports multiple cars in your account and you can easily switch between them
Also, the app supports Apple Family Sharing which means that members of Apple Family Sharing can download the app for free once one of them purchases the app.

In addition to statistics related to your car, this app provides the following unique features that TeslaFi ($5 per MONTH) does not provide:
- notification if you leave the doors/trunk/frunk ajar
- notification if the charge is low and the car is at your designated location (home)
- climate scheduling
- 0-60mph measurement
- Siri Shortcuts for opening doors, opening/closing charge port, opening trunk/frunk, start/stop charging
- notification if you turn on climate remotely and forget and you are not in the car
- battery health status
- variation of efficiency based on temperature
- your phantom drain vs. others
- your efficiency vs. others
- locations on the map where you have lost range due to phantom drain

StatsApp | 23 December 2018

A caller has mentioned "Stats for Tesla app" today on the latest episode of "Ride the Lightning" podcast:

ebmcs03 | 23 December 2018

So I have to give the app and the creator my log in and password?

CST | 23 December 2018

@StatsApp - you'll also find that dropping the shill account @thebooey will help with legitimatizing yourself. No over likes to be manipulated & that type of behavior is frowned on by many of us.

thebooey | 24 December 2018

@cst Dude I have no association with that app you fool, You have no idea what you’re talking about dummy

StatsApp | 24 December 2018

@ebmcs03 I have no visibility to your credentials. Our privacy policy is stated in plain language in the App Store and also here:

jithesh | 24 December 2018

@ebmcs03 of course.. how else could the app log you into your account? It's a security feature from Tesla that anyone who uses their API needs to provide user credentials to connect to the user account.

Now where and how the app stores your credentials that is a different question and you can only trust what the developer says. If you don't trust you can decide not to install the app, instead you can build your own app so that you can decide how your credentials are stored. Your choice.

sheldon.mike1010 | 24 December 2018

Was skeptical. Tried it. Has unique features. Worth it - good app.

StatsApp | 24 December 2018

@sheldon welcome to the family:)
If you like the app now, you'll like it even more once you see more data points for your car and once you get to use all the Siri Shortcuts that the app provides and the door ajar notification, etc.

texxx | 24 December 2018

@StatsApp - Just tried the app. NIce.

Any chance you'll be making a watch complication?

StatsApp | 24 December 2018

@texxx thanks for using the app.
I considered implementing a watch complication for Stats but there is already a $1 app that does it for Tesla which I've been using for a while and does a good job: EV Watch (there is a link to it in the FAQ section of the app)

varadorn | 24 December 2018

@StatsApp. I am wondering whether it's possible for you to add a notification when the windows are not fully closed after the car is locked.

StatsApp | 24 December 2018

@varadorn currently Tesla API does not provide that information. Once/if Tesla provides that info, I'll add it to the app.

cabbower | 24 December 2018

@StatsApp. How about an audible notice when charging is complete? Might be nice for when you have to charge on the road.

StatsApp | 24 December 2018

@cabbower I'll consider it. One possible downside is that it may wake you up in the middle of the night :)

lumberjack | 24 December 2018

Did you know that Tesla's app does that?
Turn on Settings->Notifications->Charging Complete

StatsApp | 24 December 2018

@lumberjack oh, you are totally correct. How did I forget that?

CST | 24 December 2018

Haha... If that wasn't the best confirmation I've seen... So transparent!

teslamazing | 25 December 2018

Does siri shortcuts bypass "waking up" ? For example, if I tell siri to open the frunk, how long would it take?

StatsApp | 25 December 2018

@Hp All SiriShortcuts that Stats app provide attempt to wake up the car and then issue the command. So, the amount of time that it takes for the shortcut to take effect is the sum of wake up time and the time associated with execution of the command. The latter is typically less than a second.

I've noticed that with the latest firmware update, it takes longer for the car to wake up.

highwater | 25 December 2018

I tried the updated 0-60 function but it said I was going 23 mph and the speedo was 57. I have yet to get a time that is anywhere close to accurate.

StatsApp | 25 December 2018

@highwater Please contact me using the support button in the app and I'll help.